Travis and Shanna Barker at MTV Movie Awards

06/05/2005 at 10:54 PM ET

Shanna Travis She’s due around Christmas. Obviously no bump yet. Travis seems to be extremely attracted to her though, what with the boob grab and all! Getty Yahoo

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Stina on

I love these two. I really hope they have a girl!!! They seem so happy!!!! Cant wait to see the new Barker Baby!!

Lily on

They are so cute together! He seems like such a sweetheart on the show, and you can definitely tell they adore each other!

Rachel on

I agree, they are a cute couple. Why don’t you guys get some pics of Mark’s family or Tom’s(he’s the hottest gut in the band).

natasha on

Travis just seems to love touhing his wife no matter where they are

Sarah, CBB Editor on

Because they don’t attend events with their children. We had some paparazzi photos back when we had a photo page, but that’s it.

kelley on

I love this family. They are too cute on “Meet the Barkers”. I hope they have a girl too. Good luck to these two!!

Yonni on

I think they are obsessed with each other. On their show they were so lovey dovey waiting to get their marriage license. I think some people (like me) are afraid to show PDA…Oh works for them, and it probably keeps their relationship alive..

eileen m. on

I’m sorry, but she does not need to be having another child. She hardly keeps up with her own little boy and her daughter from a previous marriage goes virtually unnoticed. Shana is always asleep. The nannies are always watching the kids. It’s horrible, but then I guess when you have money you don’t have to worry about raising your kids. You can pay to have someone do it.

raynee on

They really love each other. Lots of us could learn from their affection to one another.

becky on

She is absolutly beautiful and he is just, well, GROSS!!!

jordyn on

Its obvious that they adore each other but Im really hoping that their are misrepresenting her on the show. I say that because you hardly ever see her with her kids. They have a nanny that you always see and the only time you really ever see her is in bed asleep and saying that shes tired all the time. Maybe shes doing alot with them and their just not showing that…I hope that what it is!

Lisa on

Ah, yes but so did Nick and Jessica. Things arent what they seem on TV or in hollywood!!!

laurie on

they’re cute together. i too hope they have a little girl.

Spidermonkey on

Who and who? I need to get more up-to-date with celebs I think!

Tina on

I find the way he touches her in public disrespectful of his wife. But if it works for her, then I guess it’s all good.

Cher on

She slept through her children’s Xmas; there’s no misrepresenting that.

michelle anne on

saw in people mag their expecting again also.
they looks so cute together

Rachel on

on christmas, she slept thru the morning and they opened presents at night. plus i think the “nannie” is her mom who either lives with them or stays with them quite a bit. i think they’re a sweet couple.

Kate on

I’ve read that her daughter can only have so much airtime on the show. It was an agreement Travis and Shanna made with her dad.

Ally on

They did open presents at night, but the children came downstairs to see the “Santa” gifts in the morning. Shanna was still in bed, but Travis and Shanna’s parents brought the kids down. Isn’t that the fun of Christmas with your kids, to see them discover what Santa brought them? Can’t you get out of bed and come downstairs for an hour, and then go back to bed? As for the nanny, the nanny is not Shanna’s mom. Both the nanny and Shanna’s mother have been shown, and they are not the same person.

Jessica on

Are they married yet?

ashley on

i love the barkers there so cute together. good luck through your pregnancy. i love your nails shanna!!!!!!

Anne on

Ick. This couple is really sad. He’s doing drugs and she’s ignoring the kids.

Yeah, they should really be having another baby *rolls eyes*

Krispy on

The general public is what is making these people so rich and living a life we could only dream of. Don’t go to the concerts and buy the records, then the “Barkers” will have to go get jobs like the rest of us.

Abbey on

I think that it’s great the way Travis and Shanna obviously love each other so much. At first I was so jealous of their puppy love, and then I realized “wow, they have children and a full time nanny” OF COURSE my fiance and I would be that happy and care-free if we were loaded and got to be with our children when it was convinient! I know that hollywood twists and munipulates alot of situations on “reality” tv, but come on…it’s clear that they sleep, smoke pot, or go out basically whenever they want to and forget that they actually have children….a new baby, yeah right, just something else to look at once or twice a day

Sarah, CBB Editor on

Jessica-they were married in October 2004.

Leslie on


Travis is a drummer for 3 different bands in addition to running his own clothing line, and is part owner of a restaurant. Shanna also runs a company in addition to being a model and actress. Their lifestyle may not be perfect, but they do love each other and their children. At least they pay someone to care for their kids. Also, keep in mind that the producers will edit things to make situations appear different than they actually are.

freddi on

Wasn’t he smoking pot in his SUV the first episode? And to quote Shanna, when she found out she was pregnant “At least I’m married this time.” Gotta love it!

Anne on


What? I have no idea what your point is. Big deal that they are working parents–lots of parents are. That doesn’t excuse the drug use and the fact that they are hardly ever with their children even WHEN THEY ARE AT HOME. I realize that editing can make things seem a little different than they are but I have 2 young children and they are always with us in our home.

Just because they love eachother doesn’t mean they are good parents. And we are to be grateful that they “at least pay someone to care for their kids” ?? What kind of logic is that??

They are selfish and immature and their kids will suffer because of that. Plain and simple.

cmoore on

I think they are so cute together. Travis is a really romantic guy considering what he looks like.I’m sure many women wish their guy was as romantic and thoughtful as he is cause I know I do. Lets be serious how many rich parents actually take care of their kids they are no different, but I wish them luck with the new arrival.

Crystal on

I think that they do misrepresent the show. Most celebs don’t really like exposing their young children on national television. Besides, most people want to see how they are together as a couple, like Nick and Jessica. They love their kids and we shouldn’t be judging other peoples lifestyles.

Nina on

Ok so here is the deal. The show is based on the story of their love… Mtv bases it around the two of them. Yes I agree she sleeps way to freakin much and he allows it. I do not see her kids on there as much as possible but in an article on it states that they don’t mind their children being on tv but they want it to be discrete. I am guessing that is why you don’t see them with the children as much as we should. I can not pass judgement on either of them because we do not know exactly what is going on all we see is what mtv wants us to see. When I do see them together as a family u can feel the love.

angelfury on

i think travis is the ultimate dad husband and romantic and i personally am jealous (lol). i mean he does everthing shanna has no wants for nothing. shanna is beautiful and seems like a cool person i mean besides being a little naggy but who wouldnt be if a guy spoiled u like travis does her.i wish them luck on their new baby and i do hope its a girl . how could you not just love them!!!!!!

laylonnie on

ok so maybe they misprint but i was bother by an episode that her daughter was in bed with them too and she wasnt paying any mind and u see her looking then looking away … i mean if my daught was in the bed with us kissing can hold off …he does seem like a good man. but she sleeeps for everything and she not even working she was looking for work uhmm she just annoys me

lucy marie on

OMG, i love travis and shana! I’m so happy for the two of them with the announcement of the new barker baby!! Can’t wait to see more of their show next season. They are the most precious, in love couple out there! I totally base my relationship with my fiance from theirs, because they’re are an inspiration! Lots of love to the two of them!

Mandy on

You know..after reading all of the previous comments, I think there is a bit of jelousy going on in the air. It all boils down to the fact that some of you wish your lives could be like theirs, and since it’s not, you decide to be all negative and criticize everything about them. I think they are wonderful together and they are wonderful with the kids. If you think differently, DON’T WATCH THE SHOW!!!!

Kathy on

When I saw the episode when Shanna found out she was pregnant again, she didn’t seem too happy. I did notice that the oldest daughter didn’t seem to get any attention either. Someone with small children in the house should not be sleeping at 2 in the afternoon. I think it is a big shame that the oldest daughter gets treated like that!

carly on

oh my gosh, when i this picture i was so shocked and nearly fell off my chair cos in england we dont have any pictures of these too
but he is the actual double of my so spooky

krystal on

Stop putting Shanna down because we all wish we were her, a Husband that adores her (regaurdless of how he looks) flies her around the world and takes care of her. He bought her a HUGE house. She is probebly a great mom and I am so happy for them

Brittney on

Mtv edits out alot of stuff you guys. I would bet a million dollars that they are with there kids alot of the time but they edit most of it out to lessen the time the children are on air. The two of them are in love more than anyone i have met and that is just wonderful. I think if they are capable of owning a big house, having baby-sitters weather it is her mom or not -Go for it Travis and Shanna- the way they run there lives, the way they raise there kids is there decision. They are grown adults and have complete power of how to run there lives. Right now a new baby (although i hope it is a Girl) may not be the best thing, but there gonna have one and all you can do is think positive about the new arrival cause The baby is coming and there is nothing that can be done about it other than wish them the most of luck weather you agree with there lifestyles or not.

Denise From Philly on

Being on tv with your own show in your own home has to be tough sometimes. You know the camera is on and you try not to do stupid stuff that would embarrass you later and things like that. You have to remember that the kids are very little still. They may not want to show them alot for reasons that alot of celebs dont show their kids on tv or in magazines. There are alot of star struck sickos in this world that make threats to kidnap stars’ kids and all. So maybe they worry about things like that. So they want to keep the kids out of the limelight.You dont know what goes on when the cameras are off, when mtv leaves their house. I did hear though that they dont record 24/7. They record a few hours then take a break and again a few hours and so on. And so what that she stays in bed alot? She has her tv, her bed is huge and looks comfy and she can afford to do that lol. Wish I could. Travis is a sweet man that takes care of his wife and kids. There is so much love between him and Shanna and their kids.And they did show Shanna going on auditions. Stars only go on auditions that their agents set up for them. She is trying to work. Its not that easy to just go out and land a part ya know. Give the woman a break! Shes a great woman. I love the show and I think they are a very kewl family. I am so happy that they are having another baby. I wish them all the luck. When ya have money like they do, you can afford to have a nanny to care for the kids and you can afford to sleep alot. And dont forget, they just dont want to expose the lil ones to tv for very long all day and all night. Try to understand where they are coming from. Conrats Barkers! We love ya here in Philly Pa.

denise from philly on

What? I have no idea what your point is. Big deal that they are working parents–lots of parents are. That doesn’t excuse the drug use and the fact that they are hardly ever with their children even WHEN THEY ARE AT HOME. I realize that editing can make things seem a little different than they are but I have 2 young children and they are always with us in our home.

Just because they love eachother doesn’t mean they are good parents. And we are to be grateful that they “at least pay someone to care for their kids” ?? What kind of logic is that??

They are selfish and immature and their kids will suffer because of that. Plain and simple.
Posted by: Anne | June 11, 2005 01:22 PM

I think thats wrong.. So what that Travis smokes pot? Alot of people do. Look at Snoop Dog. He is the biggest weed head and he has kids. They (mtv) showed Travis once, smoking pot in his truck before he went in to deal with the wedding planner. He was stressed about the wedding, trying to give his wife to be anything she wanted. So what?? What business is it of yours to judge him because he smokes pot? It didnt show him snorting coke or shooting up. I think pot isnt that bad. I myself dont smoke but other does.We have kids and our kids are very well taken care of. Just because you smoke doesnt mean your a bad parent! And as far as Shanna sleeping till 2 pm, he allows it and doesnt seem to mind from what they show of him.He seems like a very down to earth , normal , sweet , loving husband.He wants to give his wife everything she wants and needs. All women wants a man like that. Shes very lucky to have him. And how do you know how much time they spend with their kids? Because they dont show their kids on the show as much as they are shown themselves?? How do you know that they dont WANT their kids shown all the time? They are famous people, most famous people dont want their kids exposed to tv or magazines. Sick people make threats to kidnap their kids, hurt their kids. For money. So maybe they just want to protect their kids from all of that. When they do show their kids, they are very loving with them and they kids look very happy. They dont look upset to me.And I would love to have someone take care of my 3 kids once inawhile. If I could afford a nanny or have MY mother take care of my kids for awhile, I would. Parents need time to themselves sometimes. And Im a stay at home mother.I need that time to get my thoughts together and just breathe without my kids tuggin on me, ya know? Stop judging them as parents because you dont know how they live off camera or how they treat their kids. What you see on their show is what they want you to see. What you dont see, its for a reason .You dont need to know what that reason is. Thats their life, their show, their family. Think about if you were them, would you have your kids on tv the whole time? To have some sicko obsessed fan watching every move they make? To have them fall in love with your kids to the point that they make threats to kidnap them? Why expose the kids if they dont want to or need to? If you dont like that he smokes pot and she sleeps till 2, then click the channel button to the Waltons! But dont judge them, they are a wonderful family and I wish them all the best on their show, the band.Travis and Shanna, dont listen to the negative people. You do your thing and be happy. You are wonderful parents Im sure and we love your show.Just keep doing what your doing the way you want to do it.
Its tv, its edited,its at certain times private. The kids are private I guess so leave them alone.Nick and Jessica dont have kids but if they did, they will have a nanny too and ya wont see their kids all the time either.

Brittney on

I couldnt agreee more Denise!!

Sarah, CBB Editor on

I’m closing this post now. 🙂