Pregnant Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck marriage photo

07/07/2005 at 01:52 PM ET

50453CBB Reader Michelle Anne sends us this lovely photo of a pregnant Jennifer Garner and her new husband Ben Affleck being married at twilight (around 7:30 pm) in Turks and Caicos last week. They were married by her Alias co-star, Victor Garber. I absolutely LOVE her dress-that green sash. Did anyone else have a slightly untraditional touch to their wedding gown, and what was it? Thanks to Star Magazine for the use of the photo!

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Karyn on

The picture isn’t working…boo hoo! I want to see!

Kelly on

Oh wowsers she looks GORGEOUS! omg that’s so cute how victor married them that just shows how close she is with him…like a second dad. I wonder if he’ll be like a second grandpa to her baby. Man what a wedding to tell their chillins about. I’M SO EXCITED that they’re finally married and i’m SO EXCITED for their baby to be born!!!

tink1217 on

Her dress is beautiful! I hope they are so happy!!

sara on

Alicia Silverstone had a similar drees

shelley on

Congrats to them. I wish I coulda been married ona tropical beach somewhere too!

L on

What a beautiful dress and a beautiful setting! Ben looks adorable in his white suit. Anyone know who the guy on the side is?

Karyn on

I wanna see! But the picture’s not working 😦 😦 😦

rose on

she looks so beautiful, and I’m so happy for them

tina on

i like the sash!! i had a very unconvential wedding dress…we got married in tie-dye!

michele on

I didn’t know VG was an officiant….

Is he a minister or something?

Maria on

Very cute! As for your question… I got married twice, and the first time in a red dress with white polka dots ;o) Is that untraditional enough?

Kami on

Looks like they’re happy.

my wedding gown was somewhat unconventional – it was a strapless princess gown but it was golden/dark cream color!

Julie, CBB Contributor on

LOVE the dress! LOVE the beach! They look so cute together, can’t wait to see baby Affleck :o)

Yonni on

I’ve been seeing that a lot lately I believe Alicia Silverstone also did that idea, and Shanna Moakler from meet the barkers did it with a black sash…..

Emily on

Awww, that is so sweet! Love her dress and like Julie & Tink said, Alicia Silverstone had a very similar dress. I am going to be in a wedding next year and our dress are going to have a sash on them.

Jen on

Even though the picture is kind of far away, she does look pregnant there. I can see her belly, even though it’s not big yet. I’m sure it’s growing by the day and soon we’ll see a pic of her with a huge stomach. Thanks for the lovely picture.

Natalie on

Just wanted to say congrats to Emily on her future nupitals, I’m getting married at the end of July, however my dress is black I know I know odd but Jen looks great and I wish nothing but the best for her and gum-fleck..I mean Ben..I’m sorry I can’t stand him but hey if he makes her happy that’s all that matters.

michelle anne on

I think the smile on her face says it all!

I am so glad they found each other and for that little wee one on the way!!!

michelle anne on

who’s the guy in black by the way?

Michele on

I’m not surprised that she’s not really showing. I didn’t really “pop” until the 7th month or so.

Crystal on

I LOVE Jennifer and watch everything she is in. She is so cute preggers and she looked gorgeous at her wedding. I think they are so cute and I am so happy for them! Does anyone know where there are more wedding pics at? I want to see them ALL!!!

Alyson on

Maria, you GOT to send a pic of your wedding dress! I have to see it! lol (red dress, white polka dots)

I am excited for Ben. He seemed to really want to settle down and have kids! He and Jennifer make a great couple.

Anna on

My dress had a very subtle “non-traditional” touch. It was ivory but, in the back, one layer was champagne colored. I knew it was the perfect dress for me the moment I tried it on.

Ahhhh…. memories.

Magda on

So simple and beautiful.I still miss it when she dated Michael Vartan. He was the best. I think it’s awesome ..her onscreen dad married them, both. That’s so cute. Its looks very personal. I think it’s good that they did that.

Heather on

I think they are both showing alot of class!

Air on

I love the empire waist on her dress. It’s very classy.

Sarah, CBB Editor on

Oops Natalie! Emily’s in a wedding, not getting married herself. 😀

I had totally forgotton about Alicia’s dress, even though that wedding was only a few weeks back-I loved her dress too. I really like the sash idea. I believe Heidi Klum also had an empire waist dress for her wedding to Seal-I think it looks really classy, not concealing the bump completely, but not making it the center of attention-I think when that happens, people tend to get a “shotgun wedding” vibe, and no one wants that!

Danielle on

awwww….they look so happy. Im so happy for them both. Does anyone know who the guy on the side is? Were there any guests?

Anonymous on

The guy on the side looks really out of place. Like he’s way taller than Ben and Ben’s not short! It almost looks like he was photoshopped in.

Laura on

Er, I got married in black. In a Las Vegas chapel. Not one little bit of tradition at all!

Bigger Than Britney on

The beach is a slope and the seemingly tall guy is further back up the beach with Ben closer to the water.

Helen on

I think the guy holding the flower must be their witness. Who is it?

Also – I think the reason he looks taller than Ben – is because they are on a beach and it’s not level – he’s higher than the rest of the group.

allison on

Beautiful photo. I’m also wondering who the guy on the left is. My guess is that he is Jennifer’s “Man of Honor” and that he is holding her flower that she walked down the “aisle/beach” with. Otherwise, why would a man be holding such a large flower??? Maybe he is her best friend or a family member or something.

Sienna on

Wow, Jennifer looks gorgeous! Her dress is beautiful. I love how she and Ben coordinate so well!

As for untraditional wedding dress touches, mine was slightly like that. I was married on a beach and I wanted the feel of the wedding to be laid-back so I had my hair down and my dress was very simple. It had a blue sash/bow tied around the waist and tied in the front/off to the side. It was lovely, and it was the focus of the dress

Heather on

I think it’s lovely that Victor Garber married them. Jen and Victor have one of my favorite onscreen relationships, and it makes me ridiculously happy to know that carries over into real life.

Leah on

Nice to see a wedding photo.

Photos were hidden from her first wedding so this is wonderful. THANKS A BUNCH 🙂

Farrah on

What a fantastic wedding! Beautiful, simple, blessed and charming. I wish them and their new family the absolute best of luck….what a fantastic couple…God blessed them both.

b on

The other guy in the photo is, I believe, Victor Garber’s partner.

jenn on

Who else was at the wedding? Hopefully their families! I did not know Victor was gay. He is so cute!

heather on

I love the new look to dresses with a hint of color, it’s so beautiful! Romantic too.

Haley on

That dress looks like it’s a Regency dress (Jane Austen era). I LOVE that style! sells really nice Regency wedding dresses that I have been admiring. Or at least it used to; I can’t seem to find them anymore (I think the site’s being updated).
But that green sash looks magnificent… I absolutely looove that wedding dress.

Gina on

I agree with you, that is a really beautiful, tender, and refreshingly non-glitzy moment right there.. 😉

Michele, to answer your question about Victor Garber officiating… I don’t know if he’s ordained by any church or anything, but I know that some counties (maybe all?) in California have a one-day deputization procedure, that allows a person wedding officiating authority for one day… that could be what they did…

cat on

Aaaaaaw… (and I totally mean this) CUTE!
But what’s up with Ben’s shoes? I mean, hello? What?! Are they brown? Black? With a white tux? Ew. Should have gone barefoot, dude. Honestly. You’re on a beach, for God’s sake!

Tea on

Iam glad Ben finally found happiness

Jen on

I don’t think that was a very nice thing to say about Ben. I happen to like him a lot. I think he & Jen are great together.

griffith'smama on

am I the only one who feels that i can’t say for sure wether tht really is ben and jen or not, from the size of the pic? I mean, probably, so…

griffith'smama on

oh, and the suit looks creme to me… in which case, I think brown shoes would give it an almost vintage touch… suiting with her gown

Marie on

I got married on the beach in Florida. My dress was a white linen number. It had lace with green ribbon around all the edges. And we used red, yellow, and orange gerber daisies as we were married at sunset. Her dress is beautiful. God bless her for that vail. It was windy when I got married. The vail was nixed. Oh… and the guys all wore khaki pants and white linen shirts. And yes, everyone was bare foot.