Jen Garner's belly

06/05/2005 at 07:10 AM ET

Here’s a picture I’ve been sent of Jennifer Garner’s belly… If that’s not a baby belly, then tell me what it is…


Since I’ve had dubious comments, here’s the proof that it really is Jennifer Garner in this picture:


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Aslen on

I have to agree, that is most definetly a baby belly or she ate a huge lunch (which I doubt).

Terri on

I still think a “baby belly” is a bit far-reaching. It could be with the way she is standing, or some people naturally carry any fat they have down in front like that. Now, I DO believe she is pregnant, with all the confirmation we’ve gotten from friends and colleagues, but I don’t think this is a case where we can nail her and go, “Ah ha! Don’t lie about it, you ARE pregnant!” 😉

Kristie on

I couldn’t help but add that those pants certainly look like early maternity wear… or am I imagining things?

mrs.m on

why do they try to hide it?

Lexus on

They look just like a pair of non-maternity Gap pants that I have…but I don’t know anything about maternity wear…I just wore sweats, lol. No, not EARLY maternity wear at least.

ashlee nitsch on

I hate Jennifer Garner for being with Ben but I think that they will have a cute baby.

Kayla on

How do you really know thats Jen? Her head is cut off.

Julie, CBB Contributor on

* post deleted by CBB Contributor Julie – unappropriate *

Ashley on

I’m confused, didn’t she already confirm the pregnancy? If not, then I’d saw that she IS, or she did indeed eat a big lunch then undid the top of her pants. Hey, we’ve all done it, ha ha! Oh, and I have that same wallet!

Sarah, CBB Editor on

She is definitely!

Julie-you can put this in pregnancy photos- we have that category now. 🙂

Keedee on

I like the shirt, the way the sleeves allow for fatter upper arms. I do believe Miss Garner is with child but she could just be with gas from this photo (lol). I’m quite anxious to see what their baby will look like. I’m guessing pretty cute!

kate on

Alias producers have confirmed that she’s having a baby.

Clare on

Has their pregnancy been confirmed yet?
Last I heard her work collegues(sp?) had talked about it but officially have Ben or Jen said anything?

Jen on

If you look down by the band of her pants, you can definitely see it curving around her baby bally. 🙂

Julie, CBB Contributor on

*special message*

I’ve edited this post after I received comments that I didn’t particularly enjoy. In the future, I’d like comments like this one not to appear on the site again. It’s probably the 100th time that we say it but apparently it’s not nearly quite enough for some people. We are a blog, not a message board, and as Danielle would say, “that’s why we have been around for over a year and amassed over 2 million visitors. We have a reputation for only running information that we know to be true. When we make a mistake, we fess up to it.”

We’re neither making things up nor spreading false rumors. You can doubt when it’s only rumors but as far as Jennifer is concerned, we know by now that she IS pregnant even if she hasn’t confirmed it yet.

So no, we are NOT duping people, YES it IS Jennifer Garner in the picture and YES I would like it if this minority of people who always have something bad to say could actually stop posting nasty or dubious or wounding comments.

Thank God most of you do enjoy this site and the info/picture we find for you!

tink1217 on

I just don’t know, I mean I do believe she is pregnant since so many have confirmed it including her show. But, it just doesn’t look like a baby belly to me. She always looks that way.I think its the way she stands most of the time. Maybe in another month it will be more pronounced! I think the baby will be gorgeous though. Not fond of Jen Garner as an actress, but she is cute and Ben is just amazing looking so their child will be too.

tink1217 on

Oh yeah, where is her engagement ring?? Didn’t Ben propose???

laurie on

her pregnancy was pretty much confirmed by abc. alias, jennifer’s show, is going to be on a different production schedule this fall to accompany her pregancy. jen and ben’s camp has not released a official statement though.

Julie, CBB Contributor on

kat on

Either way, she looks great.

Clare on

Ok I’ll take that as official confirmation 😀 Really how long can someone cover up a pregancy LOL

bella on

Maybe she will be like Christy Turlington and not confirm her pregnancy until after the baby’s born. I think it’s fine. Some people want to keep it private. Just look at the amount of attention Britney Spears is getting compared to Jennifer Garner. And they’re both pregnant.