Heidi and Leni shopping in NYC

06/15/2005 at 10:03 AM ET

Heidiklumgreenwich2 Heidiklumgreenwich7 Leni is GORGEOUS! Thanks to LimeLight for the pics.

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rose on

Leni is beautiful heidi looks pretty as always

Annika on

I’ve been wondering for a while, how exactly do you pronounce Leni, is it like Lenny or Lay-nee? or something else entirely? Thanks.

II on

I think Leni is pronounced Lay-nee. However, I’ve heard it pronounced Lenny on celebrity news shows.

I think in German, it’d be pronounced closer to Lenny, though. Lay-nee is more of the English pronounciation.

Mi-Kai' on

Its Lay-nee, I’ve heard Heidi pronouced it that way.

meininki on

The German pronunciation is similar to “Lay-nee”, but it’s still a little different. I can’t really explain it…

If you go to this site http://www.ex.ac.uk/german/abinitio/pronounce/ , you can listen to a German speaker saying ‘Marlene Dietrich’, the ‘len’ in Marlene sounds the same as in Leni.

Kily on

thanks God she don’t looks like her dad, by the way, Heidi’s belly can’t hide, she is carrying another girl.

Ashley on

Is Heidi the first celeb to get the new Bugaboo? The color looks like the new Bugaboo Chameleon. I was wondering who would be the first celeb to get one!

Stephanie on

HOW YOU PRONOUCE LENI…..I am a substitute teacher and I had a german exchange student and I asked her how to say the name Leni. She said that in Germany it is usually a nickname for Lena (not is this case). So you say soo you would say Lee-ny. but you are right most people say Lenny, which in America is a mans name!

rose on

I’ve always heard Heidi pernounce it Laynee, not Lenny

jenn on

I was wondering what kind of stroller that was. It sure looks like the Bugaboo frame but I’ve never seen that color before. So Bugaboo is finally coming out with a new model?? Just is time for Lenny’s sibling…Squiggy? HAHA Just kidding!

melanie on


I´ve been watching the site for a long time.
As I am German, I can tell you, that the name Leni is from Helene ( which is the name of Heidis Grandmother.
The pronounciation is “Leeeh-ni”.

Greetings from Mel

SaraC on

The buggy is Quinny Buzz. I’ve just ordered one for my daughter.

Danielle on

I really like the name Leni, I think it is pronounced Lay-ni

Ashley on

That’s a Quinny Buzz? I’ve seen them before, but I didn’t recognize it. My town is so stroller obsessed and one mom got the Quinny Buzz, and now all the moms want one. The waiting list at our local baby store is already over 60 orders for the Bugaboo Cameleon.