Pregnant Britney caps from her new video

06/15/2005 at 09:43 AM ET

Someday8 Someday9 Thanks for HoneyPopGirl at JJB for making these. Britney wrote this new song, Someday, about a baby-and found out she was pregnant two weeks later!

This is all we have of her for now, I know you guys have been requesting more pics of her-but she’s been in hiding for almost two weeks now, so no new candids. Sorry!

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laylonnie on

its a very nice video … i like it …

isabell on

i love the video and song…

Weezy on

she’s so happy. you can tell just by looking at her. I was fine thru the entire episode untill Kevin broke down in tears. Then I did too.

jc on

oh cry me a river….i dunno why she got pregnant in the first place. i hope she realizes that babies do grow up…

Heather on

I think that the media is to blame for the way she is portrayed in the public. Why should she be held to a different standard than any other woman out there who wants to be a mother? who cares if she like’s fast food? who cares if she likes to walk around barefoot? I don’t think she’s trashy for it!!

I think that she’s just a normal human being and people don’t understand that so they bash her for it. Weather you care for him or not, Britney loves him and he loves her and they want a family, why should they be denied having one? Is it because Kevin has kids from a previous relationship with a woman that it didn’t work out with?

I always see pictures of him and Britney with his daughter and they always look happy, who’s anyone to judge or predict the future on weather she’ll be a good mother or not??…JMO

Ally on

I’m not a Britney fan, but I think she’s going to be a great mom. I see her being a real hands-on mommy, unlike a lot of Hollywood moms who have nannies galore. I think it’s really sweet how she adores Kori. I hate it when stepchildren are treated like second class citizens, but you can tell that Kevin’s children are treated well when they’re around her. I think she’s really found the happiness she’s wanted for so long.

Juliane on

Where can the video be seen? I don’t watch MTV and VH1 much because they don’t play videos anymore. I checked and I couldn’t find it. Thanks!

Heather on


I have the video on my computer, it is quite big (30 MB) but over MSN chat it shouldn’t take long. let me know

madonna on

Britney is goin be a great mom
she’s so strong, and spirtual that she’s bound to a great job

brittany on

the video is so great i play it everyday. im so happy she is having a baby. this is what she wanted she seems more down to earth now that shes pregnant i actually think she looks better that way she seems happy and im happy 4 her too!! if you havent seen the video you need to and just listen to words you can tell she is serious about her un-born child i respect her alot more now!!