David Caruso's pregnant girlfriend rocks the bikini

07/11/2005 at 10:09 PM ET

David_caruso_s_in_love_and_expecting_a_bThanks to CBB reader Megan for the scan!

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No_he_didn't on

Ahhhhhhh…isn’t he married?

Shelly on

Wow…I wonder how far along she is…

shelley on

What a great picture 😎

Weezy on

and his wife are seperated and in the process of divorce precedings

Danielle on

Anyone know about this girl?

Heather on

He’s still married?! Yikes! Well, all I can say is that if and when I get pregnant again I will definitely “rock” a bikini. There’s no way I’d get into one now, but if I was preggers I wouldnt have to hide it!Cool!

Kate on

If there is one thing I cannot stand, it’s a pregnant woman in a bikini. It makes me cringe. I think a pregnant woman is beautiful, but a little modesty makes her even more beautiful in my opinion.

tink1217 on

I wish I could “rock” a bikini!! I can’t even wear one and I am not pregnant! Stretch marks!! I would be so self conscious with my stretch marks showing. If I didn’t have them I would definitely wear one. Why sacrifice your style just because you are pregnant?? I wore a bikini before I had kids, I would love to be able to wear one afterwards AND while pregnant! She looks amazing! I am not a David Caruso fan so I don’t know much about him but I hope they are happy together and the baby is healthy!

Allison on

When I was pregnant with my first child, I wore a bikini ’til the very end! I’m glad I did, because if I put one on now, others might be permanantly blinded by my sagging skin and glorious stretch marks. I say go for it while you still can!

katie on

i would totally wear one while pregnant. it seems so much more comfortable! the bottom part just lets your belly hang out.

Danielle, CBB Editor on

I really wished I had a two piece suit while on vacation. I ended up finding a one piece that fit my boobage and the two pieces I ordered were backordered so I had to go with the maternity suit. If ever is the time to wear a two piece, it’s during pregnancy.

Jenn on

She looks wonderful! I think it’s so beautiful to see a pregnant woman in a bikini!

Natasja on

his new girlfriend is a yoga instructor

Lore on

Are their reps still saying she isn’t pregnant?

Ashley on

Although I think she looks great and that all pregnant women are beautiful, I don’t think they should wear bikinis… no way, jose. You may think you look good, but the majority of the public does not want to see that – especially a linea nigra, stretch marks and a widened, popped out belly button.

ange on

Some women look good when they are pregnant, some don’t. That doesn’t mean that a woman who doesn’t look good in a bikini should cover herself from head to foot for the next 9 months. An absurd (and frankly, critical) opinion. I’ve never worn a bikini (and after 3 kids, I never will lol) but I’m not going to judge a pregnant woman for wearing one just because “the greater majority don’t agree with it”. It’s a laughable suggestion.

lisaRoth on

Yikes! Pregnant women in bikinis are scary! It makes me cringe !

sam on

i think it will be a baby girl what do you think ? and i bet she will be beauitful specially with david carusos geans i am david caruso number 1 fan i know everything about david caruso and i bet they will be very happy together 4 eva and every ones saying about streach marks she has’nt got any she looks better than me in a bikini anyway probally better than any other person i hope the are very happy
love you david