Sambora family at 'The Perfect Man' movie premiere

06/15/2005 at 10:54 AM ET

Hra14nd Stolen from Dana*s via Reuters. Thanks! "The Perfect Man’ is Heather‘s new movie, with Hilary Duff. Ava is such a cutie.

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julie on

They look like such a fun hip family. Ava is so pretty.

olive girl on

It creeps me out when young kids wear makeup. She is cute, but probably cuter without all of the eye makeup.

Julia on

She is very pretty little girl. I don’t think she should be wearing makeup. She is too small to have so much on!

Vicky on

She is the perfect mix of her parents! She is so adorable and will be gorgeous when she’s older.

Laurie on

I’m sorry, Ava looks cute with her makeup. She is at a movie premiere so it’s understandable. I’m sure it’s a one time deal though…she is too young to wear that much makeup everyday! LOL!

Julie, CBB Contributor on

I find the make-up to be quite shocking too. Lots of little girls like to pretend they’re princesses or things like that, but the eye make-up is too much. Nail polish, lipstick, jewels are fine -because little girls want to look/do like their mommies, but eye shadow? mascara ?

Ally on

Ava’s beautiful. I don’t see the big deal about the makeup. It’s probably the case of mommy got hair and makeup done, so Ava got hair and makeup done. It’s not like she’s wearing it all the time, it’s just a special one time thing. We’ve seen Ava out with Heather at other events, and she wasn’t wearing any makeup. They look like such a sweet family.

Shell on

OMG What a beautiful family…. they should definitely have more kids! I’ve always thought Heather Locklear was a gorgeous woman in every way, and now she has Richie and their adorable daughter…. She’s living a dream.

Tatiana on

They are such a gorgeous family!

AussieMamma on

Very cute little family!!

Laney on

I know at my friend’s wedding the bride let her daughter get her make-up done because she got really curious as to what was being done to her mommy. Maybe Ava was curious?

margot on

I really do not think that the makeup is a big deal. She is at a premiere. My ten year old has been taking dance classes for 7 years and for every recital we need to put makeup on her for the stage. As a special thing-we never allow anything otherwise. For such a beautiful girl and a pretty dress, I think she looks great.

sy on

And kudos to them for staying married for so long in LA/DivorceLand.

kiki on

I love this family Ava is just so cute and I think the makeup is ok if its just for the premiere, but why have they never had more kids.Btw Richie is sooo hot

Sarah, CBB Editor on

I know Heather only wanted one child. I don’t know about Richie though.

kiki on

I remember hearing that now that you’ve mentioned it Sarah. Supposedly it went that Heather wanted one child and Richie wanted more. It caused some friction between them but they obviously got through it alright. I really think that they should have more kids because they would be absolutely beautiful.

Shell on

Just to repeat what Kiki said… Richie is sooo hot…. 😉

tink1217 on

What a wonderful pic! I met Richie last December at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino here in South Florida after the Fun In The Sun Toy Run (motorcycle event to get toys at Christmas to needy kids). He is absolutely beautiful in person and was so nice! He let me take a pic with him. I wish they would have another child. A little boy would be so cute!! Ava looks adorable too. Even with the makeup. Its a Hollywood movie premiere, let the kid have some fun!!

Clare on

She’s a beautiful girl.

Evekas on

Wow!!!! What a nice picture! I love them all- Richie, Heather and little Ava, who has birthday at the same day as mine- 4th october! Isn`t cool!!!

Emelie on

I love My mom most in the hole world. Heather Locklear is georgeus! i love her!

Liza on

They are just an incredibly beautiful family, and what I admire most is that they seem to be doing everything as a ‘family’ as much as possible. They are including her in the nice bits of their jobs just as much as she has to put up with the bad bits ie the fact that they often have to spend time away from her. For that simple reason, I think it is really lovely, not only that they brought her along, but that she got to ‘dress up’ and make her Mum proud of her. All power to them, they’ve been together for 11 years and still seem to be doing well as a couple, and it’s fairly obvious that their little girl is happy and confident. Here’s hoping it continues for them, I’d love to see them make this last.