Baby boom creates unusual crisis at SNL

07/08/2005 at 10:31 AM ET

Tina Fey and Maya Rudolph’s nearly coinciding pregnancies and maternity leaves are making SNL creator Lorne Michaels crazy this summer. He is currently personally scouring comedy clubs across the country for new talent to fill the spaces left behind (at least until January 2006) by stars Maya and Tina while they tend to their first babies. Hope they find new people in time!Source: Netscape

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michelle anne on

I guess there could be worse crisi out hope they write some of them in to story and acts.

Candice on

Noooo! Maya and Tina can’t leave! They’re the only thing holding SNL together! This season is gonna suck if they’re not there 😦

Rye on

I love Maya! When she does Donatella Versace and Diana Ross I pee my pants! I love Tina doing the weekend updates too…she is really really funny! Thank God they still have Rachel Dratch (who can do some of the funniest facial expressions I have ever Downer) and Amy Poehler cracks me up too! The women on the show seem to make me laugh more than the men. Horatio Sans shouldn’t be on the show-he always ends up laughing during the skits and can’t seem to keep it together.

Rye on

By the way, Does anyone know what either of them are having? I hope that one has a boy and the other has a girl. That would be cute.

kelly on

they will probably feature a reoccuring featured actor on the show

Annie on

I didn’t even know Maya was pregnant! I love them both. I hope they return!

kelly on

they could hide it for a while, then maternity leave, DUH! lol

Candice on

I totally agree with you. SNL would be lost without those ladies. If you ask me, it’s always been that way. The women always seemed to be the stronger links.

Maya Rudolph is absolutely fabulous! Her Diana Ross impressions are priceless! “I’m in JAIL, Tina-na-naaa!” 🙂 She does a better Donatella Versace than Donatella Versace (Did that make sense??) Also, Wake-up Wakefield is a hilarious sketch.

Rachel, she’s such a loveable little lady. Debbie Downer is one of the funniest sketches I’ve ever seen.

And Amy, ohhh Amy. Her best character is Amber. Y’know, the girl with one leg 🙂 She’s hilarious.

But I have to disagree with you about Horatio. Though he does laugh a lot during the sketches, so did Jimmy Fallon, and if you ask me that makes it funnier.

And no, I don’t have any idea what either of them are having. I hope Maya has a girl though. But boy or girl, that kid is gonna be adorable!

Rye on

Haha! Yes, the women always seem to be the stronger links on SNL. I can only seem to think of Molly Shannon, Cheri O’Teri, Ana Gastayer, Maya Rudolph, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler…The only male SNL guys I can think of that crack me up are Adam Sandler, Will Farrell and Chris Kattan. Anyways, I hope Maya and Tina have healthy babies and that they are just as funny as they are!

Rye on

Amber the one legged girl is the BEST Amy character! Did you see the America’s Next Top Model spoof they did with her? I was DYING!!!!!!!!!!! I had to mention that. Any word yet on who the father of Maya’s baby is? She is so funny!

Candice on

I have watched the ‘America’s Next Top Model’ sketch soooo many times! Probably one of the best of Amber’s little sketches. “Yeah, farted. JEALOUS?!?” 😉

I’m assuming the father of Maya’s baby would be her boyfriend of quite awhile. His name is escaping me at the moment. He’s a critically acclaimed director. Micheal something…

Candice on

Nevermind, his name is Paul Thomas Anderson. I think I was thinking of Michael Anthony Hall! Don’t ask me why..I get mixed up when people have THREE names. That’s just confusing 😉

Rye on

Oh yeah! Paul Thomas Anderson is the guy who made Magnolia! I knew I knew his name from somewhere. It says on IMDB that the baby is due this summer. I’m guessing she must be like 6 or 7 months pregnant, right? Well, I hope they have a happy healthy baby!
“YEAH I FARTED! JEALOUS?” that is the best line ever!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!

Cathleen on

Saturday Night Live has been my favorite show since I was a little girl. I was born in 1976 and even watched it during infancy! The ladies right now are spectacular, and Rye the one legged girl that farts is absolutely hilarious “yeah, I farted, so?”
Let’s not be to mean to Horatio, he doesn’t lose it nowhere near as often know that Jimmy Fallon is off the show.