Michelle Branch shares her 4D Ultrasound

06/15/2005 at 11:23 AM ET

Mb54go Baby4ee Michelle shared her 4D ultrasound photo with fans on her message board. She and her husband Teddy are expecting baby right around July 28th, she says. Here she is performing on June 12th.

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Lillian on

I think that’s cool on how she shares an ultrasound pic of her baby with her fans. awww…congratulations michelle!

Keedee on

It’s unbelievable what’s possible with ultrasounds these days and in the same vein, it’s kinda creepy but what a sweet baby. She even looks like Michelle to me! WOW!!

Weezy on

mad props to her for still getting up there and strumming her guitar so far into the pregnancy. She’s HUGE! but looks GREAT. the ultra-sound is amazing.

kat on

That’s so great that she shared the picture with fans.

julie on

The technology thats available to us is amazing!

Rye on

I think it’s a boy. They said on the message boards that no one has announced the gender…but I just think it looks like a boy to me! 🙂 I hope she has a girl though.

Magda on

Kinda creepy, BUT very cool. Im scared that technology is going sooo far now, some ways good, some ways bad. Im suprised tho, holy crap, last time we saw her, she was tiny. She really grew ALOT. She loves singing, so why not do it, until the end?

BP on

Wow…she must be incredibly open to share that with the rest of the world…most celebrities guard that kind of thing closely! She’s wearing pregnancy well…good for her:-) Oh, I was meaning to ask…I saw Aisha Tyler on the Rachael Ray show (food network). Has anyone seen a picture of her child yet?

Katie on

She looks great! Good for her that she is still playing! I love her music.

Question – Aren’t 3 and 4D ultrasounds bad for the baby? I thought I read that somewhere. Does anyone know?


Alex on

hey that’s pretty cool! Cute baby!

lillie on

I’ve never seen a photo like that before, is that the baby’s arm? I’m confused!

sy on

Answer to lillie: No, that’s not the arm, either a piece of the placenta, or the umbilical cord. At least I hope it’s not the arm.

Answer to Katie: Basically, no one knows yet whether ultrasounds in general are bad or not. There was a huge discussion on it on NPR one day by quite a few doctors. They all admitted that so far there has been no documentation of any long term harm to exposing babies to ultrasound but they also admitted that that’s what people used to think of x-rays on pregnant women back in the day. They all advised women to avoid non-medical ultrasounds just in case, such as the one Michelle has since a 3 or 4-D is not needed to asses growth or other congenetial problems. The main concern with ultrasounds is that they produce and transmit heat to the uterus. My doctor was concerned about the size of my baby and kept sending me to ultrasounds for evaluation and at some point I got worried about the number of times I had been through it and read quite a bit about it. BTW ultrasound technician insisted I was going to have a 8.5 lbs baby and she was only 6 lbs. 12 oz, but completely alert, strong and healthy.

Candice on

Wow, wow, wow! That’s awesome!

I agree, from what I can see, s/he looks like Michelle!

By the way, Michelle looks adorable! Pregnancy suits her well.

Danielle on

Does anyone know if its a boy or a girl?

Sarah, CBB Editor on

Danielle, if you read through the comments, Rye has already answered your question. 🙂

Riley on

I would be surprised if this baby was a girl…I am sure she’s having a baby boy!

amanda** on

lol omg i totally forgot she was pregnant! woops!

patti on

Definitely looks like Michelle, though I think it may be the male version too. From what I have talked to doctors and read, I echo Sy’s comments re: ultrasounds of this type, but was also pregnant back when they thought the usual ones could be dangerous, and then had several with my last baby due to health issues, and she would’ve been lost if the Hadn’t had the technology. Plus I felt like I knew her before she ever arrived, in a different way than I had the joy of with the first 2. I love them all equally, it was just a faster track with her, I could see she had my niece’s face, long legs like her dad (the longest the tech had ever seen, the computer at 38 weeks put them as 44+ weeks though it had the rest of baby at 38!)my piano playing hands, etc.
I commend her for being able to hold the guitar and still reach the strings!

Clare on

It’s interesting you can now find out what your baby looks like before giving birth!

jacqueline on

Your baby is adorable.