Jennifer Garner walks dog this past week

06/02/2005 at 08:33 PM ET

5lwiur 5lwj1f Seems like she is pregnant. Thanks to Bola for the photos.

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Lindsay on

I definately see a bump there. 🙂

meghan on

yes – she looks positively pregnant! 🙂

rebecca on

That’s surely a baby in there! I wonder when they are going to announce it officially.

rebecca on

That’s surely a baby in there! I wonder when they are going to announce it officially.

Heather on

Where are you looking? I don’t think she looks pregnant at all!!



Sarah, CBB Editor on

She has what looks like a little belly bump, that’s where I’m looking.

Laney on

I think she is!

Shelley on


Allison on

Whoa! Looks pregnant to me. Wonder why they are delaying announcing it?

jc on

im not a fan of Jennifer Gardner but she is totally better than JLo. i see her as a simple person with simple needs. Ben actually made a good decision on this one!! good for you!

conchetta on

she might just have a little pot belly. i haven’t heard them confirm the pregnancy themselves though so maybe she isn’t pregnant

michelleanne on

OH eyah there is baby on board there ,if not then she is bloated…klol

Sandra on

She has a small bump.. CUTE!!

shan on

well, she looks pregnant. I hate to say it but, it’s true. Congrats to her if it is true!

Maria on

That’s quite a belly! No more abs of steel for about another year for Ms. Garner…. or shall we say the future Mrs. Affleck? :o)

tink1217 on

I don’t see it. Especially since when you first start to show its lower than where her “bump” is. I mean, look back to earlier photos of Britney, hers is definitely lower. Now, Britneys belly is higher, but it didn’t start out that way. Your uterus is lower than that! It expands upwards around 4-5 months.

julia thorne on

She’s pregnant alright! Any one that can’t see that is in denial. Jen’s just not the type to get overweight, you know there’s a baby in there.

Lindsay on

For anyone who can’t tell or are having a hard time figuring out if she’s pregnant, take a look at the first photo and zoom in. You can see just below her arm is a softly rounded curve. Now Jennifer sure works out a lot especially for Alias. I realize their keeping it quiet but maybe it’s due to protect her privacy considering she’s managed to keep her relationship with Ben fairly quiet. I’m convinced she’s pregnant and I don’t think it could be from working out either.

Amber on

I can definitely see a small bump, especially in the second picture. Congratulations to her and Ben, I think they make a gorgeous couple and will make an equally gorgeous baby!

Shelley on

I concur everything Allison said! This Jennifer is prolly his best decision he’s ever made. I hope they are happy together forever.

Anonymous on

She wouldn’t get a pot belly since she has to stay in shape for Alias, unlike Britney who always got one when she wasn’t on tour. And I hope they get married soon. They did a study recently that showed that if you get married less than seven months before your child’s arrival, your marriage is more likely to fail.

Jen on

I’m guessing that she’s just waiting longer to announce it. Look at the supermodel Christy Turlington, she never officially confirmed her pregnancy with her daughter Grace. The whole time Christy was pregnant she never officially announced it, so maybe Jennifer Garner will do that.

Val on

I love Garner and i hope she is pregnent. the babys gonna be so cute!