Introducing Junior Andre with mom Jordan and family

07/09/2005 at 02:27 PM ET

Pj163ui Major thanks to Impossible Princess at Oh No They Didn’t for the OK Magazine scans. Click the link for more!

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stacey on

Wow Harvey is getting really big. They look great together and don’t always deserve all the greif they get off the papers etc. they seem a lovely couple and good luck in the future and for the wedding.

rose on

Jordan looks really good for just having a baby. I am from Trinidad & Tobago, the country from where her oldest son’s dad is from (Dwight Yorke) and he never makes any mention of his son. He is such is scrub!

Alyson on

Man, Harvey is a big boy! I love it!! I’m kinda confused about the baby’s name. Is his actual name Junior or is it Peter Andre Jr.?

Heather on

I feel so badly for Harvey, poor thing, but Peter did mention that he loves the little boy, so hopefully he will be the father figure he needs. Jordan looks good for just having a baby, but always posing in a super sexy way, I mean she just had a baby, that’s not really necessary.

ap on

She’s not supposed to look sexy because she just had a baby? I say, good for her.

Jo on

what a great picture,harvey is a big boy and it looks like heΒ΄s thinking “what is this thing here then”,it must be kinda odd to have a baby in the family.

cv on

Beautiful picture! They look so happy!! πŸ™‚

Maria on

It’s nice to not see her looking like Big Bird’s deranged cousin for a change. The pic is nice and they look happy. :o)

Bigger Than Britney on

Oh heather why be mean? I don’t think the pose itself is all that sexy but rather the woman. Would she not look sexy no matter what she was doing? She looks amazing for having just had a baby- good for her!

Bigger Than Britney on

By the way-who is this woman? I’ve never seen her-where does she live?

Sarah, CBB Editor on

She’s a star in Britain. Peter is her Australian fiance, and Harvey, the little boy, is her son from a previous relationship. He has many difficulties including blindness, autism, and growth problems, and his father is not involved.

And his name is just Junior, not Peter Andre Jr. πŸ™‚

Erin on

Her name is Katie Price, aka Jordan – she is a nude model from England.

Kresta on

Oh well, she looks like she’s covering up more now that she’s not pregnant. I think that posing with her enhanced breasts jutting out is done subconciously now. They look happy and healthy so that’s good.

Mae on

I’m not wild about the couple, but I’m impressed by the way Peter Andri holds Harvey – his hand over Harvey’s and his other hand round Harvy’s waist. Very sweet. I think Harvey’s look at the newborn is incredibly sweet, too.

Dory on

Awww heh look at Harvey, playing doting big brother ;D so cute ;D

Heather on

I’m not talking about this photo. If you click the link and look at all the other photos, you’ll see what I mean. I am not trying to be mean. More power to her, I guess she’s just used to posing like that.

Delaney on

I think she’s so gorgeous!

Her family is beautiful. I’d love to have 2 little guys someday. It’s good that Harvey is able to have a father figure in his life as well.

Bigger Than Britney on

heather- I clicked on the link and looked at all the photos and I agree that she poses as a nude model would- same expression on her face everytime. As you said she is probably just used to posing like that because that is her job. I must say that Harvey ( is that the young boy) is soooo cute. They look like a very happy family and it sounds like Harvey could use a great Daddy and that guy seems to really love him so I am so happy for them all.

KAP on

The baby is ABSOLUTELY gorgeous, omg…..what a sweetpea…
I feel so bad for Harvey. Whoever said “He’s getting so big, I Love it!” child obesity is not something to love. He will never have a normal life and his weight doesn’t help that any. I feel sorry for him and hope life holds something meaningful for him ahead.
Her fiancee is HOT!!
She looks good but I am good at reading body language and her body language says “look at me” not “look at my beautiful baby”. She is seducing the camera. Yes she’s pretty but she’s not caressing her family at all, she is posing seductively.
To each their own I suppose….

Bigger Than Britney on

KAP- maybe by saying he is getting so big they just meant that he is growing up so fast. I don’t think Harvey needs you to feel sorry for him. He looks to be well cared for and surrounded by love. Isn’t that all anyone really needs? Also what is a “normal life” and who are you to judge what is normal?

KAP on

On some of those other pics you can read the interview. Peter sounds like a wonderful guy, he totally bags on Harvey’s dad for not being a part of his life and says he really loves Harvey. That’s awesome.
Katie on the other hand gets a quote printed saying girls out there no longer have a chance with her fiance….I think it’s an odd thing to get say during a family interview. If you look at the one shot of just her and Harvey, her body is turned the opposite direction of his and she has one hand turned around on his shoulder. It’s like jeez, cuddle your son!

KAP on

I was not in any way putting down Harvey by questioning his chances at a normal life. “Normal” can be hard to interpret or define, however blindness, autism, and obesity are not a mixture anyone would like to be plagued with in life, let alone all 3 at once.
I never said he needed my sympathy, but I love children and I look at him and feel sorry that he was dealt so many challenges. I am entitled to feel heartache for a child. I never said he wasn’t loved, I am sure he is even if his mother’s body language towards him confuses me.

Stephanie on

Harvey’s weight is due to his medical problems, not overeating. I think it’s great that he has such a loving step-dad in his life. He and Seal are a rare breed of men, unfortunately.

Jenna on

Junior looks so much like Peter! All the best to them πŸ™‚

priscila on

Its incredible how beautiful she looks after just having a baby (almost a month ago right?) But I do agree that is seems that she is trying to be sexy instead of like having it be more about her baby. Im pregnant and younge and I do not plan on going like nun on everyone just because Im a mom but I think that some of her short shorts and poses are a little to much.
I wish her luck though.

Catherine on

It’s possible Harvey’s weight is due to medication. My son is autistic and is on an a medication (Risperdal) that can cause weight loss in children. My son was very very skinny to begin with, so now he is just less skinny, but other kids can put on the pounds. It’s not the only possible med that causes weight gain either.

Clare on

I remember Peter Andre from all the TV Hits magazines I read as a teenager. He seems like a lovely guy. I am glad he and Jordan found each other πŸ˜€

Mae on

If I remember correctly, Harvey was already huge when he was a newborn. One of things that alerted his doctors that something wasn’t quite right with him.

Found this: “Harvey has been diagnosed with septo-optic dysplasia, multiple pituitary hormone deficiency, diabetes insipidus, hypothyroidism and cortisol deficiency.”

Megan on

I think they are a cute little family, Harvey is so handsome. I feel sorry for him because he can’t see his little brother. I read the comments at oh no they didn’t and those comments were terrible, absolutely no compassion with those people that commented. I started to comment on other people’s comments, but I couldn’t figure out how to do it nicely so I didn’t. If you are easily angered, it wouldn’t be a good idea to check out those comments… But they are both adorable, best of luck to them. Maybe a little girl will soon follow…

Olivia on

Lovely family pic. It’s great that Peter is taking on the fathering of Harvey.

Fin on

as far as her looking so great after having a baby, her whole career is set up around her appearance, and she is cashing in on that. She wants people to think she is just naturally that perfect. It gets her business.

They didn’t just go into her house randomly one afternoon and start taking pics. she was done up.
it’s easy to look great when you have someone dress you, do your hair, and makeup minutes before a photo.

stephanie on

funny how she made fun of victoria beckham for having caesarean (relucantly) and ended up having one herself.

Kirrily on

I can’t believe how mean some of those comments from the link to the other pictures are – how can people say that about an innocent child, doesn’t matter who his parents are!

tink1217 on

I don’t really know jordan or what she is famous for in Britain but they are a lovely family. Harvey is a cutie too. As a mom with a child who has many disabilities(autism, seizure disorder, sensory integration disorder, cerebral palsy) I find it so wonderful that her faince is willing to take on another man’s child with so many problems. I have always considered anyone willing to take care of an exceptional child to be a wonderful person with a big heart. Its one thing when you have a child with health problems and are there from the beginning. You love that child no matter what. They are yours. But, when a guy can come into a families life and be able to take on a child with health problems and make a family out of it all, well, thats special. Many men would shy away from it. There are special people out there. My husband is one of them. Special angels I call them.

Jordan is a beautiful woman and that is a beautiful family she has there! Goddess bless!!

griffith'smama on

beautiful baby ! and Harvey, Oh my goodness, this picture doesn’t show, but the other sites pics… he is absolutely adorable !!!! What a sweetie, and yay for Daddy, what a good guy. yes, i agree, very sexy looks and poses,just shows how used to that she is. i would love to see her without make-up on…. all that eyeliner, hard to tell what she looks like- though i am sure she is pretty without it all also ( in my opinion, probably prettier 0 :o)

Cassie on

I know from living in Britain that Katie & Peter don’t get an easy time in the U.K press, but I think these pictures of their family are fab, really really lovely & knowing that Katie has said in various interviews prior to the birth that, due to Harvey’s various illnesses, he won’t realise he has a sibling, I think this picture is beautiful.

I don’t know if it has been mentioned on here already, but Junior had to be delivered by emergency section 4 weeks early, so although I’m not Katie’s biggest fan, I think she looks stunning for Junior being so young.

If any of you have access to the whole interviw in OK, you have to read the way that Peter speaks about Harvey, it’s very touching.

Laurie on

Question:Will Harvey outgrow his numerous problems? I have no idea and was just wondering if anyone here knew. I really hope he does.

Sarah, CBB Editor on

Well, you don’t outgrow blindness and autism, you just treat it best you can.

br8ghteyes on

Mad love to Katie, who looks great. Even more props to her for not getting severe surgery a la Posh Spice!!

Laurie on

Thanks for answering my question Sarah. I feel like a dumbie now though! It’s not your fault but, duh Laurie, of course you do not grow out of autism and blindness! I blame the brain lapse on a very long Anyway, thanks for answering my question Sarah.