Rachel Griffiths announces sex of her baby

06/05/2005 at 02:01 AM ET

R1113428672_1 Six Feet Under star Rachel Griffiths has announced that the baby she is carrying, and giving birth to this month, is a sister for son Banjo.

Thanks to CBB Reader Jane for the update!

Edit-Please refrain from the comments on Banjo’s name. Yes, it’s odd, but it has meaning-Banjo Patterson was a famous Australian poet, whom Rachel, Australian herself, is honoring.

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FrauGummibarchen on

Banjo?!?!?!? I’m going to leave this one alone for now…

Allison on

Congratulations to Rachel! Let’s hope she and her husband don’t go the “banjo” route for their little girl’s name. That name is a little over the top for me.

Sarah, CBB Editor on

He’s named after a famous Australian poet. Rachel is Australian.

Please, no more comments on Banjo’s name. Every Rachel post seems to discuss it! Thanks!

emjk on

congrats to her, how exciting! does anyone know how old her son is I can’t remember? I have a 18 month old son and just gave birth to his little sister 2 months ago. I love having one of each and I know she will love it too!

Keedee on

I’m afraid the little girl might be stuck with “Harmonica” for a name. Scary thought. Let’s hope for the best.

amanda** on

I can’t wait to hear a namee!! Congrats.

pingpong on


I hope they call her Matilda. It would be perfect.

Clare on

Wonder what they will call her…Guitar? LOL

Schmoopy on

I’m thinking she will keep the musical tradition alive and name it Calliope.

Karen on

She could name her second child the same as
the first, and then when they fight they will
be the “dueling banjos”.

Kirsty on

Guys leave it alone!!! He is names after a very famous Australian…that doesnt mean she will give her next child an interesting name…find something better to talk about!

Shan on

I hope that she keeps her unique naming-though not too extreme. Not Banjo-bashing here-i actually like it-thinks its original. Would prefer an unusual name than being known as e.g. Emma (inital of last name)—- Emma G, Emma W
Although most of the popular names are lovely, im leaning to liking the more unusual ones!

Tammy on

Not bashing here so don’t flame me. If she wants to keep in the mode of musical instruments, how about Flute?? It’s a beautiful sounding instrument.

Jessica Bird on

Yes! Banjo Paterson wrote “Waltzing Matilda” so Matilda would be great. I agree with PingPong.

But on the name of Banjo, everyone keeps mentioning that it’s a famous Australian poet. Don’t forget that “Banjo” was his nickname. His name was Andrew Barton Paterson.

natalie on

Honestly, why do you people insist on bashing this child’s name! HE WASN’T NAMED AFTER AN INSTRUMENT! Banjo Patterson is a very famous Australian. Rest of comment deleted-INAPPROPRIATE.

Clare on


haha we are so cruel!

Karen on

Sorry to harp on the issue!

highonlife on

She looks really pretty pregnant. I am a big fan of the show (although we only get to see it on DVD) and I think she looks so much prettier now than in season 1.