Liv Tyler NOT pregnant again

07/11/2005 at 04:18 PM ET

CBB Liv_1 Reader yogagirl5117 has just brought up the question, and French mag Public has actually answered it in this week’s issue. Liv is not pregnant, she seems to have some leftover from baby Milo. She’s slowly losing the extra baby weight and imo, it’s not at all a bad thing! Same thing happened to Debra Messing and she still is absolutely gorgeous! :o)


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ali on

I thought she had lost all of her baby weight and was ready to pose nude!!

a on

I think it is fantastic that she doesn’t feel the H-wood pressure to get down a size 24 jeans…she did always seem way to self-assured for that nonsense! She looks just fine!

crazy on

I don’t think she looks bad at all. She just has a belly but her legs look great.

Ally on

Isn’t that a pic from when she was pregnant with Milo?

Scarlett on

Goodness..I know it’s just so hard for Hollywood to believe that a woman actually might get chubby after she has a baby and doesn’t want to starve herself to get back to how she was before.

fan on

when did she give birth to her cute baby?

heart on

she looks beautiful!!


max on

She had her baby in December, I remember because I was pregnant at the same time and due around the same time. And also like her I haven’t lost it yet. Good for you, Liv, there are more important things to be concerned about! Plus, it probably means she’s still breastfeeding, so lucky baby!

Claire on

I think she looks great! All those pictures of her and Milo- she’s smiling and enjoying him so much. So who cares?!

tink1217 on

Liv is and always will be beautiful no matter what her size! Good for her!!! It takes 9 months to put on the weight. My doc told me to take a year to lose it!

emile on

It says roughly:

No, the actress will not give a little sister or brother to Milo, her son. Six months after his delivery, the beautiful mother has not lost some of the extra kilos. Diet on the horizon!

Kelly on

These pictures must be old. L;iv has lost her baby weight. There is a recent picture in Australia’s NW magazine. Liv says in the article she’s been busy being a mom and wanted to focus on doing the best she could for the past six months. She also wants to get back to work and says she loses weight when shes working. She claims she is usually a size 12-14 (this would have been in australian sizes, so i dunno if there’s a difference) and says she would like to be thin all the time but its not her nature and she has settled with that.

KAP on

I think she looks great and voluptuous. I have noticed that she kept some of the weight on. She is usually very thin. However look at her sister Mia, who has always been plus sized. I think she looks great.

millie on

I saw this pic in Star magazine among “The Bump Bunch” (pix of pregnant stars) with a caption “Expecting again?” and was thinking how insensitive of them to make a comment like that. Besides, on a more recent pic, Liv looked really thin. It’s insane how fast some of those stars lose weight post-baby. It’s very hard if you want to breastfeed. I remember breastfeeding my daughter and trying to diet–I simply stopped getting enough milk! With my son I didn’t care about losing weight–it just came off after many months of breastfeeding. Liv looks like she’s enjoying this stage in her life and doing it at her own pace. Good for her.

Danielle on

I think this photo might be older.

Sarah on

The pic is from June 30th 2005.
She still hasn’t lost all of her baby belly and she also gained a little weight over the last months, but I think that’s completely alright and understandable and she looks great. I hate this pressure on celeb moms to get thin again as soon as possible. Go Liv!

Kelli on

If the picture is recent, than it just has to be her clothing. I have seen many pictures of her (recently), and she looks much thinner.

But kudos to her for knowing that caring for your baby is the first most important thing to do than quickly getting back into a size 6.

Allison on

Hey Liv, don’t worry about it, girl. You look great just the way you are! I’m glad she is taking her time losing weight and not starving herself to get it all off in 3 months, like some Hollywood actresses seem to do. It took me 2+ years to get off the 38 lbs. I gained when I was pregnant, and that was just fine by me.

yogagirl5117 on

HI – I’m yogagirl5117 and I found the Lovely Liv Tyler site through this site and when I looked at the “most recent added” pictures I noticed a bulging belly. I by no means think she is heavy. In fact I used to date a guy in the city and she used to live in an apartment complex across the street from him and I saw her quite a bit. She is rather petite. This is when she was still with Joaquin (sp?) – Again I wasn’t commenting on weight, just the way her belly looked like she was carrying again. Maybe I was just hoping 🙂

Arlene on

I glad to see that shes enjoyed her baby and not worried about losing the weight just yet.

MiShawn on

I just saw RECENT pictures of her on and she is still pretty heavy. I keep reading comments from women saying that it was fine with them that they didn’t lose the weight soon after giving birth. What did your spouses think? I know I might make some people mad but I’m just being honest. It doesn’t take two whole years to lose 38 lbs. as one poster pointed out. I don’t agree with the Hollywood trend of crash-dieting but all the weight should be gone in 9-12 months. It irritates me to no end when I hear women say they’re still carrying baby weight when they’re walking around with 2 and 3 yr. old kids. Sorry, but that’s just being lazy. And those are the women who complain that their husbands no longer find them attractive.

tink1217 on

MiShawn, to answer your questions, my spouse loved me even more WITH extra pounds. It didn’t matter to him how much weight I lost or how fast. Some women NEVER bounce back to their pre pregnancy size. I had 2 csections, one was an emergency and my stomach muscles were damaged so I will never have a flat stomach again. That is straight from my doctor.

In this world of overly thin celebs I think Liv is a breath of fresh air whether she loses all the weight or not. I agree most of the “baby weight” should be gone after a year or so. BUT, it doesn’t always work that way. Don’t you know genetics play a role in losing weight also? There are so many factors. Hormones also play a key role. Not everyone can be stick thin, especially after having a baby. As long as mom and baby are healthy and happy it shouldn’t matter if 10 extra pounds are there or not. Now, if extra pounds are ruining the health of the mother thats different. Like heart disease or high cholesterol or diabetes because of being overweight. Those are certainly concerns.

My kids are teenagers and I weight 25 pounds more than I did before I had kids. I am also 35 years old, my metabolism has slowed ALOT and even though I eat healthy and exercise every day I still have extra pounds. I embrace my curves and I know its all due to bringing two wonderful children into this world. My husband thinks I am amazing and sexy and wouldn’t want me any other way!

Bigger Than Britney on

Well I am one of those women that is still carrying baby weight and I have a 3 year old daughter. My ex openly says he isn’t “as attracted to me as he once was” because of the extra weight but then I can certainly say I am not attracted to him anymore either.

I don’t think I am lazy. I find it hard to find the energy and time to excercise. When my daughter was 4 months old I went back to school full-time and got my education degree, in a city far away from my family and friends. I didn’t know a soul. 3 years later and now teaching full time, I hardly have time to breathe let alone trying to balance the demands of my proffessional life and that of my personal life as a single mom to a young child. When she goes to sleep I spend another couple hours lesson planning before I finally can sleep and it would be laughable to fit a workout into our mornings. I have absolutely no time and no energy to excercise. The weight is staying on because my metabolism has slowed down and to work this off I need to do more than just diet but it ain’t happening at this stage of my life. If I had a spare 1/2 hour to myself, I would sleep and not excercise because I need sleep more.

My situation is not uncommen. there are tons of single mom’s out there that are so busy supporting their families and taking care of their kids. Losing weight cannot be a big priority because we are busy just trying to survive our lives. We are not lazy…we are just too busy and too tired.

MiShawn.. I think your comment was unfair. Maybe you got your preg weight off easily, maybe you have lots of time to excercise and have a supportive husband, I don’t know your situation but you cannot judge us and call us lazy without knowing our situations and what else we deal with in our lives.

ange on

3 kids (4 years and under), a house that needs to be cleaned, meals that need to be cooked, educational activities that need to be set and a limitless adundance of energy in which to do it all……Yeah right!!! MiShawn, by your way of thinking, I should be extremely grateful that my partner still finds me half-way attractive considering I still have 20 pounds to shift. ROFL Thank goodness I have a partner who isn’t prone to superficialities…I will shift the extra pounds as soon as I can rustle up someone who is willing to provide me with 30 minutes of ME time.