Liam getting ready to enjoy the fountains

07/11/2005 at 01:13 PM ET

Cal Public

Note: Yes, he is naked, Yes, he’s in public, but PLEASE let’s not get in that debate again!

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BP on

Again…huh?! Why would there be drama?! Why are people so uptight about kids and nakedness?! When I was a kid people wouldn’t bat an eye (and even today)…kids are kids, right?! Where I come from people go to the grocery store with bare feet…no biggie! Wish people would learn to relax a bit more here in the US. When I take my child out she is often barefoot…emphasis on MY child. If Calista is happy for HER son to be out there starkers enjoying some water play…good for them:-) Liam looks like he was having a ball:-)

Julie, CBB Contributor on

Yes BP, there have been some problems in the past because of “nudity” (cf SJP & James), that’s why I wanted to add a little warning :o)

Jennifer on

Um, it looks like she’s about to put his bathing suit on him anyway…

Jennifer on

And bare feet in the grocery store? Isn’t that kind of a health/sanitation issue?

A on

I can understand why one would get upset with children being naked. The world has changed so much and things are so much worse with people kidnapping children and harming them I can understand why some people would be so passionate against it.

BP on

To me it is only a sanitation issue if you are eating off the floors, or dragging your stuff around on the floors. Oh, and how about people coughing all over the produce etc…that concerns me more:-) I am also more concerned about public swimming pools than I am about barefeet at the grocery store. We do not have a highly litigious society as it is here, so people feel more comfortable/ at ease to just be. I was outraged when I was first asked to put shoes on MY child…My words, “You MUST be joking!!” (It was for the very reason that I stated before…people being afraid to get sued)
As for the perverts thing…I have a daughter, and can understand that too, but I refuse to become neurotic and have my daughter pick up on all that negative vibes! We try and steer away (for the most part) from the “don’t touch that”, “come away from that” “look out” all then time mentality. She always has one of us around, and if not, she is with people that we trust. I am not gonna rob her of a carefree childhood just to please (and apease) other people’s paranoia. Anyhow, I think that Calista is fully within her rights as a parent to have her son go in the buff, if she wants…he is not hurting anyone, seems to be having a good time, and most of all is comfortable in his skin! Good job raising a well-adjusted, confident boy, Calista!:-)

Julie, CBB Contributor on

BP – I couldn’t agree more !! Well said !

Maria on

Awww… Ally McBeal looks all domestic and stuff ;o)

Love the trunks, Liam. Très Hawaiian.

bella on

Maria, do you mean Calista Flockhart?

**amanda on

Bella, Ally McBeal was a character Calista played. Correct me if I’m wrong, please! Not too familiar with the show.

Sara on

Hi, I’m British, and I’ve noticed in many posts on this site that you people in the US seem terrified of walking around barefooted! We don’t have that kind of concern here in Britain – I walk my dog barefooted every day during the summer (when the weather is good), and people are never bothered whether kids in shops have shoes on or not. It surprised me quite a lot to hear that mothers get INSTRUCTED to put shoes on their children in public and some of the reactions of people on this issue sound ridiculous to me. Nakedness in public seems to cause uproar too, whereas it doesn’t here in the UK. I’m just curious…is it because of broken glass on pavements etc that you don’t like walking barefoot or are there other factors that come into it?

jill on

I’m not sure what the issue is with bare feet, myself. I’ve always thought it should be up to the parent. Same with nudity, although obviously it’s not a good idea to let your 9-year-old wander around unclothed.
I rarely went barefoot as a child, but I think it’s got more to do with the fact that I live in Arizona than anything else. It was 116* F today. Bare feet would fry on the pavement.
Personally, I’m more concerned with the children I see at Target who are wiping their boogers on toys than the ones with bare feet.

A.H. on

Who cares if Calista Flockhart was changing her son in public. He is HER son and it isn’t anyone else’s business.