Britney rumored to be expecting twins

07/07/2005 at 08:47 PM ET

Bspearsgreen070505067wz_1The NY Daily News’ Lowdown column started a media flurry today, which led all the way to MSNBC, when it released a column claiming that Britney Spears is, in fact, pregnant with twins. After calling her rep, Leslie Sloane-Zelnick, for confirmation, none was to be had, with Britney’s rep claiming that she has not heard anything about it.So, for those closely watching the growth of the Britney-Kevin collaboration that is photographed seemingly daily, this could mean a couple of things- #1) Britney is not due in September, and is in fact due around the originally thought due date of late October-with the twins taking up the extra belly room, making a sooner due date plausible to the public eye. or #2) Britney is due with one baby, in September, and this is just a silly rumor. Personally, I think she just looks plain old seven months pregnant, but either way, we’ll find out soon enough.Thanks to the 20+ readers who sent in this story, there are too many to name!


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PRI on

She doesnt look too big to me. Everyone carries differently and she has no hips so its more in the front. she looks 7months to me too.

Krystal on

I’m due Oct. 5th with one baby, a girl, and I look about like her if not a little bigger.
I think she’s just having one. I just read this on MSN, and I think they should leave her alone. I had a woman ask me if I was having twins the other day, I think that is just plain rude. I think I look great, and Britney as well.

Sarah, CBB Editor on

Danielle, the owner of CBB, is due Oct 5th with a girl too! That’s too funny.

Krystal on

Yeah, I got an email from her a while back when I posted about her belly shot (I think it was her 20 week photo or something). She got a name yet?
I come here everyday checking for new updates, and new belly pics.. 🙂
Obviously, everyone that works for CBB does a really god job!

Jodi on

Oh please the media! she has one baby in there. I was bigger at 7 mos than she is and I’m not big to begin with. but I really think thats a boy belly!

Maria on

I agree, Jodi. That looks like a big torpedo-boy-belly to me.

Jennifer on

I think I was way bigger at 7 months with both of my kids but I was definitely as big as her. Sometimes I wish the media would stop speculating on everything and just let these women have peaceful pregnancies. Who needs all the drama right before you are about to give birth? And really does it matter if she’s having twins? One or two, it is still great.

Lore on

Nah, a friend of mine had twins, she looked like she was 9 months when she was only 5 and a half. Different people carry different….

Maylena on

One day the rumor is that she’s having a boy. A couple days later it’s that she’s having a girl. Now they say she’s having twins. They’re just trying to sell newspapers.

heather on

I actually love the shirt she has on! I’m believing it’s just a rumor.. but yah never know.

shelley on

rumors rumors rumors! I honestly thought I’d escaped them when I quit working at an office to stay home with the kids. Good luck to Brit and Kev no matter what they have or if they have a dozen babies at once.

tami on

Trust me I had twins, I would be really really surprised if she had twins. By 7 months I was HUGE!

Kaytee on

I agree the media needs to back off, but lets be honest certain stars do crave the attention. I don’t think anything is wrong when women show their belly, but did anyone see the shirt Brit wore the other day, the pink one that was more like a shrug. I’m glad she’s confident in her body during this time, and I don’t think we can completely blame the media in this case, it’s 50/50

Jodi on

I’m due on Sept 28th with a boy, and she announced her pregnancy about a week and half after I did. I’m guessing she’s still having an October baby – just an early October baby. I think that because she was so anxious to have a baby in the first place, she probably told everyone as soon as she possibly could – probably right after 12-13-ish weeks.

And yeah, like other people said, everyone carries differently. For being 29 weeks along, I only look about 20 because I carry really far back against my spine. I think Britney just carries all out in front. 🙂 Good luck to her though!

Marlee on

I’m sure it’s not twins! In most cases twins would be detected in a first-trimester ultrasound. Now, there are cases where they aren’t found until about 18-20 weeks – but that’s really rare.

Everyone carries differently. I was due LAST October (delivered beautiful Elisabeth in late-September) and let me tell you that in July of last year I was HUGE!!! No twins, just a big, healthy baby.

steph on

i wish everyone would leave her alone! when she has the baby we will know if it is a boy or a girl, we will know if its twins or not but geez let her keep it private for now she may be a celebrity but she has a right to do that, thats personal and shes a person with feelings not just the newest tabloid she should be able to enjoy this pregnancy and announce the news when she wants like everyone else

tink1217 on

I don’t think its twins. With my son I was bigger than her at 7 months and he was just a big baby at 10 pounds! With my daughter I looked just like Britney at 7 months and she came out 8 pounds 5 ounces. Remeber, Britney is not that tall so any amount of weight will look huge! I was the same way. Isn’t she only 5’3″ or 5’4″ at the most?? I am 5’2″ and I looked huge from 5 months on!

sara on

When I was pregnant with twins, you could barely tell i was even pregnant. It just goes to show how different each pregnancy can be. Let the poor girl enjoy her pregnancy, because if it’s twins she has a lot of work ahead of her, but twice the blessings.

Lisa on

When I was pregnant in 2003 I was due in late October and by this time people were asking me if I was overdue!!

Cathleen on

I think the media should leave her alone (yeah right) to be happy and pregnant. This seems like backlash against anyone who isn’t Hollywood’s standard stick thin. Pregnant women are supposed to get larger, I’m five months and I sure am glad I’m not being held to her standards, since this is my second I’ve started showing alot sooner and have had comments from unwitting coworkers and family about how much bigger I look. Britney looks healthy and pregnant and I hope they don’t scare her into the save my body with an early c/s celebrity group.

Jane on

Oh Come on, as if Britney doesn’t crave this attention – She’s probably loving all this! On the twins – She may well be having twins – We don’t know.

Gemini on

I am 7 months pregnant and am bigger than her with ONE baby. She does not look big at all.

vkerner on

I gotta tell you, I to am Due Oct. 5th with a girl and Brit is only a little bit bigger than me. I’d say 7th omnth with a due date of end of Sept/early Oct – She’s looking great by the way!

Cat on

Twins…no way. Britney is not that big. And, remember, the camera adds 10 pounds. I had both my boys on October 3rd (2001 and 2003)…and am naturally slender….put on about 25-30 punds with both and she looks smaller than I when I whipped out my pics from the July timeframe. My lord, she is pregnant. Why must the media or others say things like this? And if it does turn out to be twins…what a blessing. Britney looks beautiful…I hope she kiips showing off that bump becasue one day, she will actually miss it!

teather on

i think shes just having one…..

patti on

Britney craves the attention, and Kevin moreso,no need to feel sorry for them. But I don’t think she’s near big enough for twins. Maybe due in September, or a large baby, I don’t know, does anyone know the sizes of Kori and Kaleb? (Did I get the names right, I’m on a new cold med, and it’s really screwing with my head! Won’t be taking it twice!)Kevin’s kinda tall, isn’t he? And Brit’s relatively short. Besides, most women with twins would be slowing down at this point, if not entirely off their feet, and she seems to be out there as much as ever.

Tai on

well it is her first baby women carry either really small or really big when it is their first.

joy on

if it’s twins god help us all!!! LOL:)