Former Roseanne star welcomes a daughter by surrogate

07/07/2005 at 09:05 PM ET

Dwf153046541Laurie Metcalfe, 50, who played Roseanne’s sister Jackie on the sitcom for years, and her new husband (anyone know his name? They married this year) welcomed their first child together, a daughter named Mae, by surrogate recently. Laurie already has one child each from her two previous marriages-son Will, 11, and daughter Zoe, 20.Thanks to Say and In Touch magazine for the news.


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ash on

she married matt roth he played one of her boyfriends on roseanne i believe he is also the father of of her son will but they just got married after like ten years together

Jen on

Yes, he played “Fisher” Jackie’s abusive boyfriend. I remember when she was pregnant on “Roseanne” (by Fred) and in real life.

Rye on

So, is Matt Roth the father of this new baby or is she married to another guy now? I remember when he was on the show! I just saw a rerun where she was pregnant the other night too.

Heather on

I loved the that episode of Roseanne when Jackie had Andy.

Roseanne: Jackie, you’re only 3 days over-due
Jackie: I have a three day old child inside of me!!

Jackie: I’m going to be a 60 year old woman carrying a 30 year old baby”

I could quote that entire episode….I laughed so hard!!

April on

I thought Fisher was played by George Clooney!?

Jen on

No George Clooney was “Booker.” He was Roseanne & Jackie’s boss at Wellman. Jackie did date him briefly. But he left after the first season. “Fisher” was a later boyfriend who was played by Matt Roth. However Jackie was eventually pregnant by “Fred” (Michael O’Keefe) who she married and later divorced.

Jara on

I loved Laurie on Roseanne, but this news surprises me because I thought she was a lesbian. I guess not.

tink1217 on

Wow, congrats to them!!! I had no idea she was even married and had more than one child!

Annie on

I love her. That’s so awesome.

Lindsay on

According to her profile it says she was married to Jeff Perry whom she had 1 child with and she divorced him. She *is* currently married to Matt Routh whom she had Will with. It doesn’t say though when she got married to Matt.

Anon on

“Well could you direct us to the nearest manger?” -Roseanne, after the hospital refuses to take Jackie while she’s in labor.


Ebony on

Jara, I too thought she was a lesbian.Oh well, you learn something new everyday. Congrats to her and her new baby girl.

Rye on

I still to this day watch the reruns of Roseanne and Jackie (Laurie Metcalf’s character) is one of my ALL TIME favorite sitcom characters! I am so happy for her! Also a little side note. Her daughter Zoe had a couple cameo appearances on the show. In the Halloween episode where Roseanne is visited by the spirits of Halloween’s past, present and future, Laurie’s Daughter Zoe played a young Jackie. She was also on an episode where DJ was dressed as Roseanne when she was younger and they were at the fortune teller (played by John Goodman in drag)..she played a young Jackie in that scene too! She looks so much like her mother!

Fiona on

no fisher was george clooney it was the guy who played fred

Myrllie on

I always thought that in the episodes when she was pregnant with Andy that she was really pregnant, also did her son play Andy?

Mrs.LALa on

OMFG. I Love The Show Roseanne. Its Hilarious. I Hope They Make New Shows Lol. At Leat A Reunion. That Would Be SO Cool. Jackie Is A Real Beautiful Women She DOesn’t Look LikE Shes Had 3 Babies. 0.0

Angel on

I saw on Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous that she was living with 3 guys I never saw that she was a lesbian I don’t know where that came from I was under the impression one of the 3 was the father of her baby.

marlis on

L If she had 1 daughter from her first marriage I thought she had 3 with Matt. Will,Mae and Donavan. Who is he from?