All 3 Beckham boys, Victoria, and her parents Tony and Jackie

06/05/2005 at 11:01 PM ET

Romeo1 I can see where Victoria gets her style-her mom looks to be a good dresser as well! The pics are linked offsite, click the numbers to view. Thanks to CBB reader Maggie for these!

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tink1217 on

What a great looking family!! The boys are so cute and Victoria looks like her dad! What a doting grandpa!

patricia on

love Romeo’s hair, very stylish!

ashleigh on

you can also see where Victoria gets her looks as well…she is a spittin image of her father I think and the boys look like their dad as well..
hot family I must say

Dee on

Cute kids! Who do you think Romeo looks like? He looks different from the other two I think. I’m so bad at finding similarities.

Havana on

Victorias father looks like such a caring grandfather. I love the way he is cradling little Cruz.

alisha on

romeo is so cute with that ponytail. he’s getting so big! Cruz looks like Romeo as a baby, so he will probably look more like Victoria. Brooklyn looks like david.

Rachel on

who’s that little girl with the ponytail? I thought they had all boys??

natasha on

That is one good looking family, romeo looks like his mom and I’m not sure yet who cruz looks like

kelley on

Is it me or does Victoria’s mother look like Camilla (Prince Charles’ new bride)??

Yonni on

Brooklyn looks like David with darker eyes, Romeo looks like Victoria. wow.. and Cruz..Well he is too little to tell yet..

br8ghteyes on

Not only does she come from a family of good looks, they must have taught her how to be spend thrifty as well! I saw her in a photo wearing that same top at the opening of her new jean line! That’s what I love about her- she seems so celebrity but then she brings it all back into focus by not only wearing outfits more than once (like normal people), but also being photographed in them over and over!!

Go Tori!!

jenn on

I was thinking…I didn’t know they had a girl! haha

Anonymous on

Aww, look at that darling little baby! What a nice grandpa, lugging around two of the three boys. Love seeing doting grandparents!

philly on

they do that’s a boy. But I guess in a way they wished they had a girl. He’s cute though but sometimes the ponytail goes a bit far!!

Havana on

I think Romeo has Davids eyes and Victoris mouth, nose and chin. He is such a pretty boy! Found a really cute pic of him with Victoria and you can see his little face really well:

Kresta on

Romeo looks to be quite a delicate child. Brooklyn looks like he’s very masculine and would put his foot down at having his hair in a ponytail but it looks like Victoria likes to style Romeo in a feminine way, almost like David used to be when he had ponytails and hairbands.

Christine Mawhinney on

Romeo hs curly long hair like his mum but Brooklyn’s hair has always been styled like his dad.
There are really good photos of the family together at

Casey on

For some reason i cant go to the links to see ther pictures. Does anyone else have this problem. If so can u help me see the pictures.

Sarah, CBB Editor on

The pics have been viewed too many times and have died. Sorry.

Casey on

oh ok.

heather on

is there anywhere else we can see them?

Faith on

Yeah, are there any other places we can view those pics?

Alyson on

yes at the Beckham Magazine Fans Forum

M on

“I think Romeo has Davids eyes and Victoris mouth, nose and chin. He is such a pretty boy! Found a really cute pic of him with Victoria and you can see his little face really well:

That’s Brooklyn.