People's favorite Star Dads-in honor of Father's Day!

06/17/2005 at 10:00 AM ET

Cmartin Chris Martin and daughter Apple, 13 months.  "There’s normally an ‘A’ there," he says, referring to his palm, where he often scrawls messages. But he’s not always so subtle: Martin has said that on his new album, X&Y, fatherhood made him "want to sing louder about life."

Rcrowe Russell Crowe and son Charles, 17 months. "I haven’t been a husband and a father for that long, and I’m just only getting used to the abject loneliness of being on the road," he says.

Seal_1 Seal and daughter Leni, 13 months."My favorite time is really, really early, when she gets up…I give her a bottle, we go to the computer and start working." Wife Heidi says,"I love him as a father. He does everything. When people ask me, ‘Does he change the diapers?’ I’m like, ‘Yeah!’  (Editor’s note-People referred to Leni as his stepdaughter, but I think we all can agree that he is much more of a father to her than her actual dad-therefore, I took out the step. Heidi refers to Seal as Leni’s father. Hopefully this edit made things clearer, since they were being misunderstood before.)

Tcruiseisabella Tom Cruise and daughter Isabella, 12. (Also has son Connor, 10-both children were adopted by he and ex wife Nicole Kidman.)"There were times that I was about ready to say ‘Action,’ " War of the Worlds director Steven Spielberg says, "and the phone rang. If it was Tom’s kids, everything stopped for that."

Jlaw_2 Jude Law, daughter Iris, 4, and son Rudy, 2. Son Rafferty, 8, is missing from the photo."[The births of my children] gave me a very vital and grounding ingredient to being an actor," says Jude. "I come from a big, happy family. It was a security for me as a kid and now as a dad."

Cfarrell_1 Colin Farrell and son James, 21 months.  Colin calls fatherhood "the best job I’ll ever land." "I have a beautiful son-As long as I can be with him and he always knows where his dad is, and I can go work as well, I’m fine." Plus, says an old school pal, "(Colin’s) eyes go all gooey-gooey when he speaks about being a dad. It’s not the vodka talking."

Rphillipe Ryan Phillippe and daughter Ava, 5. Not pictured is son Deacon, 20 months. "I’m completely comfortable changing diapers and doing stuff like that," says Ryan. And he should be: Growing up in Delaware, the actor, 30, would help out at his mom’s in-home daycare business, often tending to 12 kids at once. "He’s just very instinctual," wife Reese Witherspoon says. "He knows exactly how to say things or negotiate a temper tantrum."

Kfederline Kevin Federline and daughter Kori, 2 1/2. Not pictured is son Kaleb, 11 months. "I’ve always wanted to be a young dad-I knew whenever I did have children, I was going to love them more than anything." As he awaits his third child, with wife Britney Spears, the 27-year-old takes time to dote on his kids with ex-girlfriend Shar Jackson: "I just had my daughter for a week, and taking her home (to her mom) sucked, man."

Wsmith Will Smith and daughter Willow, 4. He also has sons Jaden, 6, and Trey, 12. Will says his inspiration is his own father- "I look at my father, and how he was able to keep four kids fed and clothed and still managed to find time to spend with us."
Hjackman Hugh Jackman and son Oscar, 5."I don’t know if fatherhood makes me sexy or not, but it makes me happy," X-Men’s Hugh Jackman, 37, said when he was named one of People’s Sexiest Men in 2000. And he really impressed his son, whom he and his wife adopted as an infant, when he won a Best Burp award in 2003. "My son is finally really thrilled about what I do!"

Abanderas Antonio Banderas and daughter Stella, 8. Potential boyfriends better watch out-Antonio has a plan! "I’ll put on my Desperado suit when a guy comes for a date with her. I’ll have the sword out, and I’ll say, ‘What do you want from her?’

Mbroderick_1 Matthew Broderick and son James, 2 1/2. "Being a dad is great. I love it-It gives you a new focus and the fun of watching him turn into a person day by day."

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Catherine on

Such cute pics!! I do have a hard-time with dads (a la K-Fed) and others who walk out on the moms and then announce what committed dads they are. Good dads don’t leave their kids unless there is a very good reason for splitting up.

Sara on

Yeah, Kevin Federline???? I don’t think so. I love how People thinks we are all idiots who don’t see what a deadbeat dad he is. Get a job and feed those kids yourself, Kevin!

tink1217 on

why stay in a dead end relationship with a woman who isn’t your wife just for the kids?? If they were unhappy then the kids would eventually see that and it wouldn’t be good for them in the long run. I am not saying Kevin is a wonderful person or anything. Just that we were not in the home of Shar and him and we don’t know what really went on. He may have had a good reason for leaving her.

The comments by Antonio Banderas are so funny. Sounds like my DH when it comes to our 16 yr old daughter dating!

Colin and his son look so happy together!

I didn’t know Hugh Jackman’s son was adopted! He seems like a great dad!

Nice to see pics of dads and ther kids!

andrea on

I’ve always thought little James Broderick looked like his Dad, but in this pic he REALLY looks like SJP!!

Great to see Dad pics like these!

Patty on

If Heidi wants to refer to Seal as her daughter’s step-father, than I think that must be how it is. Just because he is her boyfriend/so-to-be husband does not mean he acts as the child’s father.

Sarah, CBB Editor on

I should have been more clear. The caption that People magazine wrote said Seal and his stepdaughter Leni. That is what I changed. Heidi herself refers to him as a father, in the quote. Sorry if that was unclear.

And they got married over a month ago.

Mi-Kai' on

Patty, Heidi said that she loved Seal as a father (not a step-father) I think that was the point that Sara was trying to make.

By the way, I think Willow is such a pretty child. She is definetly(sp?) a cross of both her parents. I love seeing pictures of Will with the family.

alisha on

I agree with you Tinks. If the couple was unhappy, why should they stay together? Like Dr. Phil said, “A child would rather come from a broken home than to live in one.”

Cindy on

Im actually getting sick and tired hearing how people think Kevin Federline is a bad dad, just because he left Shar Jackson does not mean a thing, he was there when Kaleb was born,actually in the delviry(?)room(thats what i read),and he does take care of his kids,and he is there for im not saying he is a first class dad, but i would hardly say he was a bad dad.

michelle anne on

Great artical! loved the pics ,it is nice to see their NORMAL lives

Ava on

Where is Johnny Depp??I can’t believe you didn’t mentioned him..although there are not lots of picture of him taken with his children but he IS a great dissapointed me!

Ava on

lol, my comment was toward “people”!

Sarah, CBB Editor on

Um, if you read the title and the source, People Magazine made up this list, not me. Sorry.

patti on

Re: James Broderick, he did look alot like dad, but is now very much SJP’s mini-me. But my own kids kind of went back and forth, before each settled on an interesting and unique blend of their dad’s and my traits, both physical and otherwise. He’s such a cutie!
Re: Seal & Leni, yes, Heidi has always referred to him as “father”, which is so much nicer than having to overclarify relationships by titles. My son called his stepmom “mom” and I actually preferred it that way, just as my children and I refer to each of them as brother and sisters, not half this or step that. It’s like when headlines say so and so’s adopted child, aopted children are often more loved and cared for than biological, because they were truly wanted, and didn’t just come at the first try, or in the passion of the moment. Family relationships can be just as close or even closer between people of no common DNA, it’s the feeling that counts, not the scientific data. Likewise gay parents, parents of different race, etc. They are parents by choice, have usually thought through the situation and any negatives and decided the positives were greater,and I’d rather see a committed, competent parent of nontraditional making, than one like it appears KFed is, well intentioned, but not necessarily as good as he thinks he is.

Willow is adorable, and Stella and Ava have grown so fast! Apple is adorable, too, alot of Chris in her, but I see some Blythe Danner too. I wonder if Blythe’s wavy hair is natural, and thus, where Apple’s comes from?

Hope to see some other “Fathers” this weekend! Best part of May and June, seeing all the little ones you don’t see everyday.

denise from philly on

Its funny to see Kevin Federline here. I mean, I guess hes a good father when hes with his kids, who knows. We dont know. He does act and look like he loves his kids and all but come one guys. He left Shar when she was 9 months preggo for Britney.He left his daughter and son to be also. It didnt just hurt Shar, it hurt his daughter. True , dont stay togther just for the kids. But he decided that Shar wasnt the one for him after all that time, after he got her pregnant? He decided that like a month or so before his son was born?Yes he was their in the delivery room when his son was born. But then he went back to Britney afterwards. Hi son, love you, bye son.Come on!! Now he has another baby on the way with Britney? Will he leave her too when she gets fat with the baby? He may be a good father but hes not a good boyfriend or husband. He cant take care of his kids or his wife Britney. Its her that takes care of him and his kids. Britney bought his ex a new house, the kids new clothes, buys Kevin everything he needs and wants. Now she has her own baby that she will have to buy for. Shar said that Kevin cheated,lied and left. In that order. I just read it today in an old interview that mtv did with her on cheated on Shar and their daughter, lied and left them. Yea, nice dad. Nice man. Nice human with a heart. And Im Michael Jacksons secret lover! The other fathers, they are real men , real fathers and they all look great. Happy Fathers Day to all the real men!

kiki on

Such a fantasic article, thanks for sharing. I may be the only one glad to see K-Fed there, sure he left Shar when she was pregnant he wouldnt be the first guy to do that and he seems like a loving and devoted father. He spends loads of time with them.
Is it just me or does Isabella have a look of selma Blair about her.
I love love little apples boots, they are so cute.
Ryan Phillipe and Jude Law are the hottest dads ever but wheres Jonny Depp.

Essie on

When it comes to Kev Federline, it’s obvious he loves his kids a lot but I guess the big question is: what makes a great father? One of the criteria for me is spending plenty of time with your children. It’s easy to be a great dad when you have the kids for a week here and there. I know break ups happen between adults and I agree with Dr Phil’s advice, but Kev has made the CHOICE to live a long way away from his kids. Being a great dad is not just about loving your kids, it’s about caring for them, participating in their lives every day and setting a good example to them. Bruce Willis is a good example of how to be a great dad AND a divorcee!

Anna on

I love pics of Chris Martin and baby Apple, gorgeous rock-star dad with a social concience

Laney on

Cute kids..and dads as well.;)

I’m not going to comment on anyone’s parenting abilties. I’m not there so I don’t feel right saying anything.