Sounds like a girl for Ben and Jen

07/10/2005 at 10:36 AM ET

Just a few weeks after the Insider reported that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are having a girl this fall, In Touch magazine agrees. CBB reader Ashley sends us this blurb from the NY Post, which prints a conversation by the couple overheard at the resort they got married at. Apparently, Ben said, "My mom wants to know what we’re going to name her, but I say, ‘What does it matter what she’s named if she has a healthy granddaughter?…Our baby will be perfect."


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Jen on

I really hope it is a girl. She will be so beautiful.

tink1217 on

Awww, I hope so!! A little girl would be beautiful!! Although a little Ben would be adorable too! Hope baby is healthy and that the family is very happy!

joy on

I hope its a girl too. Please don’t name her lola 🙂

Sienna on

Weird! I had such a strong feeling that they were going to have a boy. But either one will be beautiful! But I was looking at some old magazines yesterday and found that an old issue of InTouch magazine had a headline announcing: “Kate Hudson: It’s a Girl!” Which obviously wasn’t true. So who knows…

joy on

yeah you never know what to believe anymore and I think the reason they claimed Kate was having a girl is because people who were seen leaving her baby shower were carrying little pink bags so the press assumed baby girl. So yeah it just goes to show you never know.

when is jen due? I know it says fall but that could be end sept. til beg of dec!

Candice on

Wow!! I had a feeling it was a boy, but I think a little girl would be fabulous!

Shannon on

aww i hope its a girl! she’d be gorgeous! a little boy would be cute too 😀

April on

If to be believed, there is registry for Ben and Jen on Babies R Us that lists the due date as Nov. 9

Maylena on

I don’t know about the NY Post sometimes. That quote seems kind of fake to me. Who says to their mother that it doesn’t matter what their child is named??? The sentiment of wanting a healthy baby most of all is totally normal, but the quote reads weird to me.

Ben and Jen make such a cute couple. They look so happy together!

Rye on

I’m still not so sure these rumors are true. I actually DO want them to have a girl, but I am thinking that the rumor mills are churning and that what these magazines are saying are just lies, which is a big possibility. But, They DO know the sex of there baby as stated by Kevin Smith (Since she told him and he mentioned it on his web site) so I think that since all these IT’S A GIRL rumors are on tv and magazines they would discredit them and say “Hey-that’s not true” or something if they were actually having a boy. The funniest thing is that I can’t seem to see them having a girl but I really think they would be awesome with one.

Kaytee on

I know a lot of people who are telling family members nothing of names. Inevitably the family and friends will have an opinion and many people get tired of hearing “I don’t like that name….That names, ok but……Are you sure?” I’ve had friends who wouldn’t tell a soul what they were considering so it’s not too hard to believe that Ben wouldn’t tell his mother.

Rye on

I know a lot of people who do that kind of thing also. They have names picked out but won’t tell other people. I think that’s a little odd-but to each his own! My neighbor just had a baby girl and she wouldn’t tell anyone the name they had picked out since she was 4 months pregnant…I didn’t see what the big deal about it was! I hope they have a beautiful baby girl though. Also, this may be a really ODD thing I noticed, but Ben and Jen both have pretty big shoulders-hopefully, this baby won’t have some big shoulders that will cause Jennifer a hard pregnancy!

KAP on

I read this yesterday also in IN TOUCH but half of that magazine is completely unreliable. I don’t believe anything unless I read it in People, or even Us is much more reliable. Gender doesn’t matter, I am sure they will be great parents to their baby equally be it girl or boy!!

KAP on

Rye- We didn’t tell our family or friends what we were naming our child after the 5th month, because up until then every time we threw a name out there SOMEONE had something bad to say about it. We finally said screw it we will just keep it a secret. Cause once the baby is born no one is gonna say anything bad about the name when it belongs to a beautiful innocent baby. I got sick of hearing rude comments about names I thought were beautiful. I am sure that’s why most people keep the name a secret.

Laurie on

If it’s a girl, she will be a cutie and have Daddy Ben wrapped around her little finger. Something Jen and Ben related: my 3 and a half year old is a superhero freak and Daredevil is one of his favorite so the day after the news came out that Jen and Ben were married; he called me to tell me Daredevil and Elektra got married! How cute is that? lol.

Laurie on

Wanted to add: I forget to mention he is my cousin not my son! I’m still young, no kids for me yet! lol!

Maylena on

I don’t think it would be at all weird for a couple to want to keep potential baby names to themselves, but it sounds very strange to me for someone to have supposedly told his mother that *it doesn’t matter* what the baby’s named. That’s why the quote sound fake to me.

If the supposed quote were something like, “So I told my mom that we’re still thinking about names for her, and we’ll tell her once we’ve decided”, that wouldn’t have sounded odd to me.

Katie on

I read in an interview with Ben, years back in Cosmo Girl that said if he ever had a daughter she would be named Savannah, and a son would be named Hunter. Of course Jen has some say in this and it was years ago, but it will be interesting to see if these are the names he sticks with.

Kathryn on

Why do I find that incredibly adorable that Ben had names picked out for his kids years ago? Oh I can’t wait for this baby to be born. I’m so happy for them!