Penn Jillette and wife welcome a baby girl

06/04/2005 at 10:01 AM ET

In the strange celeb baby name department, comic/magician Penn Jillette, 50 and his wife Emily, 39 welcomed their first child, Moxie CrimeFighter (6lbs 6oz) into the world on Friday, June 3, 2005.  Penn said, "We chose her middle name because when she’s pulled over for speeding she can say, "’But officer, we’re on the same side. My middle name is CrimeFighter.’"

This is the first child for the couple who were married last year. Penn is the larger, louder half of the performing duo Penn & Teller who star in their own Showtime series and headline nightly in Las Vegas at the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino.


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College loan. on

Ally on

How embarrassing for that baby girl.

Maria on

It takes a lot of moxie (or something far meaner) to name a kid Moxie Crimefighter. *cringes*

Lauren on

I feel so bad for that baby girl when she gets into school.

Congrats to them on the birth of their baby girl. 🙂

Sandra on

Those people should be ashamed of themselves. No wonder the children of some celebrities grow up having so many issues. Oh wait.. I know why people name their kids “Apple”, “Banjo”, and “Rumer” – They’re “expressing their creativity”.

I have a tip – get a dog and name is something stupid. These are human beings.

The nerve of people.

julia thorne on

LOL, now that is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard! I mean Moxie is bad enough, but crime fighter!? They must have been high on something when they thought that name up.

Alex on

At least Apple, Coco, Pilot, and Hazel can pass for real names…And they have normal middle names to (minus Inspektor), but this poor kid doesn’t even have a chance!

Anonymous on

And if she said that to a police officer, that would certainly demonstrate a lot of “moxie.”

Cindy on

Lovely name! Oh she wont be teased.

I was trying to send an email to the blog admin. Would you check out my celeb website and add it to your favorites if you are so inclined? thank you!

Tess on

I’d never tell anyone my middle name if I was her.

Her first name’s not that bad. Reminds me of Maxie.

Clare on

Yep that name is sad.

Highonlife on

I actually like the name Moxie. And who in the heck ever mentions there middle name anyway.

It sure beats being named the same 10 names every boy and girl born in the same decade get stuck with.

Moxie Rocks

Jennifer on

Ahh – to name your child for a one-time punchline and a short-lived PR headline…

amanda** on

Oh my.

Jenn on

OMG. That is the name of my neighbor’s dog…Moxie. Wow. And CrimeFighter? *shudders*

And by the way, for those who are saying that we’re bashing them, I’ve not once heard any name calling of these people. Just expressions on how terrible this name, and others, just really are. Don’t take it to the extreme, please.

Amy on

I agree that celebrities have a lot of nerve expressing their creativity by using pet names on people. Apple has grown on me a bit (just a bit), but Banjo is completely vile, Pilot Inspektor is horrendous and MOXIE CRIMEFIGHTER is the cruelest of the cruel. Babies are a blessing-what a horrible way to treat them. 😦

Erin on

thats sad…that is def. the worst and weirdest name i have ever heard!!

kiek on

That don’t make no sense why would you do that to ur child, that’s not cute. I tell you these people 2day are crazy. I hope Britney dosen’t do the same to her child.

A Mom on

OK, I’m guessing all the posters so far aren’t fans of Penn & Teller. I am, and have been since the 80s and I’m happy for Penn. I like Moxie, and the CrimeFighter is unique but certainly consistent with his sense of humor. We always joke that our daughter should have the middle name “Trouble” so when she causes trouble we can say “well, it is her middle name.” And have you read the book Teller (who only has one name) wrote about his parents? It is so touching. If Penn takes parenting advice from him I’m sure the kid will be fine.

Terri on

Poor baby girl… As someone said, I can only imagine what “Apple” will have to face, too. (Although, “Rumer” isn’t SO bad, because there was some actual thought and meaning put behind it, and not just something that was pulled out of a hat to be goofy or “express creatively,” as someone accurately pointed out.)

Allison on

congrats on their baby girl. Don’t care for the name Moxie – sounds like a dog or cat’s name. As for CrimeFighter, that doesn’t even deserve a comment.

bbdoll on

I understand wanting a unique name for your baby. But, the child has to live with it long after the “shock value” for PR purposes wears off! There have been numerous studies done on the effects of a name on a child and one that invokes teasing, has negative connotations or is overtly humorous (I went to school with a Robin Hood and I know of a Donald Duckett) is linked to low self esteem.

WendyO on

“If you insult any celeb, baby, reader or contributor in the comments, the comment will be deleted and you will be banned from commenting in the future.” – this is from your site.

How are some of these comments not insults? Saying the parents must have been on drugs or “get a dog” seem like insults to me.

Karen on

I am still waiting for the drumroll.

That name might come in handy if she ever
decides to audition for a role in a gangster

philly on


brave on

you know what? i don’t believe this is her real name. The same way I don’t believe that the names published for Julia Roberts’ kids are their legal names. I think they are just trying to announce their birth without giving away all their privacy.

but I do love unique names. I have one and my son has one. Yet it was my husband with the 100% common name who got all the teasing as a kid. Go figure.

amanda** on

LOL. Moxie isn’t that bad. I prefer Maxie though. But Crimefighter is a whole other story .

Patricia on

i like it. I think names like Joshua, Tyler, Taylor and Hannah are horrible.

Michele on

A poster mentioned the name being a punchline. Is it possible that it was a joke and that’s not her name?

And if it is, I think Moxie CrimeFighter is a hell of a lot better than “Audio Science”.

Ally on

Does anyone else think that this could be a joke and that he is poking fun at the recent run of crazy names that celebs have given their kids? The more I think about it, I don’t know that I’m buying this being her real name just yet.

Karen on

When I was in junior high, our teacher read
us a newspaper article about a couple whose
last name was “Da” and they named their child

baffled on

what’s wrong with you people? i agree with highonlife–you can’t walk into a kindergarden today without there being 4 emmas, 6 madisons, and 9 emilys! for some reason everyone in this country is conditioned to be JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE! good for penn for thinking outside the box! and as far as bbdoll’s comment on studies done on the effects of names and low self-esteem, well i wonder who exactly is doing all that teasing?? people like you and everyone else here who can’t respect the fact that not everyone thinks just like you!

laurie on

Oh she only has to live with that name for 18 years. Then she can change it!

Jessica Bird on

That’s funny, Karen! My neighbor in CT had the last name “Walker” and they named their baby “Luke Sky” … full name Luke Sky Walker.

Lisa, Not Liza on

I’m sure all the Emmas, Madisons, and Emilys will be glad to read the comments above :p

Roni on

why are all of the negative comments about this name choice allowed to be displayed? yet, if other names on other posts get negative comments they are deleted… i think penn and his family deserves that same respect. a name doesn’t determine a child’s fate… i think moxie has just as good of chance and achieving confidence and self worth with that name as she would if she were named emma.

Patti on

Kids of celebs have their own things to deal with anyway, and living the unique lives they do, I doubt getting teased about their names happens often, or effects them the same way it would other kids. Alot has to do with the parents’ personalities and how they support their kids. Could also be a joke on everyone knowing Daddy’s sense of humor, but if not, there are worse names. And some celeb kids given “normal” names create their own unique ones. As do alot of rebellious teens, from any walk of life!

Jeans Mommy on

I feel so sorry for that little girl — I can’t imagine growing up with a name like that!

Moxie Jade`s Mommy on

Moxie is my chihuahua`s name!

zeropoint on

I think Moxie CrimeFighter is the most awesome name in the world, and I think she’s gonna love it as she’s growing up. I was named what every other little girl born during the Carter Administration was named (guess) and I don’t even bother responding when I hear someone call my name in public. It’s kind of sad when hearing your name automatically makes you think “They can’t possibly be talking to me”. It’s incredibly depressing. That little girl will never, ever, ever feel that way. Right on!

Amanda on

Okay, where do people get their ideas of a what “normal” name is? I’d really like to know because saying that Moxie CrimeFighter is a terrible name, is just rude. You’re saying you feel sorry for her because she’s going to be picked on for her name and that’s just so terrible, when you’re picking on her yourself!