Charlie and Denise arrive at hospital for Lola's birth

06/15/2005 at 10:45 AM ET

Star062005lolarose3el Thanks to Mary for the scan, from this weeks Star Magazine! The caption says that not only was Charlie there for the delivery of baby Lola, but that he was spotted outside of the hospital fetching snacks for Denise, who apparently doesn’t like hospital food. (Does anyone?)

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Aslen on

lol…i remember when I had my baby I had gone without food all day. After I gave birth i remember the hospital bringing me lasagna for dinner and I ate the whole thing…it was the most delicious thing I had eaten despite it being hospital food. But obviously Denise doesn’t like it at all…who can blame her?

cv on

My third child, my first son, was born just over 2 years ago at Bethesda Naval Hospital. My first meal, after he was born? Veal parmesan…I wasn’t even sure what meat it was, I had to ask! It was sort of greyish pinkish. So my hubby went across the street to McD’s.

Gingi on

I checked into the hospital to deliver my son at 7:30 pm on a Saturday night and they forgot to add me onto the meal list. After he was born, I was given a turkey sandwhich on white bread. I hate white bread but it tasted like heaven. For the first 24 hours after he was born I made my husband bring me meals because the hospital never did. Someone came by and asked to pick up my dinner dishes and I informed them that I never recevied dinner (or breakfast and lunch).

Becky on

I love how Denise always looks so casual and comfortable…she’s not into the whole “glamorous Hollywood” image! Her and Courtney Cox are my favorites!!!

Jen on

Sorry but I can’t remember, did she have a c-section or natural?

Amanda on

Does anyone else think that the name LOLA is getting wore out?

jc on

too cute. i hope they get back together. anyway, the name Lola is grandmother in the filipino language so im not understanding this whole concept of naming your child Lola…

II on

It seems like every celebrity these days is naming their daughter Lola or Ava.

I don’t really like the name Lola…what if she becomes a businessperson? Or a doctor? A policewoman? I don’t see her being taken seriously.

She’s such a cute baby, though. 🙂

Julie, CBB Contributor on

Lola is a very normal name here in France and I like it a lot. IMO, it’s much better than typical sopa-opera names!
Laurel Holloman, who plays Tina in the L word, also named her baby girl Lola and I thought it was really cute. Then, on the finale episode of the show, she gave birth to a girl that they named Angelica and I was so disappointed…

Anyway, I don’t know why she would not be taken seriously because of her name. What should we say about Pilot Inspektor or Marlo-Tigger or other weird names in that case?!

Shell on

I wish Denise all the best… Charlie must have done something awfully bad for her to leave him like this…. It’ll be nice when we can see pics of her smiling again.

ILR on

Denise looks SO cute pregnant. I doubt Charlie & Denise will get back together, but I’m glad he was there for her when she was giving birth to his baby. It is also nice that he got her food.

Heidi on

Well I’m very happy for them both.

AussieMamma on

I think Denise has looked beautiful right through her pregnancy and she seems to be a good mother. I hope they get back together as they always seemed so happy with each other. I hope Charlie didn’t cheat on her or anything because he had really seemed to redeem his ways.