Apple and the bottle

06/13/2005 at 10:22 AM ET

WARNING: Firefox users may not be able to view the text.  No need to let us know this. Problem has been reported to server.

This is an interesting pic to try a new thing. Now it’s your turn dear readers: caption this picture!


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Canita on

“Hey! Wait a minute, I’m not done with that!”

michelle on

it may just be me, but all of the text in these posts is white and i can only see them if i highlight the text

Shana on

I’m having that same problem, michelle. I have to highlight everything to read the text. Are you on firefox? I see white text on firefox, but when I switch over to internet explorer, the text shows up like it should, so I’m wondering if it’s just affecting firefox users.

Julie, CBB Contributor on

I’m on IE and everything works fine with me. If anyone else has that same problem, please email me, don’t post a comment here. Thanks!

michelle on

Yeah, i’m using FireFox – have been up until today successfully!

MaryN on

Julie, can you please scan the picture again in hight resolution? Send it over to my email. Thank you!

alisha on

apple’s legs are long. i think she’ll be tall like mommy.

alisha on

the french caption says something about apple sucking the bottle and it’s so good that she’s twisting or something like that.

Julie, CBB Contributor on

The caption reads : Sucking on the bottle standing and on the go, little Apple doesn’t find it quite funny.

nina on

it says “now i know how to juggle nappies and a bottle!”

sy on

I can’t come up with a witty caption, but I do have one question to ask. Apple seems to travel a lot. One day she is in LA, the next in NY, the next in London, Malibu, on Valentino’s yacht etc. How does she keep up a schedule ? I had to take my daughter on a couple of business trips with me, across country and it can be miserable. Plane ear aches, refusing to sleep in the hotel baby crib, interrupted naps for a variety of reasons, not always finding a clean place to let her crawl and do her thing, airport security, waits, delays etc. I imagine Apple does not necessarily suffer from all of these inconveniences given who her mother is, but believe me I was not travelling on the cheap side either. After each trip, it takes us a week or even longer to get back to some decent schedule or recover from the tiring trip.

Laura on

How old is Apple now, a year in May right? Babies have to be off the bottle at 12 months so this photo must be old or she just hasn’t taken it away and put her on milk yet. I don’t think Gywn would keep her baby on a bottle longer than needed….

Laura on


MaryN on

Laura, this picture was taken on Valentino’s yatch before Apple was dressed in a very cute dress.

June 7

cv on

Laura…most babies are really not off of the bottle at 12 months exactly. I have three kids…all three were off the bottle by about 14 months or so, but you can’t just take the bottle from the baby cold turkey…you have to work the sippy cup in somehow. Some babies just like their bottle! Most docs will say that it is important to not put the baby to bed with a bottle (we give my son a sippy cup of water in his bed) and not to let the baby walk around with the bottle, but to hold the baby while feeding him/her. Just my thoughts.

joy on

cute picture!

Elizabeth on

I think Apple is cute and I’m glad that gwyneth takes her with her on her trips. it is great seeing them together.

Sentinel69 on

Why is my comment removed? The only thing i did say that i can’t read this page suddenly with firefox…..

melissaamy on

“Mom, I am not a goat! Hold this bottle right or let me do it myself!”

I love G and Apple. I was a well traveled baby and there is nothing wrong with it. I also have a daughter of my own now and we always played it by ear, no rigid scheduels or feeding times and she adapted very well every time we traveled.

tink1217 on

There is no time limit on giving a bottle, but both my kids were off the bottle by 18 months and are just fine.

Apple is definitely going to be a tall one! She is really cute!

rose m on

well, i live in europe and no one forces babies out of the bottle by 12 months here!

Clare on

She’s so cute !

Heather on

Babies don’t have to be off the bottle by 12 months. I know that after 12 months you can stop giving them formula and start them on regular milk. weather it’s a cup or bottle, I don’t think it matters.

jennie on

wow bother mummy and and baby are gorgeous

Cait on

I wonder when she stopped nursing Apple.