Britney goes to work out on July 7th

07/08/2005 at 10:12 AM ET


Check Oh No They Didn’t for more photos .
Britney doesn’t ever look pregnant from the back!

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michelle anne on

She really looks good.and I must say that baby is very hydrated..going to have nice soft skin cause she always has drink in her hand..LOL good for her!

floopeygirl on

Wow .. she really doesn’t look preggers from the back. I know so many who will be jealous of that fact. What I also find so unusual about this picture is that she is wearing a jog bra. Most of the recent pics of her show her bra-less (and they haven’t been flattering pics).

Marrit on

She looks good!
I still think she’s having a girl.

rose on

Didn’t Britney wear this same top the other day with the black tiered skirt, cowboy boots and hat? She looks really good though.

Natalie on

She’s lucky, from behind she doesn’t look pregnant. I ballooned when I was pregnant front and back..ick.

angela on

She looks great, really healthy. I looked bloated thru my whole pregnancy.

Faith on

whats this i hear about her having twins??

kiki on

Faith, ive heard that reported in several places. Her original edd was October but by her size now it looks more like August unless it was twins and when she has been asked about the babies sex she sometimes says boy and sometimes girl, so it could be one of each. She has also bought boys and girls clothes despite it being reported that she found out the sex. But who really knows, I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

DS on

I agree on the drink comment – in every picture of her she has had one!

tink1217 on

I really think she may have lied about her due date. I think she is due early September, but no earlier than that. She looks fabulous!! I wish I looked that great when pregnant! I gained everywhere and you could tell from the back a little too. But, my tummy looked just about the same size as Brit. I gained in my face though, my bbs, my legs. EVERYWHERE!! My skin looked great and so did my hair, but my nails never did! I am so happy for Britney and hope she has a happy & healthy baby!!

sarah on

I do think she looks pregnant from the back, at least compared to how she looks normally. Not screamingly pregnant, but her waist is less apparent.

Not saying that as criticism – just an observation.

Helen on

Why is everyone so obsessed with Britney?

Inappropriate comment deleted-please re-read the rules.

shelley on

holy crap there are daily pictures of her being posted. I wonder what she will be doing and wearing on July 8th.

tink1217 on

Helen, whats up with your nastiness?? Corrupted?? Gimme a break!!

Personally, I post about all the celebrities here, congratulating all of them and being happy for all of them. After all, a baby is such a blessing.

As I have said before, this sit is supposed to be about appreciating celebs and their children and families. Not about bashing them.

tink1217 on

*site* is what I meant, not sit!

Shelly on

Geez, Helen this site is meant to appreciate celebrities including Britney Spears. There are fans out there who like to see what she’s up to. Yikes, your comment was harsh and unnecessary.

Rachel on

i agree tink1217 and shelly. personally, i’m not really a fan of brit’s career choices but i enjoy seeing news about her and a think she will be a great mom because she has talked about how much she has wanted a baby so bad. she finally gets to be a “young” mom like she wanted to be. she will probably be suprised that its not as easy as she thought though.

Jenn on

Girl looks good! Wow, she’s got such a cute butt! I think she looks fabulous from the front AND the back! 🙂

tink1217 on

OBwan, LOL!!! That was too funny! I have to admit!!

All in all, its nice to see people who really aren’t big Britney fans (or fans at all) at least TRY to be civil and open! At least thats what I like to see. Of course everyone has diff opinions, true. But why be nasty about it??

I think Britney is definitely in for a shocker once she actually takes the baby home! All new mommies are!! Its never as easy as you think! She will learn just as we all do. I wish her lots of luck though!

Sara on

Was never a fan, but I have to give it to her, girl looks good.

Bigger Than Britney on

HELEN- why is everyone so obsessed with Britney you ask? If you aren’t obsessed with at least bashing her then why bother entering this link of the blog in the first place? Why do you feel sorry for her baby? That baby is loved, desired and will be very well provided for.

I’m not a fan of her music or some of the decisions she has made in her life but I am a fan of her growing tummy and how amazing she looks pregnant which is the whole purpose of this entire blog…to appreciate her in her pregnancy.

Maria on

I’m telling you people: not pregnant from the back.. I could almost bet money that’s a HUGE boy belly.

And whether we all think Britney will make a good parent or not, here we ALL are at the ready, looking for pictures and adding the comments on. Let’s face it people: we’re the addicted ones. She’s just going about her life, making a bundle because people like us want to see pix of her knocked up.

And finally: I’m glad it’s not Starbucks. First Gatorade, now water. OMG….. I have ESP!

Natalie on

OBwan that was way too funny for words!!! LOL

Bigger Than Britney on

I agree also with Tink1217- no first time mom can ever really be prepared for motherhood. You can’t get that day to day first hand experience without really having that baby around you 24/7. Britney will learn as we all did and I’m sure she will embrace it all since she wanted this baby so much!

Danielle on

I think she’s going to have a boy.

Helen on

Sorry to have offended so many of you – but the reason I entered my comment is that I am frankly tired of seeing her picture every time I sign on here. There are at least 5 of her to everyone else. I probably shouldn’t have commented on what kind of parent she’ll be – as I don’t know her. But the clues I get from seeing the promos for her reality show (I would never actually watch the show) make me concerned for her child. She hasn’t made very good decisions from what I have seen – but I hope having a child changes her – for her baby’s sake.

Montana on

Ok Helen:

1) You don’t know her, so how do you know if she needs to be “changed” or not…the media can paint just about any picture of anybody they want…it’s up to the public to believe that junk if they want to.

2) It’s not her fault she get’s photgraphed like crazy everyday…if people stopped paying attention to her, maybe you wouldn’t have to see her face “everytime you looged on”…

tink1217 on

I recall a week or so back she wasn’t in the photos at all for days! But, I did see quite a bit of Jen and Ben and also Heidi Klum. I think it goes in spurts. She is probably one of the most photographed celebs out there right now so it makes sense to see her ALOT! She is pregnant and this IS a site for pregnant celebs, isn’t it??

Bigger Than Britney on

Excellent point Tink1217…this is a site for pregnant celebs and their babies which is why Britney is on here so much. Also I think the media is watching her very closely because nobody knows when this baby is due. She could show up with a baby tommorrow because nobody knows exactly when she will deliver. We think the baby is due in Sept. or Oct. but she could have it in August. Britney is a tricky gal and it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if she has that baby before we all think she will. Paparazzi are hungry for that first shot of baby. It would be worth a ton of cash. They will follow her like vultures for the next few months so we should get used to seeing many more pregnant pics of her and even more when the baby comes.

tink1217 on

oh yeah, and about her “choices”…MANY celebs don’t even get married, they have babies. Personally, I don’t see anything wrong with it but many people do. Does that mean they don’t deserve to be parents and would make terrible parents?? Life is full of choices. Hers aren’t up to us. She got married to a guy she must love. No her wedding wasn’t as elegant as some of us think it should have been, at least the sweats were a bit strange. Yes, she smoked, and so does Kevin. Yes, she didn’t eat very healthily every day of her life. Do any of us do everything right all the time?? We just seem to criticise her because she is “out there” in the public eye. By her own choice, true. She made the decision to become a singer/actress/businesswoman and it goes with the territory. Just because she doesn’t fit into what some people think a wife and mother should be doesn’t mean her child will be damaged or corrupted in any way.

Did anyone think Pamela Anderson would make a good mom? I was skeptical, sure, but she is a terrific mom. And I never thought Demi Moore was really mom material either but she surprised the heck out of me! And, do I dare mention Angelina Jolie?? What a great mom she is!!

So, its not that I am just pro Britney. I do enjoy most of her music, my daughter grew up to it and still loves her at 16(and no, my daughter is not running around wearing low cut tight tiny tees and short shorts, but if she were Britney’s age and wanted to theres not much I can say). I have not understood her choices sometimes, true. But, I do give her the benefit of the doubt! She seems genuinely sweet and very down to earth. Almost too much so with her openness! I think she looks great and will make a great mommy!

Bigger Than Britney on

Helen- I feel the same way about Britney’s Chaotic. I actually watched about 10 minutes of the first or second episode and turned it off. I do think her behaviour is over the top and I don’t really want to hear about her and Kevin’s sex life BUT so much changes once you have a baby. What seemed acceptable to me before I had my daughter is not acceptable to me now. I want to set a good example for my daughter because I am her role model and I believe Britney will be smart enough to do the same. Besides, I’d be surprised if Britney will be able to keep up that 3X a day sex schedule once that baby comes. She’ll be tired, her stitches are killing her and her nips are cracked and bleeding from trying to nurse etc etc. Didn’t make me feel too amorous.

Erica on

tink, you can’t criticize Helen for having a strong opinion than turn around with one of your own, as you are proclaiming she will definitely be a “great mom”. Now you could very well be correct, but just like you said Helen doesn’t know Brit, well, neither do you or me! Her opinion shouldn’t immediately be shot down just b/c a lot of people disagree with her. I personally fall somewhere in between most people, I think Brit will do better than expected in the mommy department, but I still have not forgotten how many pics are out there of Britney tolerating her husband smoking directly beside her, and driving without seatbelts, and lifting heavy (but cute 🙂 kids. I have a feeling she will get the hang of motherhood, but honestly, the girl does come off as rather immature about a LOT…having a child will remedy that, as will time.

Let’s just hope Brit goes nowhere but up from this point.

amanda** on

I think Bitney looks fantastic.

tink1217 on

I wasn’t shooting down her opinion. Everyone has the rigfht to an opinion, of course. I was shooting down her nastiness of saying the baby will be corrupted by her redneck values. That is uncalled for. I am from the south and grew up with so called “rednecks” and my values are just fine. That was what I was writing about as I stated in my original response!

Sarah, CBB Editor on

Helen, I apologize if you’re tired of the Britney photos, but from a media point of view, she’s the biggest star that’s pregnant at the moment, and that’s what’s being made available for our site use at the moment. I guess just skip over the Britney posts if they bother you?

griffith'smama on

Well, i doubt she thinks it is going to be easy… the thing about motherhood is that we all go into it knowing that is=t is going to change our lives and knowing that we really have no idea just how and how much it is going to do that. i have a feeling, however, that some of the things that are difficult for the rest of us, will not be an issue for the beautiful Miss Brit ( much more beautiful in my opinion since she is pregnant ) because she has a very supportive family and LOTS of money… she can afford herlp with the stuff like keeping the house clean and tending to a colicky newborn… because shoot, even if she doesn’t use a nanny, she’d be nuts not to have a housekeeper or five , with the money she has :o) god bless her… yeah, this is goig to knock her for a loop, but it does that to all of us :o)

Rachel on

I somewhat agree to the previous statement, because all new mothers can never truly be prepared. By watching 1 episode of chaotic (which was plenty, actually too much for me might i add)she seems to be in way over her head and sooo naive like she actually thinks this is going to be a walk in the park. yes, its a life changing experience but then again she has money if it does get “to hard” for her. But she will see with the first hand experience like we all learned.

halifaxhoney on

She looks great!!

Helen on

Tink – being a redneck is about the way some people think and act and it has nothing to do with where you are from. You can be from New York and be a redneck. Honey, I’m from Georgia and you can’t get much more southern than that and let me assure you – not everyone in the south is a redneck.

tink1217 on

OMG, I don’t understand why you take my commenst like this! I didn’t say everyone in the south is a redneck. I did say I grew up in the south and was raised by what many people call rednecks. Country people who listen to country music and have particular beliefs, dress a certain way, talk a certain way, and act a certain way. Some of my relatives dream homes are double wide trailers and many many of them are considered rednecks. They have rebel flags on their trucks and some of their “ways” are definitely redneck. Does this mean they shouldn’t have had children?? Absolutely not. In fact some of them whom I consider to be absolutely backwards are the best parents because they love their children and have taught them good old all American values. I am not going to get into a huge debate on this. I just thought the redneck comment and the corrupted baby comment was nasty, as did some others here.

And, like I said before, everyone has a right to their opinion, but this site states it is about appreciating celebs, their children and families and not to post if you can’t say something nice.

Helen on

“And, like I said before, everyone has a right to their opinion, but this site states it is about appreciating celebs, their children and families and not to post if you can’t say something nice.

Posted by: tink1217 | July 10, 2005 10:31 AM”

Tink – I guess I didn’t realize that this was just a site where you could only post what everyone else agreed with. This is the end of it – as far as I am concerned – I didn’t want to get in any fights.

But, one more thing about rednecks – my negative definition of redneck (as opposed to the fun things comedian Jeff Foxworthy says) is not what people look like, what music they listen to, what they live in, what kind of car they drive or what part of the country they live in. The reason I called Britney a redneck is because of fact she acts so stupid (she probably isn’t – but she makes terrible life choices IMO) because she finds it necessary to tell the world about her sex life and her personal hygiene, etc. She just comes across as a little ignorant. Hopefully, she’ll change as she matures.

tink1217 on

Nobody expects you to feel the same way as everyone else here, Helen. I don’t always agree either, but I am not nasty or mean spirited in my comments about anyone either. You still haven’t gotten my point that your comments about the baby being corrupted by her ways was uncalled for. You thinking she is a certain way is fine. You just didn’t need to be so nasty about it. That was my whole point. Somehow it missed you all together. I am not one to argue and I am not one to be mean spirited so if I feel strongly one way or another I just keep my moputh shut and post the nice things. It says right above the posting area that this is about appreciating celebrities, their children, and parenthood. Not tearing them down for choices they make that you personally don’t agree with.

Maria on

*settles down with a Britney-inspired bag of Chee-tos and watches the fight* ;o)

Sarah, CBB Editor on