Britney has emerged from hiding

06/15/2005 at 10:09 PM ET

5z2vcw 5z2vdx She was out in Los Angeles yesterday-she’s really popped! The photo caption lists her as six months along.


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Lesbi. on

Candice on

Oh goodness, she most definately has popped! How adorable!!

Jodi on

Ok is it just me or is her fly open?

Sarah, CBB Editor on

Not just you, LOL. I wasn’t going to say anything until I saw larger pics tomorrow, but it looks like it is down.

margot on

Am I the only one wondering if she is due sooner than October? I just have the feeling from looking at the photos, I know that women pop at different points, but I really think that this baby must be due in September at the latest. She truly looks at least 7 months along. I wish her the best. I carried very large with my middle child and only boy who weighed 9 lbs 7 oz and looked like this at 7 onths and I was very uncomfortable at the last few weeks more so than with my 2 other pregancies both 7 pound girls!

Sarah, CBB Editor on

Well, she’s a bit ahead of our Danielle, who’s due October 5th. So mid September…? That’s my thinking anyways.

Heather on

I can totally see her saying October and really being due sooner than that, there was speculation that Julia Roberts did the same thing when she was pregnant. I don’t blame her though, wanting to avoid a Paparazzi frenzy….ya know?

Annie on

Well, they obviously aren’t maternity! She’s so cute. She could be a Starbucks spokeswoman.

margot on

I figure since it is her first pregnancy, she is showing-beautifully, but I do think she is going to be having a Labor Day baby or close. I am very happy for her. I do hope that her husband turns out to be a good father to their child as well as his other two and that they cann all coexist in some extended family sort of way.

heart on

she looks beautiful!!


patti on

I’ve always thought she was farther along than is said, just like they had a “surprise” wedding at what was supposed to be an engagement party or something like that. Depending on baby’s size, I’d say September, maybe sooner.

emjk on

I think she looks cute, I was at 25 weeks with my son and first pregnancy and I was barley showing and by the next 2 weeks I had gained 15 pounds and looked like I was 8 months pregnant. I also got my appetite back from being so sick and ate a ton, and she has already expressed her love for eating for two and wendys so she might be due end of sept beg. of oct and just is that big I know I was and gave birth to a 8 pound baby, so we will see in a couple of months!

lydia on

she looks as if she is definatly in the middle of her seventh month, also considering this is her first child and her stomch muscles are all tight.
you know how first pregnanacy bellies are the smallest and take forever to show. unlike seconds ect.. that allready have a streched out stomach look huge at four months. i am thinking end of august begining of september birth.

KAP on

I love Brit! I would say she is a few weeks farther than she claims, I am guessing on a mid-sept baby.

MaryN on

Yes, I can finally say it. Britney look beautiful and decently dressed. Her fly is opened, lol.

sarah on

I’m 30 weeks pregnant with my first child today. (EDD August 25) and I look way less pregnant than Britney. If she is just taking a long time to show with her first baby, she might be farther along than me.

I’m still not wearing maternity clothes, either, but I think one can get away with regular shirts longer than non-maternity pants. (Note Britney’s fly.) Just this week, I’ve noticed that my jeans compress my tummy a little too much when I’m on my feet for a long time.

Also, isn’t Britney hot in pants and long sleeves, at seven months pregnant? I mean, literally, roasting?

rose on

Britney looks pretty, I think that the baby aill be born in september

Hattie on

I’m wondering why you had to pick that pic with a little opening on the front of her pants…Kika has lots of others. HMMMMMM!!!!!

Sarah, CBB Editor on

Hmm what? This is a pregnancy/baby/child blog-the point was that it was the most close up photo of her belly, not that her fly was down. That’s just something people picked up on.

Tina on

Yeah, I thought her fly was open, too. How embarassing! Go buy some maternity pants, girl – you can afford ’em!

Every woman is shaped differently and carries babies differently. I’m 5’4″ (around Britney’s height if I’m not mistaken) and was showing at 4 months. I popped out at 6 months and was told I looked “about to pop”. I didn’t get much bigger after the 6th month until I delivered.

Some women look bigger than others, and I wouldn’t speculate that her due date is any different just because of her size. That’s not to say that she isn’t due in Sept., just saying. She could also go early with a complication. You never know – but I think she looks right on target.

Oh, and she’s having a GIRL. I feel it in my bones – hehe.

pingpong on

I’ve seen women look bigger and smaller than that, at that stage of pregnancy. It all depends on the woman. It’s totally reasonable for a 4 or 5 month belly to look like Brit’s. I think she looks great.

Danielle on

She looks really good, I wouldn’t be suprised is she is further along than we think. What do you think the baby will be? boy? or girl?
I think it will be a boy.

Marissa on

I’m due August 29th with my first child and I look about the same as Britney. I’d be surprised if her baby really is due in October.

Heidi on

She looks really nice! She looks about mid-September to me.

ellen on

awww, she looks so beautiful!

tink1217 on

she looks great! I think she is due in September sometime, not October. I like her outfit too, but yeah, the first thing I noticed was her fly!! Too funny!!

Chelsea on

Let’s all just forget about her fly and be thankful that she’s wearing a bra!

julie on

I actually think Britney is a cute pregnant girl. She wears actual clothes that are in style, so I think she looks reallllllly cute.I have only seen one or two pics where she looks not so good, but she was most likely very comfortable. The open fly thing is kinda funny, but she is glowing!

Lissie on

She does look cute, but i’m sorry i’ve seen more pics of her looking bad then her looking good. I have to agree with Chelsea and say that i’m extremely grateful that she’s finally wearing a bra. I can totally understand comfort, but it’s something else to be seen in public with your huge preggo boobs just hanging out for the whole world to see. This is defenitly a better look for her.

Kiki on

That is the best I’ve seen her look so far. She looks really good. Congrats to her. I think she’ll be a great mom.

Layla on

She needs to slow down a bit on those Starbucks drinks. I’m not saying not to indulge while you are pregnant because I sure did, but those cannot be good everyday. She looks good though. Thank goodness for the bra!

julie on

She looks cute for a change!

Janice on

I hope that’s DECAF coffee. She is poisioning that kid with all the junk food and drinks.

Kasi on

I think that Britney is a very beautiful person, and i think that she will become a great mother. Kevin is already a great dad. I hope Britney has a boy.

Maria on

That looks like a boy-bearing torpedo belly to me. I think buying all those pink clothes was a ringer, so we’d all think she was having a girl ;o)

Danielle, CBB Editor on

I just hit the 24 week mark yesterday. Up until I saw this photo, I thought our bellies were growing at the same rate. But she’s definitely bigger than me now. Also, my boobs are A LOT bigger than her so in comparison, her belly looks a lot bigger than mine. But boobs or no, her belly is sticking out more than mine.

I think I can still fly under the radar with the size of my belly but yesterday, the hygienist at my dentist asked me how far along I was and I was standing behind a divider! People on the subway are still not giving up their seats but I’m asking when I really need to sit.

(By the way, I kinda got scolded for not flossing. I was afraid to floss because I thought it would make my gums bleed more than they do but the hygienist told me that by flossing they will actually begin to bleed less! Live and learn!)

Sissy on

Hi Danielle

Can you post some pics of your tum soon. So we can check! :-).

best of luck


tink1217 on

Again, what is with the bra comments??

Brittney on

she looks so cute i cant wait till she gets bigger!

Florida on

If anyone is interested, there is a baby registry on in the name of Britney Federline of NY, New York. Seems to be a few pink items listed. Also lists a due date of October 3, 2005.

cv on

Do you really think celebs would do these registries? I don’t know, seems like they wouldn’t.

Rachel on

Aren’t you supposed to cut back on caffiene during pregnancy?

tink1217 on

could be decaf she is drinking or you are allowed a little caffeine while pregnant. that could be her only caffeine throughout the day. i have 2 healthy kids and while I was pregnant with both of them (1988 and 1990) there were no real warnings about caffeine so I lived on Diet Coke (not to mention warnings on artificial sweeteners too!) and I had no problems at all! They are healthy kids and were born healthy too! I think the whole caffeine thing is precautionary. You can get away with 2 cups of coffee a day or one soda.

sarah on

When I was pregnant I popped around 5 mths and I was extremely pregnant looking by 6 mths by the time I hit 9 mths I looked like I had a huge watermelon belly so I honestly dont think brits tummy is that big yet just remember all women show differently and some women dont really even show till 8 mths.

janice on

Caffeine causes miscarriages, and NutraSweet is just not healthy for a developing baby. My mother smoked in the 60’s when she was pregnant with my sister, and “didn’t know” it is bad for you. She turned out okay. Maybe a little cigarette wouldn’t hurt the baby either.

Dolphin on

I read where she said she conceived in November,so if she did that would make her due in late July or August.

Sarah, CBB Editor on

I haven’t read that. Her belly certainly doesn’t look big enough to have a baby in a few weeks.

She was 3 1/2 months along when she announced it, whenever that was. I don’t remember!

tink1217 on

so janice, even though i never drank any caffeine with the last 4 pregnancies I miscarried, and with the 2 pregnancies I did not miscarry I drank caffeine (diet coke) exactly how would you explain that?? I am not saying caffeine has no effect on a pregnancy, but it is not the sole cause of a miscarriage. there are so many women who have been addicted to cocaine or crack or prescription drugs and they don’t miscarry. Caffeine in small amounts does NOT cause a miscarriage. None of my doctors EVER told me to stop all caffeine or artificial sweetners when I was pregnant whether it was the first two that are now healthy teenagers or the last 4 I miscarried.

Sorry, I am just very sensitive where this subject is concerned. I hate it when people try to make others feel guilty for their choices. Especially when it concerns pregnancy and miscarriages. I did EVERYTHING right and STILL miscarried. So saying caffeine causes miscarriage is a dangerous statement because it only causes a miscarriage in abnormally HUGE amounts. Not a cup or two of coffee a day!

janice on

Personally, tink, I think what you are saying is dangerous! If you are pregnant, please do not have caffine, and listen to your doctor’s advice.

Alicia on

Janice, you can have caffeine during pregnancy as long as it’s in moderation. Up to four cups of coffee a day (or equivalent) is fine. And I AM listening to my doctor — that’s what he said.

In 1980, the Food and Drug Administration published recommendations that advised pregnant women to avoid or limit consumption of foods and drugs that contained caffeine. The advice stemmed from a study in which pregnant rats were exposed to caffeine and various teratogenic effects, resorption of fetuses, and a reduction in fetal and placental weight occurred. However, subsequent studies have not identified an association between congenital malformations and maternal caffeine consumption in humans. Also, rodents are generally more susceptible to teratogenic influences than humans; differences exist between rodents and humans regarding caffeine metabolism, and the doses used in the rat study were excessively higher than normal human consumption. A 60-kg human would have to consume approximately 50 to 70 cups of coffee daily to achieve the equivalent dose used in the study.

Shell on

Sorry to hear of your miscarriages, Tink. I hope you are fully recovered and feel emotionally healed very soon.

About B * K: I watched just 15 mintues of Britney & Kevin: Chaotic I can’t stand this couple anymore. They gross me out. Am I the only one to be turned off by these two?????

When I was pregnant, my doctor said I could have 2 or 3 cups of coffee per day. With my first I avoided caffeine, and she was born a week early weighing 8 lbs. The second baby I had 2 cups of coffee per day, and he was born 5 weeks early weighing 6lbs 11 ozs. There were other factors such as job stress involved which I’m sure is what partially caused his prematurity. Doc said caffeine had nothing to do with it. My boy is 3 now and healthy and normal.

patti on

I had alot of preterm labor last time, and the precaution my doctor gave me regarding caffeine was that since I was already prone to going into contractions, I should discontinue caffeine altogether, because it causes dehydration, which can trigger contractions. Prior to that, I was told a couple cups a day or soda was fine, as I’d done in my first 2 pregnancies, who were both actually overdue and had to be induced at 18 and 28 days past due date. Obviously didn’t trigger contractions back then.

I have even been told 1/2 to 1 beer or glass of wine was permissable, though I personally prefer to abstain when expecting. Also, alcohol dehydrates, so would trigger contractions from that cause if you’re prone.

Smoking is mainly linked to low birth weight, though many in our family have, my mom being one of them when pregnant with me, and I was 1-2 pounds bigger than the 3 boys she had before she smoked. I do have alot of immunity problems, got colds, flu, and all the childhood illnesses repeatedly, and have wondered if there’s a connection there. My niece just delivered in May, and tried to quit cold turkey when she first found out she was expecting, about 5-6 weeks in, then was really sick, losing weight from throwing up so much, dizzy, etc.
The OB said she was jumping into withdrawal too quickly, and it was better for her and the baby if she tapered down gradually, so he put her on the patch, and it took her till around 4 months, but she also gained back her weight, could eat, quit falling, all that stuff that was equally bad for my great-nephew, who was born May 20 in perfect health, a nice, healthy 7#8oz,20″,active & alert! & on his grandpa’s 55th birthday!

also have wondered if it’s that high caffeine intake, or the type A personalities often associated with heavy coffee drinkers, prone to stressing themselves out, inadequate rest, trying too hard to “have it all” and losing what they want the most. Seems like there have been more miscarriages to that in famous women, who don’t even drink, smoke, or drink coffee. Once they relaxed and concentrated just on having a healthy pregnancy, they were moms, like Brooke Shields, for one.

Tink 1217, hope you are doing okay. I know it must be hard, and the only thing worse than the loss is everyone giving “helpful” advice that 1)wasn’t asked for, 2) isn’t helpful, and 3) can be downright condescending, or even mean. Sometimes there isn’t an answer, and most the doctors me and my relatives have seen, and 2 OB/Gyns I worked for,have said that unless you’re a raging alcoholic, drug user, etc, there is little reason to believe anything a woman does in a normal daily life can cause them to miscarry, it is often something present from conception. It’s hard enough when women put guilt on themselves, as so many of us seem prone to do. It’s unforgivable when others put it on us, especially when we’re already suffering.
I wish you all the best, Tink! And I asked once in a different post, does the 1217 refer to your birthdate? ‘Cuz mine’s 12/16,and I use it in my email address. Wondering if you’re a fellow Sag.

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