Tom and Katie officially engaged-and both want children

06/17/2005 at 08:24 AM ET

Kholmes_ring Tcruiseengagement And I really thought this was a publicity stunt.  Katie just split with her fiance Chris Klein just 3 months ago! People reports that the engagement occured early Friday morning in Paris, France, at the Eiffel Tower. Katie’s ring is a tear-shaped diamond that Tom bought "a while ago." They announced the engagement at (what else?) a press conference this morning. Tom said, "Today is a magnificent day for me, I’m engaged to a magnificent woman,"  and the couple exclusively told People that they plan to have childen, breaking into huge smiles while making the remark. Looks like we may see some new celebrity babies!

Sidenote: I hate when a guy grabs you by the back of the neck like that-I’m glad my boyfriend doesn’t.


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luckymurre on

I still think this is a publicity stunt and that this engagement is Tom’s PR camp “stepping it up” in advance of his movie. I used to like Tom, now I can’t stand him.

Shan on

I still can’t decide what i think about this situation…If it is a publicity stunt i think that Tom is just using Katie for the media attention but i think that Katie is smitten with him and has fallen hard. I am very happy for them (if its legit) and theres a pic on the sky showbiz news site-very large indeed. Also at this site is a section and 22 photos on Lovely Pregnant Ladies. I have known about it for a few weeks but kept forgetting to let someone know.

I also wonder what Katie’s dad would think about her converting to scientology seeing isnt he a catholic priest?

Nicole Spica on

He is creeping me out for some reason. Maybe she is already pregnant.. who knows.

I think her dad might be a deacon or something. He can’t be a priest since they can’t be married, etc.

Mrs. B on

I feel really sorry for her that she’s been sucked in by scientology! she was supposedly raised Catholic. I would never join a cult to please someone!

Mel on


Celebs do jump into things pretty quickly sometimes, don’t they? Well, if they end up getting married, I hope they stay married for a while (and that their marriage is a happy one). I’m really sick of hearing about so many divorces in Hollywood lately.

Shan on

Sorry their family is Catholic but the father is a lawyer i think.

I am not sure how to tell you guys if i find something but also on the People site they have celebrity daddies with their kids.

Trish on

It’s all so weird. Does anyone still sometimes do a double take and think maybe it’s all a dream or something? It still hasn’t sunk in that they’re dating and I find it a bit un-comfortable seeing anything about them, but I don’t know why and can never really explain it. The whole thing is just…I don’t know!

If it’s genuine then I’m happy they have such extreme capacity for love, but they are both acting so out of character it’s a bit odd. Not to mention the Hollywood fairytale is sometimes too good to be true (a la brad and jen).

BP on

Goodness, it has all been so quick, hasn’t it?! I am dying to see the ring (the girlie girl in me;-). I hope that it is the real thing, and that they find happiness…that is what we ALL want, after all. I am a bit freaked out by the whole Scientology thing, but wish them the best! Imagine the stunning kids they would have!!:-)

Danielle, CBB Editor on

I am still convinced that 1, this whole thing is a publicity stunt, and 2, Tom isn’t into girls (not that there’s anything wrong with that). I have a feeling that a few weeks after their blockbuster movies launch, they are going to announce that they are taking it “one thing at a time.” It’s just too weird. I get such weird vibes from Katie. She always looks uncomfortable.

H. on

Something about this weirds me out. They just seem so.. strange together. And everything has happened so fast. They’ve been dating for what, one month?! Wow. Tom is very annoying these days, and Katie does seem so uncomfortable all the time. Maybe they are getting married so they can consummate their love?! I heard she was still a virgin, and saving herself for the right man. Wow. She just broke up an engagement not too long ago. I really thought her and Chris Klein made a great couple, and would last a long time. I mean, they did! It was something like 5 years they were together, and now she’s jumped right into this. Weird. Anyways, maybe Nicole Kidman and Chris Klein will hook up?! haha.

Esther on

I am tired of everybody coming down on Katie’s choice of religion. Nobody criticized Ashton Kutcher for joining Kaballah (Demi’s choice of religion/cult)

Michelle anne on

YOu know your right this is freaky she and he just don’t seem 100% you know? I do believe people can fall in love fast but this it just kinda like he isn’t giving her much chance you know?
He said in interview I saw her in a magazine and said to myself there is one you need to meet like something in my head said phone her so I did right then and there.
OK stalker!LOL
She is been an advocate for absenence always saying how her and chris will not has sex till they are married .I wonder if TOm is …………. wanting that..youknow!
I think she is just swept up in a fantacy like she said in interview with ET ,I want the fairy tale life the one I dreamed about when I was a little girl and i never in a million yrs thought it would actually involve the man I had on my walls.
I wish them the best but honestly with toms past I think he and she won’t last a year. And if they do God bless em

tink1217 on

Yes, this is a bit strange but I am hoping he is sincere and she isn’t just “star struck” by a love for her teen crush. Katie said she used to dream of marrying Tom Cruise when she was younger. Her dream is coming true. I really hope they are genuinely happy and that if they do have any children that the marriage lasts. A very big congrats to the both of them, hopefully it really is a genuine relationship!

Oh yeah, I LOVE when my DH grabs me that way and kisses me! YUM!

BP on

It isn’t so much HER choice, I think. Tom made it clear that anyone who works (and I would assume dates) for him, has to be down with Scientology. I was creeped out by that. He said that he would just “let them go”…his words, not mine!

BP on

PS Those words were from his interview with Access Hollywood’d Billy Bush FYI.

Sarah, CBB Editor on

Guys, a highly doubt she’s a virgin. She was with Chris Klein for 5 years! That whole story started because of a magazine interview she did when she was 16, while Dawson’s Creek was just starting. The media dredged it up this year and made it sound like she just said it.

–Oh yeah, I LOVE when my DH grabs me that way and kisses me! YUM!–

LOL I just feel like I have whiplash when that happens! My boyfriend has done it one time and that was enough for me!

Marisa on

Maybe she is pregnant already and this fast moving relationship is moving fast so they can explain away not waiting at all to have babies???? Either way they seem really irresponsible to me and almost like they are the only two people who have ever been in love because no one else acts like that so therefore they have found the happiness no one else has and they rub it in everyones faces.

Marilyn on

Something about their relationship is just weird to me; it’s like he found some vulnerable and young girl, and immediately started introducing her to Scientology. It’s like he’s in this cult and he had to seek out a bride and convert her. It’s all so fast and she seems naive and he seems controlling. I hope I’m wrong – I used to like him but lately he’s creeping me out.

Allison on

This relationship has officially entered the “weird zone” for me. What is the rush to get married for them? Has anyone else noticed that Tom kind of treats her like a “thing/object” and not a real person? This doesn’t seem like a publicity ploy, but rather, an infatuation taken WAY too far. BTW, if my husband grabbed me by the neck like that, his arm would be in a sling for the next two weeks!

Maggie on

The insanity!!!!

cv on

EEEWWWW!!!! But if the past replays itself, they won’t be able to have kids, right? Since Tom seems to be the one having trouble making babies? Time will tell!

Sarah, CBB Editor on

This is a blind item in the NY Post today-I think you all know who it’s about, especially with the petri dish comment!

Which top leading man interviewed three different starlets for the job of girlfriend/future wife before picking his new beloved? “Mark my words: They’ll have a baby,” said our source. “Maybe he or she will be conceived in a petri dish, but they’ll procreate.”

Qui on

You know, I think everyone on this comment section has valid points and opinions. But what it comes down to is them. If they are in love let them be. We are not in their bedroom at night or in their lives during the day. The magazines and media show what they think we want to see. Don’t fall for it. I am very happy for them. I fell in love with my husband the first time we locked eyes 6 years ago. He told me just 6 weeks after meeting that he was going to marry me and he did. So I believe in it. I pray that they lasts and have many of babies that she can tolerate. The Scientology thing, no comment. Good Luck & God Bless.

J on

I just find it strange that Tom always goes for a catholic woman the tries to convert them to be in a relationship with him – Nicole Kidman (catholic), Penelope Cruz (catholic) now Katie (catholic), does anybody else see the pattern? Why can’t he just find someone already a scientologist?

Mandy on

I have to agree with Sarah–my husband & I got engaged after dating 6 weeks & now we’ve been married for 8 years, have a beautiful daughter & a baby son due in July. We are blissfully happy.

Perhaps Katie & Tom are happy as well?

As for the Scientology aspect, I don’t really think of it as a religion per se, so I’m keeping out of that one. As the old saying goes, “To each his own.”

Aslen` on

Wow…this is one wierd relationship…but oh well…congratulations to the new couple.

firstdaughter on


Sarah, CBB Editor on

Mandy-you’re agreeing with Qui, not me. The person’s name appears UNDER the comment, not over. 🙂

firstdaugher on

This is what it seems like to me:

Tom scouted around for a vulnerable “virgin” that is on the record as saying she dreamed of marrying Tom Cruise as a child, and under pressure to proove he isn’t gay, “courted” and “won” her in a short whirlwind of “romantic” time.
He couldn’t lose.
He’s creeping everyone out instead of proving he is a real heterosexual male who can sweep a woman off her feet.

If i were Nicole Kidman I’d be furious at the antics, and he is embarrasing his children I am sure.

Precious on

Why does her hair have to look like she just woke up? I hope this is for real.

Stephanie on

Everything that they do seems so set up…what other celebrity has a press conference and announces their engagement. Tom rubbed me the wrong way with his comment about Brooke Shields. Gag me!

Jennifer M. on

People definitely can fall in lowe quickly but there is something about Tom and Katie that is so weird and unsettling. It isn’t even the age difference. There is just something weird that I can’t put my finger on.

Weezy on

people are always so critical of things there not involved with. it’s a shame.

good luck to Tom anbd Katie. You’ll have beautiful children someday.

tink1217 on

I just read on another site that Katie has denied the engagement. Wonder if thats true?? Usually I believe People magazine when they run something though. It is usually credible. Hmm, wonder what the truth is!

Sarah, CBB Editor on

I don’t why she would deny it, since they held a press conference to announce it, and she showed off the ring! Maybe they’re crazy. 😀

Scarlett on

Eek. They haven’t known eachother for 2 months! Doesn’t Katie know in each relationship or pretty much in EVERYTHING tom does he acts over the top about it like he’s so in love with it?! He was professing his undying love for Nicole Kidman on Oprah right before he dumped her before they were together 10 years!

Kily on

I don’t think that this engagement is based on publicity, I can see both thrilled… of course, it is not another common relationship, because they are celebrities, but not-sooooo-surprising too.

I will be watching them, and I will comment something again when the “fire” of his/her passion turn off.

Jennifer on

I keep thinking about what it is like when they are alone in some hotel room together…what do their conversations sound like? I just have a feeling that Tom does most of the talking and Katie just agrees with him a lot thinking “wow, this is Tom Cruise – he’s so wonderful!” I would like to hear a REAL interview with BOTH of them talking about things OTHER THAN each other and how great each is…very cloying.

Jennifer on

BTW, the comment about him buying the ring “a while ago” is the creepy thing in my mind…it’s almost as though he has no real conception of time! What’s a while ago? Last Saturday? 2 weeks ago? The day after he met her? A year ago when he knew he’d be on the hunt for a new bride? Incidentally, it’s an interesting little fact that engagement rings are an entirely 20th century phenomenon. Diamonds aren’t especially rare or valuable in themselves and the De Beers diamond company needed a way to sell more during the Depression…so they paid movie companies to incorporate story lines where someone got an “engagement ring”…hoping that people would want to emulate their stars. That’s how the diamond engagement ring was born. Prior to that it was common for people to give each other engagement gifts, but a diamond ring as a symbol of engagement is purely due to economic necessity of diamond sales slumping and using Hollywood movies to sell the idea that it was the “glamourous” thing to do. In case you can’t tell, I’m a communications professor…I find this stuff fascinating! Now people look at you like you are weird if you DON’T have a diamond engagement ring…or any ring at all! I love it!

jen on

Am i being dumb, or have i read – about tom – many times that he is unable to have children? That was reason for breakup of his first marriage and contributed to end of second marriage to nicole (as she was desperate for children of her own – not that she doesn’t love her adopted children)
Maybe i confusing him with someone else?
p.s this will be his third marriage – if they make it down the aisle

Nell on

They are soooo creepy, but who knows, maybe it’s not a stunt. I still don’t think this is a healthy relationship, I mean, she was with another guy for like five years.

crazy on

OMG J, you are totally right about him falling for Catholic women and then trying to convert them. I just feel so bad for Katie because it seems like Tom has her on a leash. There was even some speculation that he hired a scientologist to go whever she goes so that she can make sure Katie stays on “the right path”. I mean this whole thing is just so fishy, not just the relationship but his whole religion. I don’t want to knock off Scientology as a cult but there is just something not right with the comments an put downs Tom is making to people about his Scientology religion. This whole thing is just to wierd.

tink1217 on

well, jen, I know when he and Nicole broke up she had just miscarried his child. i believe he evenhad her verify the miscarried child was indeed his! I remember reading that somewhere. don’t quote me, it may not be true. Maybe it was Nicole who had the problems getting or staying pregnant. who knows. I am sure they have discussed all the possibilities though. Katie is young and says she wants children so I am sure she would have that discussion with Tom prior to getting married. Unless Tom is truely sterile with no sperm there is always a chance. Especially with fertility treatments nowadays. And, they certainly do have the $$ for anything they may need to do to have a child.

I really hope their relationship is genuine and that there marriage will last!

firstdaughter on

OK – Tom is “unable to have children” because he is not sexually attracted to women. You put two and two together.

I would suspect that Katie has not spent enough time alone with him to get the real picture.

Lindsay on

Well I agree with Qui. First off I’m dating a guy and we’ve only been together for 3 weeks. Even though we’ve been dating for a short amount of time we already decided we’re going to be with each other the rest of our lives. But then again my relationship is based on “spirtual and psychological factors” so it isn’t right to say that people don’t fall “in love” quickly because it can certainly happen.

This comes as a major shock to me…And honestly I just thought this was going to be just a summer fling to me. Who am I to judge though if its really genuine because I can’t say. The whole situation though seems a little scary to me. Everyone seems to say that they’ve been giving off strange vibrations which may be the case…

Stephanie on

This has ‘not a good idea’ written all over it…

cat24 on

I think they are creepy together. He looks like some kind of psycho to me and she seems like a naive little girl sucked in by it all.

It won’t last.

Deborah on

Personally Tom gives me the creeps!!! He is way over the top and have you noticed in interviews lately that his eyes buldge and he looks like he’s going to blow when he starts talking about scientology!!! When he did that interview with Billy from Extra he never completely answered Billy’s questions just that everything outside of scientology is wrong and that’s it. He even cut Billy off a few times.

I wouldn’t go see his movies if that’s all that was out there. His overpowering “scientology rules” business really puts him in a different light.

Nothing wrong with religion but come on Tom …. check your facts first cause most of the info he is getting fed from whomever is incorrect.

Amy on

They are just…icky. I have no respect for Katie anymore-she seems to just be so giddy that Tom Cruise is gaga over her that she is letting all of her common sense fly out the window. Studying Scientology? That is just outright creepy. The guy belongs to some weird cult and was on the prowl to find a starlet naive enough to do whatever he says-and he gets the bonus of having her raise his profile in Hollywood again. They just creep me out-it’s not the age difference. It’s something else. I can appreciate being madly in love and giddy, but they are taking it to even a level beyond that-just acting bizarre. And there is way too much media focus on them-it’s nauseating. I wish they would go away. Good luck to you Katie-have a fun life learning about aliens and being controlled by Scientology Man.

Erin on

Okay, 1st of all, what are the beliefs of Scientology? i know they are weird, but idk anything about it

2nd of all: who, other than Nicole Kidman, has he been married to?

isabell on

how long have they been together??? like 2 months or wat?? well anyway they got engaged realllllllly fast…

Reign on

Erin, His first marriage was to Mimi Rogers.

I think if Katie and Tom are happy, then great for them, but I really hate the way they have been acting in public, because is LOOKS fake even if it’s not. I dont know, there’s just something odd about it. And I personally think Katie is a horrible actress, and you just know she is now going to enter the “A list” because of this, and I hate that.

cate on

Wasn’t Tom married to Mimi Rogers, I think that was her name.

Sarah, CBB Editor on

Yes, he was married to Mimi. As they were splitting, he made offhand remarks about her inability to conceive as a cause of the breakup. Lo and behold, she got married again and popped out two babies! Wow! 😀

fan on

remember a long time ago when they said tom was unable to conceive, etc.? i guess we will know if they really get hitched lol

Weezy on

I think it’s pretty sad that people who don’t even know EITHER of these people are making such presumptions.

“He’s Gay.”

“He Can’t Have Kids.”

“She’s Naive.”

What’s the point? You don’t know them. I highly doubt he’s gay. And if he was, who cares? There’s enough openly gay people in Hollywood that I’m sure he would have come out by now if he were.

He probably CAN have kids. Supposedly the reason Nicole wanted to adopt was because she didn’t want her body to go through the changes of pregnancy. She got pregnant and it’s still not positive wether she actually miscarried or had an abortion.

And with Katie, she’s nearly 30 years old people. Not some 20 year old kid or something. She’s nearly 30. Let her do what she wants and him the same.

No wonder marriages these days don’t last long. People are so critical of everything even if they know nothing.

kimie on

I don’t understand why Katie had to convert to scientology. If Tom Cruise really loves her, would he not accept her as she is?? I read somewhere that Katie was a devout Catholic who was really dedicated to her faith…how one converts so quickly is beyond me. I wish her well and hope that she’s doing this for the right reasons and not to impress a man she’s known for less than three months.

kt on

I dont know what to think about this whole situation, they are both great actors, so is it real or acting I cant tell and I normally have a really good read on people! All I will say is that it seems like a very strange relationship I saw her this morning at his press for the new movie and when he started talking about the engagment they zoomed in on her face and she looked horrified with a crazy smile, it was weird, I just dont know, but good luck to you both, I guess?

michelle anne on

to me he just seems like he is controlling every aspect of this ..says in the artical about press conference he didn’t let her speak ,the press asked her a question and he answerd for her then turned to her and said isn’t that right? TO ME seem like a control thing.BUt he knows what he is doing thats for sure.wether promo or not

michelle anne on

weezy katie is 26 just turned ,,and the “ladies in this site didn’t come up with the “he’s gay ” etc them themselves this is thing people have been saying for years and years.
Tom is notoriously known for some of his publicity stuns,I think it is sad IF this is what it is,these ladies aren’t causing a divorce it’s people that use marriage as a publiscity stunt.again if that is what it is.
One of my good friends met her hubby on blind date they were married 1 month later and now married for 10 yrs and 3 kids later so not a matter of me not believing in love at first site ,I think what puts it off is the way he is acting This is not in his KNOWN character,Katie heck who knows she always seemed quiet ,but TOm sort of seems like he lost it.LOL I hope it is true and they are in love and the do break the hollywood traditions of short marriages,but right now,,all just seems to staged,to coincidental.catch what I mean?not just ladies in here it everyone thinking it .EVEN her own parents have said in interview they hope this is sencer,they haven’t even met him properly yet so they couldn’t judge.

Kate on

I’m convinced that most of Hollywood is NUTS. Nothing like actually getting to know someone before deciding to marry them, let alone deciding you want kids with the person.

She is SOOOOOOOOOO under his spell. I read an article about her and it talked about how devout she was to the Catholic religion – apparently NOT!

The whole Tom & Katie thing gives me the creeps!

Trixxie on

I still believe this a publicity stunt.

But also there is a fine line between passionate love and insanity……..

Marilyn on

I saw a picture of Katie’s parents and Tom’s mom and sister standing outside a restaurant together, as if they were waiting for someone. The looks on their faces was as if they were thinking, “we aren’t happy about this one bit.” Who knows exactly how they feel, but they looked less than thrilled.

KAP on

I think Tom and Katie are endearing. I am 99% sure in my opinion that it is not a publicity stunt. If it were, I think he ended up falling for her for real anyway. When I saw them on Oprah and she mouthed “I Love You” to him, that really sold me. Who is anyone to say they are moving too fast? My parents got married after 2 months, and are still together 26 years later.
I am happy for them and I wish them all the best. As for Scientology, apparently it does not interfere with any present religious beliefs. It is more a way of life than a religion, more of a state of mind, kind of like Buddhism.
I think they’re adorable and I think they have found something special in eachother. I hope they last.

Anonymous on

1) Yes this is fast but maybe they’re really in love and it feels right. Or maybe it’s a stunt or they’re crazy but it’s their life, not yours.
2) I think they look stunningly attractive apart and together so I kinda like thinking that maybe someday, in another life, I could get with my teen crush.
3) I hardly think 4 women would get engaged to him if he was gay. I mean, what, he’s fooled Mimi, Nicole, Penelope, and now Katie into thinking he’s really hot for them but he’s fantasizing about a man? Yes, he’s gorgeous and clean. They’re not all gay.
4) She’s 26, she is not a little girl. He’s no dirty old Lothario. He’s had what, 4 relationships in public.
5) His fertility is probably low – Mimi got pregnant by someone else, Nicole got pregnant once and now wants to get pregnant again. But Katie is young and if she doesn’t mind doing ICSI or IVF, good for her, good for them.
6) If she wants to convert to his religion, good for her – didn’t you see My Big Fat Greek Wedding – Ian converted for Tula. It happens. It’s not crazy. She’s not worshipping aliens or giving up Christmas, for heaven’s sake.

Rachel on

I agree this is just a publicity stunt to cover up his gayness! (sorry, lol ;-)) anyway, i remember my mom used to have a big crush on him but soooo arrogant and superficial like he’s trying to cover something up.
Katie is also crazy for converting to scientology for him.
They are both acting extremely immature about the whole situation (especially him on Oprah UGGHHHH!!! Gross.)

patti on

I have nothing against Scientology, but I don’t see the other celeb Scientologists (and there are many of them) going out of their way to slam everyone else’s lifestyle, or being confrontational in interviews that he obviously solicited, and acting so out there in general even for Hollywood. I think he is having some kind of midlife or mental health crisis. and I speculate because I am trying to understand people in general, and as a Psychology major, find celebrities a rich supply of multifaceted study material. I respect the ones who wish for privacy, but this is not Stalkarazzi victim, it is a man desiring every eye on him every moment lately. This is not the same man that was with Nicole for 10 years, something has changed, quickly and deeply. Being his age, I would like to know what, in case it happens to anyone in my peer group! Being mother of a daughter entering her 20’s, and an ex wife of someone I married after knowing them 12 weeks and believing everything he said he was rather than investing the time or at least the detective work to verify a few things, I see red flags whenever it is this fast and in this manner. It’s not just specualtion he has her followed, it was admitted to by him, just not what her true capacity is, “just that she is in his employ To watch Katie and go wherever she does.” That’s not normal love. You can fall in love and have it work, but I don’t think most of you ladies who’ve written previously are quite this over the top. I’m imagining there was alot of private moments to get to know each other thoroughly, just in a more concentrated fashion! I don’t think any of you who’ve replied here are the type that would let someone take over your life, which is so much different than choosing to share on an equal level.

He did get Nicole pregnant toward the final year, then accused her of having an affair. She had a miscarriage and was quite traumatized by it, and then the split so soon after that he’d never even given her warning of. She has admitted she wasn’t ready to have a baby when they adopted, even though she was ready to be a mother, from the beginning. She was also even younger than Katie is now as I recall when they got together. Even when I liked him, I wondered why he made such a big thing about Mimi being infertile, it was just mean to even mentionit, even if it had been true. He kneew she was older when he married her, then to imply that was part of the reason she couldn’t give him the child he desired. There is no guarantee in any relationship that the other partner is going to be able to have babies unless you have it tested, and I don’t think most real relationships would be so callous. Then to turn around when Nicole is pregnant and be just as mean as he was about Mimi, doesn’t make sense.

I wish happy, healthy babies for anyone who will raise them to be just that. I’m just not sure this guy is capable of it anymore, if he ever was.

You can also tell in the People interview the family is very uncertain what to think.

I could care less if he’s gay, I don’t think he is, but I’d rather see a well-adjusted gay person than an egomaniacal, unbalanced person such as the one he has displayed recently.

And as one of you said, how long ago is awhile for buying this ring, when it’s known they met around the end of April?

Sorry to go on, but this strikes me wrong like so many of you other posters, and I don’t know why, but this is a girl my own girls looked up to, and maybe it’s a mom’s intuition thing, afraid my girls’ could be vulnerable since they are impressionable.

Jennifer on

While I find Scientology to be bizarre in general, I must say I find religion IN GENERAL to be bizarre. This won’t make me popular as many people are a part of some religion (i’m going against the “don’t talk about politics and religion unless you want to argue” theory)…but is Scientology than much more weird than basing your beliefs on a guy who could walk on water or who turned water into wine. When you think about it, that’s no more weird than the beliefs of scientology. Think about whatever religion you believe in…why do you believe in it? Most people obviously are the religion their parents were…religion has long been a force to keep the masses “appeased”…while I don’t deny some people truly have gotten something positive from religion, ALL religions can be scrutinized just as closely as Scientology.
I personally am agnostic. Religion IN GENERAL has always seemed bizarre to me – I could never buy into it…so whenever someone believes in a religion, I respect their choice in being a part of that religion and as long as no one is hurting anyone else, then fine…believe in what you want…if it makes you happy, more power to you…but I wouldn’t come down so hard on Scientology unless you are EQUALLY as critical of ALL religions…that’s just my 2 cents.

patti on

I don’t see Scientology or any belief system to be batter or worse than any other, I respect everyone’s right to believe whatever gives them peace of mind. What I don’t think is right is taking the stance that you are superior to another, especially in the instance that he attecked Brooke Shield, when there is no way he could walk in her shoes, ever, and therefore has not only no right to judge, but incomplete information.

denise from philly on

I dont think its that big of a deal that they are together. I think its great. Im happy for them both. When Demi and Ashton got together people had things to say about their age difference and thought that it was weird. When Bruce was with that model, it was weird people thought. So what if there is a big age difference. If the younger person is mature enough to keep up and handle the older person, more power to them. Look at Justin and Cameron. They are still together.Demi and Ashton. Now Tom and Katie. Whats the big deal? She has always loved him as a person/actor/man. He fell for her and thinks she is a wonderful amazing woman. Not girl, woman.Hes happy, shes happy.Let them be. So she wants to convert to his beliefs.When you love someone, its your choice to do that. She wants to explore other options. Look at Madonna, Britney,Demi,Ashton. They are all into Kabala. No one really made a big deal about that. And yes I agree that Katie was with Chris Klein for 5 years. Im sure they were having sex, not that its really anyones business.Shes an adult woman, its her choice. God if I was dating Tom Cruise, I dont think I could hold out either. I wish them all the best. Another couple, Jennifer and Ben. Look at their lives. People said they were a fake couple. Maybe they were. Maybe they werent. I think they were real. I think it judt didnt work out and they realized it before they made that big step. So they broke it off. Look how many times she was married. I mean, there are much more screwed up couples in hollywood then Tom and Katie. Britney and Kevin. Now thats crazy! But alot of people say oh how good for them. Oh what a great couple. Tom didnt cheat on his wife and leave her at 9 months pregnant for another woman. This is a good thing for them. Pople are just shocked because you wouldnt think that Katie and Tom would be a couple due to their age. I think its nice, not creepy.

Shan on

I just got WHO magazine in Australia and it says that you do not have to give up your current religion to believe in scientology so Katie can be a devout Catholic still and have beliefs in Tom’s “religion”…

Kelly_O on

Former Scientologists speak:

amanda* on

I really don’t know what to think anymore. I am happy for them, but still kind of freaked out by it. I still think that Tom is going through a mid – life crisis, but what do I know? I remember Katie saying that when she was a little girl, she would always dream of marrying Tom Cruise. This whole thing is just freaky.

Alexandra on

To Sarah CBB Editor’s comment. I have also read the new york post blind iterm and immidiately thought of Tom and Kate. LOL. I think it it a publicity stunt. I was never a Tom Cruise fan so I don’t really care that he is in a cult. Regardless good luck to both of them and their future petri dish children.
P.S. this is my fave site ever! Congrats Danielle on your baby!

patti on

It’s not their age difference that bothers me, either, just to clarify. As long as both partners are of legal consenting age, I could care less what the numbers are.

If I recall, this would make Tom married 3 times, the same as JLo, with Penelope Cruz equalling Ben Affleck.

There seems to be more than the usual reservations causing weird feelings for alot of fans and others.

I was glad to see the photo of Tom and daughter looking like they always did in the fathers day shots.

Clare on

Very sad attempt at publicity in my opinion. Considering Tom used to be one of Hollywoods biggest stars he has certainly gone down hill.

Morgan on

It seems that every year Tom is engaged and with another woman. Also he can never seem to bear any children of his own. He’s like infertile or something. I mean he even made Nicole have a test when she miscarried his child to make sure it was his. I use to admire him, but I recently saw an access hollywood show that all he talked about was Scientology and totally trashed everyone. Not to mention he took the spotlight from the star of BATMAN BEGINS. (Christian Bale)and this whole engagement thing is for his new movie and Katie is probably going to be hurt in the end. Tom Cruise is a media WHORE.

michelle anne on

YOU know themore I look at pics of them ,the more I realize what it is,it’s not that we all dissprove of age differnce, or religion, or him or her,I think everyone sees that they are not natural with each other…like they are forcing something,they both seem so staged with their kisses and like they aren’t really feeling it,and when she is sstanding in back ground she seem like she is very uncomfortable,like she doesn’t knwo what to do with herself.Like they have a secret .you know what I mean.When you see a couple in pics you can just feel they are together,they are in love ,and mesh with each other.with them it seems like I dunno like they are being made to be they were told to be and told to make it look good for the cameras.
Even if this is all real,they seem so unconforatble with each other.Even tom ,when he holds her and his body language seems so stiff .I know it’s all super new to them.But if they were so inlove the pics wouldn’t lie you would feel their know what I mean.
I mean we all want them to be happy but would this of been the same if niether one had a a movie coming out? I think it just leaves to many weird questions and feeling for people.And not just in baby blog everywhere.I do feel for them cause if this is indeed the “real” thing then they really needed to of started this off in private and not on national tour of promotions,I feel bad saying it cause they already have strikes agaisnt this working and how everyone is thinking same thing all a hoax.I hope they find time to live together alone no spotlight no cameras no pronmos not talk shows ,no flamboyant rants and running around like amaniac and see if this really is real and prove it to everyone(not that they have to prove anything ) but for themselves.
I mean I would be dumbfounded to fnd myself in a relationship with my heart throb of younger years ,but Imyself would think ok ? why now,,why did he call out of the blue,I never met him before, why so fast engagment/? why such powerful emotions so quickly?
I wish them both luck and happiness!!!

michelle anne on

scuss the spelling I have my hand in cast right now.LOL

Jennifer on

Regardless of who Katie was now engaged to, wouldn’t it pass through our minds that it could be a REBOUND relationship for her?

nicky365 on

i agree with the fact it isn’t natural…coupled with the rumors that have been going around about him for years. when they kiss i feel like i am watching michael jackson and lisa marie again. this relationship made in media heaven does work out for both parties quite nicely. for her, though, it is like making a deal with the devil. she can’t date and live her life as she normally would. one ohter thing i find weird, is everyone keeps saying that tom made nicole test the misscarried baby to see if it was really his. is that even possible? i think nicole was able to have relationships with other men during the course of there “media relationship” and she must have gotten pregnant and thereofore tom needed to divorce her.

Jennifer on

I was just looking at the wire services and the various images of Tom and Katie…I feel like every 2 seconds they are kissing each other and grabbing each other and hanging on each other. If anyone else acted as grabby and kissy-face as they do, they’d be told to go rent a room! That’s what I want to tell them!…if we are interrupting you from making love to your darling sweetheart that you just can’t keep your hands off him/her, then go lock yourself in a hotel room for a while and get it out of your system! How they act in public just seems so EXTREMELY cloying to me.

michelle anne on

LOL Jennifer your right

katz on

Just a comment on the earlier suggestion that there are plenty of out gay people in Hollywood. Can you name any A list movie star that is publically out???

michelle anne on

George Micheals? but is he still A list ?lol
Elton John..may not be super A list but did make forbes top ten weathiest celebs.

Micheal Stripes lead singer for REM

Ellen degeneres.

Melissa etheridge

But like i say are they concidered A

patti on

Yes. it doesn’t look like new love, can’t get enough of you, teenage crazed weasals so giddy because the were “together”, for example, Kev and Britney were just as in your face annoying a year ago, but you could tell they were really “together”. Even if these two are a couple, things aren’t looking natural, and I wouldn’t think they’d be awkward, selfconscious people with their careers having them deal with people daily for the past 10 to 20 years. I see similarities to Manic phase in people I know with BiPolar issues who’ve gone off there meds, but I don’t know why he’s suddenly so different, usually that would’ve been apparent by his 20’s, and I don’t think he’s had any depression symptoms, certainly not any that kept him in seclusion! Something in his eyes looks different.

On the other hand, recent photos of him & his kids, when she’s been elsewhere, he looks and dresses and apparently acts as he always has.

And following the split, he had the relationship with Penelope, now with Katie, where he’s always in photos somewhere, while Nicole had a rather quiet relationship with Lenny Kravitz, which I believe started well after Cruise & Cruz.

Yes, those kind of tests are possible, and sometimes court-ordered, like if it involved statutory rape, incest, placing liability for medical bills. Also, tests to detect abnormalities, to see if the loss was from genetic conditions, or somehow preventable in future pregnancies. I don’t know how widely used, or if most doctors talk much about it, but I know my sister-in-law had such tests way back in the 80’s. I’m sure there are many more, with improved accuracy, now.

Courteney Cox and Josie Bissett have both talked of having successful pregnancies only after alot of tests on the babies they’d lost, and I think it was said Courteney’s body was turning on the babies, causing bloodclotting that cut the oxygen source to the placenta , and Josie was something similar, where her system wasn’t compatible with her husband’s, and they had to do some sort of intervention in the blood types. While they had no paternity doubts, the doctors had to look at how the babies were developing pertaining to both sets of genes. No stranger than, and often in conjunction with, all the in vitro and other interventions used everyday in today’s world.

Jennifer on

Katie’s career is being hurt by this relationship big-time. She was dropped from the next batman movie because this publicity of her relationship really overshadowed everything relating to the Batman premiere. I don’t blame the producers for wanting someone else and being really angry at how she has sucked all the attention relating to the movie. Nicole Kidman’s career and her persona didn’t really come into the forefront until after she divorced Tom…I think she suffered from a similar thing of being second fiddle to Tom Cruise and, thus, her career probably suffered when she was with him because everyone is so focused on Tom Cruise at press events, not her. I hate to say it, but anything Katie does will be overshadowed by the fact that she will be “Mrs. Tom Cruise”

Jennifer on

Question: if you were a producer, would you hire Katie at all for ANY project given all this public kissy-face? I wouldn’t touch her with a ten foot pole at this point due to my comments in the post above.

katz on

Michelle anne – thanks, but none of those is a major film star. Even Ellen, and look at the problems it caused when she did come out. Good on her, though. It’s desperately sad that there is no one else out, in this day and age.

sara on

in France scientology is labeled as a sect. Not forbidden but to avoid…

Stephanie on

Now people look at you like you are weird if you DON’T have a diamond engagement ring…or any ring at all!

In response to Jennifer, I don’t have an engagement ring. Never did. I told my boyfriend (who then became my husband) to save up his money so we could live together. I also said years later when he asked if I wanted one, *No, I would rather have a family ring when our family is done*. And after our third child and we knew we were done, I have my beautiful family ring on the same hand as my wedding band so I have my whole family represented on one hand. :o)

And people thought I was nuts to marry him without an engagement ring. Pfah!

Jennifer on

Michelle Ann-
How about Alan Cumming?
While not on par with leading man status, he certainly has been in demand…although, no, I can’t really remember him being paired with a woman in any romantic roles…

michelle anne on

I dunno jennifer? Could be.

Stephanie .people think I am weird because I am 33 no boyfriend no hubby no ring ,and never have had one of any of those.Had boyfriends in school and highschool and a few after highschool but nothing serious.I got really ill after highschool so focused on my health instead of a relationship .Boy did I get the rumors I was gay ,I was weird I was a loser etc etc.
I just said when I have my real relationship it wil mean something to me not just a toss away for someone I won’t remember the name of in a few months.LOL
Didn’t need the extra stress of a boyfriend when I was ill….LOL
But heck I am better now and ready for a relationship..LOL