Denise Richards welcomes baby girl Lola

06/02/2005 at 11:00 AM ET

Denise Richards gave birth Wednesday night at a Los Angeles hospital to daughter Lola, who weighed in at 6 lbs. 10 oz., according to her publicist. Baby daddy/ex Charlie Sheen was in the room with her when she gave birth. Big sis Sam is 15 months old.

Source: People

Thanks to CBB Readers Debbi and Victoria.


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B on

i love that name! i hope they are both doing good!

Weezy on

good for her, being mature about the situation and all. Congrat’s Denise and Charlie. I’m sure she’ll be a beautiful little girl.

Stina on

She said she would like a girl with a feminine (is that how you spell it?) name if she had another girl. She said Emma, so thats what I thought she would like to use, but Lola is very cute, and girlie, just like she wanted. Good luck to the 4 of them.

Sarah, CBB Editor on

Hmm. I don’t love Sam and Lola together-I think it comes off as two daughters to people who don’t know-although I do love the name Lola. Denise almost made it to her due date! (June 5th).

Sarah, CBB Editor on

Whoops- DOESN’T come off as two daughters. 🙂

tink1217 on

Not a fan of the name at all, but congrats to Denise and Charlie!

kiki on

I like the name but it doesn’t fit with Sam. Lola is very girly and Sam is very unisex. There seems to be a lot of lil Lola’s in Hollywood at the mo, its like the female Roman.

kat on

Lola is such a popular name. I think it’s pretty cute.

fan on

yea i guessed right again ^^ congrats to them!

Shan on

Congrats to the Richards/ Sheen Family. A tidbit- I heard on the radio today that it would have been Charlie and Denise’s 3rd wedding anniversary today so the baby came the night before it. I’m glad the baby didn’t come today b/c I think that would be hard for Denise.

Elizabeth on

Congratulations on the birth of your second daughter and good luck.

C on

is sam’s name just sam, or is it a nickname(for samantha, that’s what i’m thinking)?

Ashley on

Aww…congrats to them! I bet Lola will be just as cute as her big sister!


Courtney on

I was so excited to read that news! It’s so weird because my friend and I were just talking about Denise getting ready to have the baby, when we were driving like half an hour before I read the news. Anyway congrats to them! Denise is one of my favorite actresses! Did she give birth naturally this time, anyone know?

Sarah, CBB Editor on

–is sam’s name just sam, or is it a nickname(for samantha, that’s what i’m thinking)?–

Her name is just plain old Sam. It was the name of Charlie’s childhood cat, and they liked that it was simple.

Heidi on

Awww how cute! Lola! It’s not my favourite name but still cute. Congrats Denise, Charlie and Sam and hope you are all doing well.

Karen on

Hey, 6 pounds 10 ounces was my birth weight.

Amanda on

I’m SO sick of that name. I thought Sam was different and i was looking forward to hearing this baby’s name. Uh. My bets on Britney naming her baby this if it’s a girl.

Ally on

I read that too, Shan, but I think it’s wrong. They were married on June 15, 2002.

Tina on

There’s going to be so many Lolas and Romans running around Hollywood it’s not even funny.

Lauren on

CONGRATS to the family. 🙂

Say on

I like the name Lola and Sam, but I don’t think they go together well.

George and Ali’s daughters names work well together though – Harper and Elliot.

bbdoll on

In regards to them naming their daughter Sam: I read that they wanted the first letters of the movie they were in together (Scary Movie) to be a part of the name, so they put an “A” in the middle of “S” and “M” and came up with “SAM.” I can’t remember which magazine I read that in. Also, I’ve read that her middle name is just the letter “J.”

Christy on

It would be nice if this could bring them back together.

Allison on

Congrats to Denise on a healthy baby girl! I like the name Lola, but think it is starting to be overused. Also, Sam and Lola sound like a boy and a girl, not two girls. The names don’t really go together too well…. Any news on Lola’s middle name?

crazy on

Do any of the girls have middle names? I would like to hear them if they do.

natasha on

I’m so happy for Denise and charlie, Lola is probablt beautiful, maybe another charlie look alike

Maire on

Poor Sam! Her name is Sam J., not even a middle name, just an intial. And now Lola will be the fourth one that I can think of.

conchetta on

Her name was Lola, she was a showgirl
With yellow feathers in her hair and a dress cut down to there
She would merengue and do the cha-cha….

Kresta on

I hope this baby looks more like Denise.

Clare on

Congrats to them having a beautiful healthy baby. It’s a shame they aren’t together anymore.

Jane on

That was just a joke they made about naming their daughter Sam after Scary movie.

danielle on

lola is a beautiful name so girly and cute… at least lola is just popular in hollywood and really only like 5 people I can name have named there daughters that.. do you know how many olivias there are in hollywood… the same just doesnt stick in your head the way lola does….

Ally on

Lola’s middle name is Rose. This week’ss People magazine has the first pics of baby Lola and an update on what this means for their divorce with custody arrangements.

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