Britney spotted near Palm Springs

06/15/2005 at 04:51 PM ET

CBB Reader Nicole saw Britney and Kevin in her neck of the woods. She writes:

I live out in La Quinta, CA, which is right next to Palm Springs. I was at the AM/PM gas station with my boyfriend, and, you know how guys are with cars? He spotted a silver, two seater, ferrari.  He was telling me "Babe, check it out. Check it out!"…AND it’s a good thing I did. IT WAS BRITNEY AND KEVIN. Britney, in the passenger seat, and Kevin, who was just walking inside were parked and were escorted by what looked like one of her Security Guards in a black Escalade. I went over and he immediately stopped me and Britney said it was okay and I got three of my CDs signed. Kevin was wearing a La Quinta Resort cap, so,my guess is maybe thats where they were staying?  Britney looked so pregnant and adorable! Her hair was in a ponytail and she was showing off her belly with sweat pants and a white tank top. And her security guard goes by the name of "Tiny."

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Maria on

OMG! For a weird, creepy second, I completely misunderstood the word “spotting” and thought she might be having a miscarriage! Yikes. Who knew I’d be so distressed over the Feder-Fetus!

Heather on

My reaction was the same to the “spotting”. Maybe a poor word choice when talking about pregnant people :o) I can’t wait to see what type of mommy she is going to be. While there is something about her that makes me feel that she really wants to lean towards the traditional, Madonna is her idol.I think she sincerely wants this child, so no matter her style, she’ll do great. We’ll see pretty soon :o)

MaryN on

I’d love to hear more about Britney spotting than seeing pictures 😀

Thanks for sharing your story, Nicole!

crazy on

Hopefully the baby will settle her down a bit.
I know this is off topic but, I am just wondering if anyone has heard any news on Joan Osborne’s baby, hope nothing bad has happened to it.

halifaxhoney on

Lucky you!!

Nico on

that’s really sweet that she let you get stuff signed. it’s refreshing to see a huge star who still appreciates her fans! she’s such a cute pregnant girl, i wish her the best!

Sienna on

Wow! That’s pretty lucky! You should have told her about the Celebrity Baby website! That would be pretty awesome to have her join us here!

Sarah, CBB Editor on

–I am just wondering if anyone has heard any news on Joan Osborne’s baby, hope nothing bad has happened to it.–

She had a girl in late December, that’s all we know.

Thanks for sharing Nicole-I’m glad she was nice!

michelle anne on

great belly pics here go to street sightings or front page ,burgandy shirt tan pants

soneone posted this site before

michelle anne on

and her fly is down in one pic..LOL of course paparazzi has to take extreme close up!

Heather on

OMG, That is totally my favorite place to stay. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the La Quinta Resort!!!! We try to go every summer. Why don’t I ever see any celebrities there though? Nicole you are so lucky! I love that Britt & Fed vaca in the same places that I do!

AussieMamma on

I think Britney is a cute little prego mamma. Although with all her money she could be wearing some much nicer maternity wear LOL 🙂 I think she will really enjoy being a mother and I think she would be pretty down to earth. I wish her all the best

julie on

Thats nice that she signed the CD’s because I read that she was one of the top celebs that never sign for fans. Hopefully she is healthy and enjoying her pregnancy.