Singer Lil Mo with daughters Heaven and God'issLove

06/17/2005 at 10:01 PM ET

Lilmo0sl Thanks to Tan for finding at ItsAll4Forums.

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Tan on

She has some beautiful kids.

nik on

awwwww. are her children biracial?

priscilla on

I especially love the quote below the pic. Beautiful girls.

Allison on

The kids are so cute! I will avoid the obvious comments on their “interesting” choice of names….

ebony on

No her children aren’t biracial. Her husband is black. He is a litle lighter than her, but not much. Maybe one shade lighter. But if you know anything about black children they sometimes come out light complexion even if both parents are brown. There still pretty young. They might darken up.

Clare on

They are cute !

I love the little girls smile and hair-do. Strangely enough I like their names 😀

Jordy on

Wow!!! How ignorant. How come every time someone mentions how beautiful a Black child is on here, people have to bring up stuff about their heritage? What is it? Black people cannot beautiful unless they’re mixed with something else? Lil’ Mo’s daughters are gorgeous, but they’re no different from any other cute Black babies I see.

Ebony on

Hello Jordy, I’m not sure who your statement is attributed to, but I want to say for the record that I agree that there are many many beautiful black children who aren’t racially mixed. I wrote my post to answer someone elses post who had asked if Lil Mo’s childen were biracial.I figured I’d clue her in about how black children sometimes start out as light as babies. Basically black comes in all shades and colors and it all beautiful.

nik on

You don’t need to clue me in on anything, i simply asked if her children are biracial. It’s not an ignorant question at all, I was just wondering. I’m perfectly aware of what different children look like when they come out and how they change as they grow. I was not asking about ALL children, I was asking about these children. A yes or no could have easily answered my question, but you two chose to hop up on a soap box and turn my question into something negative. That’s really sad. Jordy, your comment doesn’t fit with anything anyone said.

Erica on

nik i see what you are saying, but i do also understand where jordy is coming from. your question was probably an honest one, but unfortunately some people do think that if a black child is lighter or exceptionally beautiful they must be biracial. i’m aware that not all people feel that way, and that racism definitely comes from all sides, but this is an issue that isn’t just a figment of jordy’s imagination. and while this site is usually wonderful about people not saying rude things, there have been some ignorant comments made about the color of some celeb’s kids’ skin…but hey i think all babies are inherently gorgeous, including lil mo’s. 🙂

Anon on

If you think about it, technically “black” babies are mixed considering that there is no such thing as a pure “black” person. Many minorities are basically a mix of different races…

Anon on

“If you think about it, technically “black” babies are mixed considering that there is no such thing as a pure “black” person.” Sorry, I meant this in reference to most black Americans with families who have been in America for generations or “blacks” from other parts of the globe (south america, the caribbean, the middle east, etc.) excluding perhaps Africa.

Jordy on

If you don’t want a response like that then don’t post something so silly. My comment doesn’t fit into anything anyone said? Everyone here has commented how beautiful the babies are but you had to bring up whether they were biracial or not. What would it matter to you anyway? I’m sorry that you cannot see that a question like that is rude.

Tan on

I’m black and i’m not biracial and i’m a slightly light complexion and my hair is very long.My dad is dark as a blackbroad and my mom is really really light.I have two kids and both are lighter than I am.It just depends I wouldn’t say no one is pure black but don’t judge until you know exactly the background.This topic has gotten way way out of hand.

kk on

move on!!!!!

nik on

Whatever Jordy. You didn’t even say anything about the kids, you obviously just posted to stir up drama. There’s nothing silly or rude about my question. I suggest you deal with whatever nerve my post inadvertently hit in your personal time. I know they don’t like debates like this on cbb so I’m ending this now. Take it to e-mail or something.

Jessica Bird on

My kids are mixed (I am white) and people ask me all the time, “Is your husband hispanic?” or “Is your husband Asian?” I don’t take it as a dig or as if they’re saying the baby is only beautiful if he’s all-white or anything…it’s just curiousity.

kelley on

i’m gonna leave the race thing alone. just wanted to point out that lil mo is a singer, not a rapper.