Britney and Kevin talk baby with People Mag

06/02/2005 at 08:22 PM ET

Britney and Kevin are on the cover this week, discussing the upcoming baby. Thanks to Stephanie for the cover scan.

5lyzv9 Let’s pop the big question: boy or girl?
We don’t know yet.

Did you choose not to find out?
Yeah, we made that decision not to want to know.

Well, we’ll find out later on. It just isn’t time for us to find out yet.
B: I just want a healthy baby, really. The closer it gets, we can find out.

Picked any names yet?
I have a couple of names from when I was little that I always really liked for girls and for boys, but I haven’t really thought of The Name yet.

So this pregnancy was part of the plan?
It wasn’t an accident. Definitely not.

For the rest of the interview, visit People.

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mujja on

after reading that i really wonder what brit saw in Kev. Must be something that requires a microscope to see. Good luck to them and their baby

Havana on

Poor Brit – desperately trying to do the ‘Our First Babay’ oozing happiness talk and Kev just sounds so laid back you can almost hear the ‘Ive already had a baby this year’ tone in his voice. I swear he said he just ‘laughs’ at her more the once -whilst she tries to convince us he really ‘cries’ hmmmmm….

Sandra on

Im sorry but this girl just seems so clueless. It’s sad. She reminds me of a typical trailer park girl who SOMEHOW ended up famous, now because she is talented, but because she was manufactured. Her life is like a never ending Beverly Hillbillies episode. Enough already.

Why are we not suprised K-Fed needs a shower? He looks like he should be working at the local Jiffy Lube.


Yonni on

Although I can’t stand their show…um..hum… I almost cried at the end of the article because babies are miracles no matter whom their parents are..

Stina on

I love these two. I hope that have a healthy and happy baby. I think she is going to make a great mother. And regardless of what he did to Shar herself, I think he seems like a great father. I wish them the best.

tink1217 on

She looks absolutely beautiful in that picture. Glowing! But, yes, makeup can do that! Denise Richards was a naturally beautifu preggo! With or without makeup. But, Britney does look cute with her little belly and looks happy!

Wendy on

Did anyone else have weird cravings with there pregnancies? When I had my first daughter I had intense cravings for mexican food and chocolate (sometimes at the same time) with my son I had cravings for ice cream, toast and eggs sunnyside up and with my 3rd child (a girl) I had cravings for chocolate and anything sweet! I wonder why we crave what we crave when we are pregnant. It’s very strange!

Jennifer on

Was it a turn on when he knew Shar was having his baby? Did he take that “extra” care of HER during her pregnancy by leaving? I just really can’t stand this couple – as others have said, they seem so immature (why talk about how “crazy good” your sex life is to a magazine…I think talking about it to a magazine in itself is a sign of immaturity (ie. as if to say “oh yeah, I have sex!”…yeah, we get it Britney, you have sex…good for you). Best of luck to them though. I hope their marriage and the love they feel for each other lasts.

Montana on

Aww. I think they’re really cute together and I wish them luck with the baby.

Btw. Kevin seems like a really good dad from things I keep reading.

jc on

brit should’ve waited until she has found the true person. i give this marriage maybe 2 years before they divorce. it is just unfortunate that these celebrities think that its easy to raise babies and not consider that they actually grow up to be just like the rest of us. poor baby!! she should’ve considered the life he left behind and how ugly it will be when he leaves her…it seems to me that she has a very low esteem and the only way to make her happy is to have a baby….a very wrong reason!!!

nik on

They’re both sick. I love how he disregards Shar and the fact that she previously carried his first two children. I also love how he made a reality show all about cheating on her. I wont say anymore because I don’t want to get in trouble here but the whole thing is wrong in so many ways.

Janay on

I’m 7 months pregnant and all I’ve craved basically through the whole pregnancy is Chinese food. But my weirdest craving so far has been a marshmellow and pickle sandwich!

AngelBaby on

I just read the whole interview at People and I think that Kevin came off as being a pretty sweet guy! I think that they are both genuinally happy about everything and I wish them the best.

cat24 on

I think she looks beautiful too, but sorry… I give them 2 years..TOPS. They both seem really immature and I think the baby is nothing more than a novelty to them. But that’s just my opinion.

Patti on

Anyone can “seem” like a nice person in an article they solicited the magazine to write. I think she spends alot of time, too much time, seeking publicity to show how great their lives are because they aren’t. It’s called PR, and this baby needs reality, and I don’t mean the crap the parents are trying to shove at us via their show. Brit may still grow up, Kev will always be what he is. Hope Lynn and Jamie Lynn are around to help when she needs it, and that baby is happy and healthy.

Ariel on

Yall don’t even know what really went down with Shar…how can yall make Judgements of stupid tabloid stories like that?

Obviously she’s all good with it becasue she’s acting like it’s more “honky dory” than Brit and Kev are…

If everybody limited themselves to not getting involved with someone because they’ve had children in previous relationships (lets be serious, it happens more an more now, and lots of time before the kid is even born…she’s not that special), half of the world wouldn’t be married and a lot of kids would have never been born. Great way to say he’s messed up for leaving one baby mama and then virtually cheering him on to leave the next tho…that’s really moralistic…

Separation happens everyday. Sibling born even less than a year apart happen everyday (and even *gasps* with different mothers and fathers). If they were to talk about her all the time people would call them even more pathetic, trying to make themselves look good. They really can’t win for losing.

ellen on

people are being WAY too judgmental about a situation thay has nothing to do with and largely know nothing about.

all these stupid comments hurt my head, she should have waited till she found the true one? eh, shes married to him, and their obviously in love, she has every right to have a child if thats what they want.

and jennifer, read up on youre info, cause its all prosumsious rubbish. shar is not the saint people make her out to be, at all, far from it. she loves the tabliods and thrives on attention, and if he wasnt in love with shar anymore, he had every right to leave, regardless of her being pregnant, he did not run our on his kids, even shar says hes a good father. its just all too easy for britney haters to go on about how bad the situation is, get over it, life isnt perfect, never is, stuffs complicated, and when we look back on our own lives, we always have a list of things we wish we’d done, not done, handled better etc, if you dont, youre a saint, shar and kevin wernt meant to be. britney and kevin evidently are. sucks people cant be happy for them. so pathetic.

and that interview was so cute! I’m sure they’ll make awesome them!

nik on

No one is bashing kev for LEAVING Shar its the fact that he cheated on her that is gross. All that you’re seeing on their reality show? He had a girlfriend at the time! He didn’t break up with her, he let her find out by seeing pics of him and brit. Thats outrageous and cruel.The fact that she was pregnant at the time makes it worse. What kind of man does that? How would YOU feel if your b/f did that to you? He DID run out on his kids for a couple months when he first hooked up with brit. Shar has every right to talk to the media. She hasn’t said anything untrue and from what I’ve seen she only comments to clear up misconceptions the public has about the situation. Kevin made her look like a total fool and for whatever reason there are Britney fans out there who hate her even though she did nothing wrong. Its not a mater of being a “britney hater”, thats so juvenile. Britney Spears or no Britney Spears the situation sucks. I don’t know how anyone can watch their disaster on upn every tuesday and think they’ll make good parents but ok. Yeah, Britney and Kevin are meant to be just like Britney and Jason were meant to be. You’re right ellen, “stuffs complicated” which is why it’s even more cringe worthy that she’s purposely bringing a child into it all. With that said, I’m sure the baby will be precious and hopefully their marriage will work out.

Sarah, CBB Editor on

It really sucks that almost every single post regarding them needs to be closed. Please keep Shar out of discussions where she’s not mentioned in the original post. Thanks.