Another Baseball Baby on the way!

06/20/2005 at 01:51 PM ET

Artimageaspx_1 Chipper Jones (a baseball player for the Atlanta Braves) and his wife Sharon Logonov are expecting baby #3 together. The couple also has two other children together, Trey (born in 2000) and Shea (born in 2004).  Chipper Jones also has a son, Matthew (born in 1997) from a previous relationship.

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Stephanie on

FYI, Chipper’s son is from an affair he had while married to his first wife.

tink1217 on

Thats what I thought too Stephanie. I knew he had an affair. I just wasn’t sure when. Hopefully, he hasn’t strayed since and he and his wife are genuinely happy.

olliecat on

Oh, I am sure he has…..Once a cheater, almost always a cheater. I know his ex. FYI, the mother of his first child was a stripper at the time she got pregnant.

Celebrity Baby Blog Note: Whether or not the mother of his first child was a stripper or not, it has no validity on this article. Being a stripper or Hooters waitress has no bearing on what kind of mother or person that she is. Please Do not mention it again or it will be edited.

Heather on

uh oh, it sounds like it is goig to be difficult for anyone to keep from “celeb bashing” on this post. WHAT I THINK IS FUNNY is that the kids’ names rhyme :o) Trey and Shea… how fun.

Sarah, CBB Editor on

Ollie, I heard she worked at Hooters.

April on

Just FYI, Olliecat, he has NOT cheated on Sharon. Nobody ever liked Karin. She was a rude, rude, RUDE woman. It doesn’t justify his affair, but oh well, it happened. And Matthew was not born to a stripper. As Sarah pointed out, he was born to a Hooter’s waitress. Let’s get our facts straight before we talk about others.

Celebrity Baby Blog Note:Whether or not Karin was kind or not has no validity to this article.Please keep comments friendly.

olliecat on

April, I assure you he has cheated…..I know for a fact he has. And who blames Karin IF she were rude, I would be too if I had to be married to that man….He needs to brush his teeth!!!!!! .She is correct!!!!

Note posted by Lisa-Andrea: We here at Celebrity Baby Blog respect all views and opinions, but please keep all comments as positive as possible.It does not matter where the mother of his first child worked. It has no bearing on what kind of mother or person she is. I have slighty edited this comment.

lizzie on

It matters that you guys get your facts straight. The point is his first child is not with his wife as you stated but from an affair with another woman