Lance & Sheryl ready for baby

07/11/2005 at 03:28 PM ET

Crow_2  Rock star Sheryl Crow has declared that she wants to have a baby with partner, cyclist Lance Armstrong.

Having had testicular cancer, Lance cannot have any more child, therefore the couple is considering IVF. He already has 3 children (son Luke David b.1999 & twin daughters Isabelle Rose & Grace Elizabeth b. 2001) from his previous marriage who were all conceived with sperm that he had banked before he began chemotherapy for his cancer.   Public

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II on

Actually his son’s name is Luke David 🙂
Wow, their kids will be cute 🙂 Actually, I’ve always thought Sheryl to resemble his ex-wife Kristin. Maybe they’ll have kids that look a lot like Luke, Isabelle and Grace.

Carri on

I thought that they broke up? It was on a few different news stations about a month ago? And a few weeks before that they were on Oprah talking about they would like more kids, and he had “frozen” some of his stuff before cancer in case he did want to have more kids later on.

II on

I heard they broke up too. But Sheryl is in France cheering him on for the Tour de France so it looks like they patched things up or never broke up in the first place.

margot on

I would be very happy for them if they were able to ave a child. Sheryl Crow seems like such a down to earn person and Lance Armstrong is not only a miracle but a machine with the success he has had in the tour. Best wishes to both of them.

Michelle Crazytalk23 on

Reports were false that they broke up. I read a comment from her in a magazine somewhere last month.

as soon as he was diagnosed with testicular cancer, the first thing he did after leaving the office was go and have sperm frozen. that is how he was able to have his three children with his ex-wife and how he could possibly again have children.

Jen on

Hopefully if they do it, it’s done soon. Sheryl is 41 or 42 (I think), so they might have to hurry up. I certainly hope they’re successful, Sheryl has said many times that she wants a baby before it’s too late for her. I think that would be great if she gets pregnant.

Liz on

But I just read in O! magazine that they were broken up as well. Surely Oprah would not lie. 🙂

Arlene on

They have not broken up it was a false report. I think it would be great if they had a child together they seem so in love I can see her being pregnate before the year is threw with a wedding to follow.

Kara M. on

As happy as I would be for Sheryl and Lance, I would be hurt if I were his ex-wife. I’ve read both his books, and it seems that his training schedule and focus on his sport really interfered with their marriage. Why would he try to make it work with Sheryl, but not the mother of his children?

Erica on

I kinda have the same questions as Kara. I realize that sometimes people divorce, and it’s b/c the two people just weren’t meant to be. But in Lance and his first wife’s case, it seems his focus was more towards his career than his family. Oh well, I guess none of us truly know. I do hope that Sheryl has a chance to be a mom, with whichever guy she ends up with.

Rye on

Well, Hopefully they will be able to conceive as problem free as they can. It seems like it may be harder for them because of the whole frozen sperm insemination thrown in with her age…but, I have relatives who had children after 40. I have a relative who had her last baby at 47 (AND SHE HAS 9 KIDS! OY VEY!) and an aunt who had her last daughter at 42…so, it is very much possible to have no problems conceiving after 40. I have never seen his other children…were there pics posted somewhere of them? I had no idea he had twin daughters-I just thought he had a son! I hope he spends time with them though…he seems to always be racing or with Sheryl.