Pregnant Britney arrives at Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Premiere

07/10/2005 at 07:09 PM ET

Her shirt reads "I Have the Golden Ticket"-in her belly! 😀 Thanks to Yahoo, the AP, and Natalie for photos!
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kelsey on

She seems happy. I’m excited for her.

Suzy Q on

she looks so cute!! how far along is she?

griffith'smama on

that shirt is just too cute !!! She looks nice- tough I still have a hard time believing that someone like her would marry someone like him

Brit_Fan on

Wow!!! Britney is sooooo beautiful and happy. She looks awesome, and I’m so glad that she has appeared in public so that people can really see how happy she is, she’s been getting some bad press lately, and DOES NOT DESERVE IT AT ALL!!!!!

Sarah, CBB Editor on

Suzy-a little over 7 and a half months, supposedly.

luckymurre on

She looks good, but he is just too skeevy for words. He looks like a bedraggled rat.

KAP on

she looks so sweet! happy and healthy. she is such a cute pregnant person.

Brittany on

She is glowing in the middle picture. What is up with Kevins long hair, the baby is going to yank on it if he doesnt get it cut soon!!

Dooneybug on

Brit looks very nice (although I completely jealous of her). Federfungus on the the other hand, looks like Bobby Trendy got ahold of his outfit.

griffith'smama on

ya know… from these pics, i am terribly interested to see what BABY will look like. What I have seen of Kori, other thatn the eyebrows, she doesn’t look like Daddy… I don’t mean to be mean, but if this is a girl PLEASE don’t come out looking like a Federline. I think he could be very ttractive cleaned up, but a little girl with that one eye brow, squinty eyes………

Sarah, CBB Editor on

No dissing Kevin guys. I don’t care for him either, but let’s keep the comments positive. 🙂

Bigger Than Britney on

Ok- I just have to say it- Maybe Kevin should be wearing the shirt that says “I have the Golden Ticket” and it should be pointing at Britney instead of the baby. Heehee.

Bigger Than Britney on

Sorry Sarah, I was writing and posting before I saw your comment about not dissing him. Mine was meant in fun.

Sarah, CBB Editor on

It’s okay, I laughed at what you said (and I agree!) I just already had to close one Britney post today, and I don’t want this one to dissolve into mayhem too!

Ally on

She looks pretty, pregnancy is really agreeing with her. Does she still have extensions, or is that all her real hair?

emjk on

she looks good, some pictures I think she looks big and some right on target for a sept/oct baby, it is hard to tell, and LMAO at bigger than britney comment, I was trying to think of something witty to say about the shirt myslef but drew a blank, good one =)

halifaxhoney on

She looks so great!!

Irene on

Kevin looks kinda like Kurt Cobain in those pictures.

rose on

I love her outfit, she looks so cute! Seeing pictures of pregnant ppl make me miss being preggers.

Lillian on

I think Britney has such a cute pregnant belly…i’ve noticed though that her belly button hasn’t popped out (just an observation). I wish Britney all the luck with her future bundle of joy. 🙂

janae on

Do you guys think she looks further along than 7 1/2 months or right on target? She looks bigger in this picture than in others..what do you all think?

tink1217 on

she looks cute and i love the shirt! very cute! she is absolutely glowing! kev looks better than i have seen him look in the past and they do look very happy together. i think she looks right on target for 7.5 months too.

Sandra on

I am due 9th october with my first child (that means 7,5months pregnant) and my belly is as big as Britneys. I am NOT carry twins and I eat healthy 😉 I popped very early…

Its the same with my. My belly sometimes looks huge, depending on what I am wearing..

Jennifer on

Is it just me or does Kevin Federline look like he has some Asian ancestry? Just the shape of his facial features kind of leads me to think this…who knows…ah well…maybe i am hallucinating…

Erica on

I am not a fan of the messy extensions, but Britney’s shirt is adorable. I actually like her entire outfit (for once. lol.)

Belle on

SHE IS ****G*L*O*W*I*N*G****

pri on

Where did she get that shirt? Any ideas?

Jo on

She is truly glowing and seems so happy and she looks so beautiful in the pictures.

Fin on

I agree with that shirt, that kid really is the golden ticket.Everybody wants to see this kid when she has it, magazines will pay a fortune for pics of it. The birth, (just like her entire pregnancy) will get huge media attention.The whole world is waiting to see if its a boy,or girl,or both……

She has something the whole country is talking about..

cat24 on

I had twins (almost 7 lbs each) and I got quite big, but my belly button never popped out! I know I always dreaded that happening because my belly button is totally sensitive.

Seeing all these glowing pregnant people makes me want to be pregnant again, too.

Dolphin on

So does she have twins in there?She looks cute and I like his long hair,he looks like he at least took a shower.

tink1217 on

my belly button never popped with either of my kids either! Funny, I guess mine is way in there!

About the Asian ancestery in Kev, Native Americans also have that shape of eyes. Honestly, I would think he may have some Native American in him. He also has some nice high cheekbones too. I think he looks good actually. Better than I have seen him look in awhile. He also has some nice dimples too. As long as he is wearing something nice and is well groomed he is a very nice looking man.

They do look really happy. At least he wears his wedding ring which I know lots of Hollywood guys don’t.

joy on

well I will keep my comments about Kevin to myself.

He def. got the golden tix cause without her he’d still be a nobody.

She looks cute. Like I said before I am not a fan of hers nor will I ever be for my own personal reasons but the shirt is cute and I hope for the baby sake that he sticks by britney this time. But then again he seems money hungry so I am sure as long as mama brit is paying the bills he’ll stay put.

Allison on

Britney looks really cute in these photos. Her pregnancy seems to agree with her! I must admit I like looking at pictures of Kevin Federline. What would we do without good ole’ K-Fed and his fashion no-no’s? 🙂

Natalie on

Awe Britney looks wonderful and I agree with everyone, she’s glowing. I know we’re not suppose to bash Kevin but of all people she had to end up with..ick. I know she loves the guy but again ick.. I hope the baby or babies at least look more like her, they’d look so adorable. However since I said that, I’m sure they’ll look like Kevin.

kiki on

Sandra if you are due in October would you not be about 6months.
Britney looks so pretty here, shes so happy and glowing. I think she looks about the same size as Heidi Klum in those pics.

Christine on

Looks like she may have accidently eaten a little too much chocolate during this pregnancy.

Sarah, CBB Editor on

Kiki, a full pregnancy is actually 10 months (40 weeks, since you’re pregnant the whole ninth month). So Sandra being 7 months pregnant and due in October makes sense.

Bigger Than Britney on

I know this sounds crazy but I think that Kev and Brit might actually stay together long term. I saw the Ellen DeGenerous interview with them and I couldn’t believe how much Brit seemed to totally adore Kevin and in his too cool for school manner- he seemed into her also. Of course it was a little hard to see past the dollar signs in his eyes (haha) but I think regardless of what we all think- he’s smart. He got a totally wealthy girl to propose to him and now he is set for life. He’d be an idiot to ever leave her and she probably will never kick him out. I think they are going to make it so we should all get used to him. Love him or hate him, he’s here to stay.

Bigger Than Britney on

Sandra you’re due on my birthday- Yeah!!!!

Maria on

Bigger than Britney…. you SO read my mind. I thought about that before I even popped open the comments! LOL!

br8ghteyes on

Britney looks awesome! To the earlier comment, Yes, Britney and Kevin may have an enduring relationship, but it does have whitney and bobby tendencies!!

Maria on

As for the whole far along/due…. it’s hard to conceptualize, but think of it this way: when you are 27 years old, you’re actually in your 28th year of life. So when you are six months pregnant, you’re actually in your seventh month. Either way, I’m sure no mortal on this earth will escape the news of when Britney will give birth, so we can all count backwards then ;o)

millie on

Britney looks very good here and is clearly happy and enjoying the moment. I won’t comment about Kevin–all I want to say is that regardless of dollar signs or whether it’s wise to leave your “gold ticket” behind, I don’t see a long-term future for them.

kiki on

Sorry about my comment Sandra, it was a lot later where I am than it says when I posted and I’d just worked an 11hour day so my brain function had kinda slowed down and I forgot how to count properly.Now that I’ve slept for a while I feel better. Congrats on your impending baby your due a week before my bday.

kelly on

she looks great– I think Kevin needs a haircut– but she looks glowing in those pics….shes a normal person– they get all the pics of her when she is just out and about on a nomal day- no make up–we all go OMG she looks bad… but hey when I go out with no make up– I think sometime- why…LOL