Nicole will be a Bewitching Aunt Again!

06/17/2005 at 02:41 PM ET

Antonia Kidman, Nicole Kidman’s sister, is pregnant with her 4th child. The father of the baby is her husband Angus Hawley. Nicole made the announcement on the Late Show with David Letterman recently. The couple has three other children, Lucia (6), Hamish (4), and James (Nearly 2).

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Jamie on

Can Nicole not have children of her own? Is that why she and Tom adopted when they were together? Just wondering. Congrats on being an aunt again Nicole!

tink1217 on

I know she had a miscarriage towords the very tail end of her marriage to Tom Cruise. Maybe she can’t carry a child? I have never heard any explanations given. Everyone always assumed it was Tom as the infertile one. Who knows!

Jessica on

Hamish? Really?

brave on

Um, Nicole does have children of her own. They became “her own” through adoption.

I wonder, though, given that she’s made comments in interviews about wanting to have another child, if it’s hard for her to watch her sister have so many successful pregnancies.

Heather on

I love the kids’ names ! i had a friend from scotland who told me that hamish was the Scotish version of James… it was her little boy’s name. pronounced like “HAY-mish”.

Shan on

Yes Heather i have always found that unusual that they named their first son Hamish (aka HAY-mish) and their second son James as Hamish (the more modern one) is derived from the traditional name James.
All lovely names though and their little girl Lucia sure is a cutie. They call her Luce and Hamish get called Hamey (in a mag i read)…

Laurie on

Antonia is a television personality in Australia right? Congrats to Antonia and her husband and to Nicole for being an auntie again! I love the name Lucia..very pretty.

kiki on

Congrats to Antonia and her husband, I love their kids names, its interesting they have Hamish and james together as both are the same name technically. Tink is correct about Nicole and Tom the rumour always was that Tom was infertile because he never had children with his first wife and she got pregnant very soon after remarrying. There was also a rumour that the baby that Nicole miscarried wasn’t Toms and that was part of the reason for their breakup.

Essie on

Jamie – in regard to your question – I remember a famous quote Mimi Rogers made in 1993 about why her and Tom’s marriage ended – she said Tom preferred celibacy to maintain the purity of his instrument and she needed her instrument tuned!! Hmmm, there are lots of swirling rumours about Tom being a closet homosexual or infertile and when you look at the facts they do seem odd. Mimi, of course, went on to have children after Tom. When Tom and Nicole married she was only 22 and they had Bella a few years later – but if they wanted children together, it would make sense to try to have them naturally first, right? Unless, of course, Tom already knew he was shooting blanks or they never had sex at all in the first place! Anyway, it’s all heresay but at least Nicole was definitely pregnant once – that we know. Nicole and her family seem lovely – so graceful and down to earth. Her sister’s children are divine and can you imagine if Nicole did have a baby? It would be stunning. I hope she finds true love and gets another bundle of joy – she deserves it!

Dolphin on

I would love to see Nicole meet a nice guy and find happiness.She is such a classy lady.

crazy on

I agree, It would be nice if Nicole found a suitable man to have a baby with. She is such a beautiful woman and she would certainly pass down great genes. It is kind of funny how she seemed to bloosm right after her split from Tom. I never used to think she was pretty until after her divorce. It’s Tom’s loss, Nicole a brilliantly stunning woman.

pingpong on

Congrats to Angus and Antonia! Their kids are gorgeous.

Nicole miscarried a baby just after Tom left her – he accused her of having an affair and said the baby belonged to another man. Nicole had genetic testing done on the baby and it showed Tom was the father. So he can definitely have kids (but being able to produce children isn’t affected by the sexuality of the parents … plenty of gay parents have had kids, as we all know).

Jane on

Yes, Antonia has a few different tv shows here in Australia, so she’s quite popular. It’s great that she and her hubby are having another baby! After their third one, I read that they weren’t going to have any more – Clearly they changed their minds!

Matilda on

Wow.. I cant believe Antonia is pregnant again! It just seems like yesterday she was pregnant with number 3!

As for Nicole.. as far as I always knew she suffered a life threatening ectopic pregnancy prior to their first adoption (Isabella). Apparently, that was the reason they decided to adopt rather than conceive “naturally”. The second miscarriage she had was only a month or so after her split from that guy….um… ehats his name??? Tom something? lol

I hope that she meets someone nice soon too – In my opinion she was always way too good for Tom anyway!