Rod Stewart and Penny ARE expecting!

06/01/2005 at 07:29 AM ET

Rstewart Rod Stewart, 60, and his fiancee Penny Lancaster, 34, confirmed on Wednesday that they are expecting a child, just days after denying the same reports. Rod says that they decided to hold off on the announcement so that Penny could reach her 12th week, and then they could tell family and friends.

The baby is due in December, and Rod and Penny hope to marry in spring 2006. They have been together for six years.

"It will come as no surprise that Penny and I wanted to start a family as soon as possible…[I am] overjoyed and extremely proud. The best news of all is Penny is feeling just wonderful, is very happy and looks more radiant than ever."

This will be Lancaster’s first child, while Stewart has six children from previous relationships-although he doesn’t acknowledge one: Kimberly, 25, and Sean, 24, by first wife Alana Stewart; Ruby, 17, with former girlfriend Kelly Emberg; and Renee, 13, and Liam, 10, from his marriage to second wife Rachel Hunter. He also has a 41 year old daughter, Sarah, from a relationship in his late teens with an art student. In 1995, Rod remarked, when asked about his children, "You can count [Sarah] if you want, but I try not to." Ouch.


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Havana on

I read an article about the eldest daughter that he doesnt acknowledge. He says six children i asked if it was 7 kids he replied ‘You can count that one if you want to but i dont.’
Apparently it was a fling when he was very young and somehow that means it doesnt count? Go figure

Stina on

I am so happy for them. I have been a fan of Rod’s from the time I was a little girl. His concert was my first ever, and I got to sit on the stage and he sang “Forever Young” to me! So he has always held a special place in my heart!!!! You go Rod. He is a great father, and is in great shape, so he will be able to be a very playful and helpful father!!! That football (soccer) has kept him in shape all his life!!

Jacks on

Wow, I used to kind of like Rod Stewart (well as much as anyone under 30 could), but he seems like a real a$$ in regards to Sarah. Like WTF?

Shannon on

Let’s hope it’s not another Kim. =D Congratulations to them.

C on

With those comments I have lost all respect for Rod.

Erica on

Regardless as to if it was a fling or not, that’s pretty harsh to not acknowledge your child. It’s not like he doesn’t have enough wealth to spread around, you know?

Anita on

Maybe he just doesn’t want to face the face that he is old enough to have a 41 year old daughter!!

Anonymous on

What a horrible thing to say about his first daughter! She’s as much his child as any of the others. I mean, geez, hope he never needs a kidney or something because what if the other 6 aren’t a match and she is!

AllisonJ on

Sarah was given up for adoption and found out Rod was her father when she was 18. Supposedly he is reluctant to acknowledge her because she might want a piece of his estate that would otherwise go to his other children. I also came across this:
“Rod actually sings about her (Sarah) on 1970’s “Gasoline Alley” in a song called “Jo’s Lament” : ‘You bore my child then I left you aside. I don’t expect you to forgive…’ “

Stina on

Everyonoe makes mistakes, even celebrities. Not that I think its right, but there are so many men and women out there who do the same thing everyday. Shame on Rod for that, but I still love him.

Kori on

She’s his blood, even if he (and her mother_ chose to give her up for adoption he owes her part of his estate even MORE SO in my opinion. She is as much his child as the others. Maybe he thinks he “raised” the other 5 or 7 or whatever I lost count. Chances are they were nannied anyway. But I guess paying a nanny to raise your kid and having an adoptive parent raise your kid are 2 different things when it comes to who gets your estate. Shame shame.

Raincitygirl on

He’s worried that she might want a piece of his estate that might go to his other children?

What the heck? He doesn’t have enough money to go around? And if he’s so worried about his kids having to split his estate, maybe he shouldn’t have gotten his fiancee pregnant with yet another child to make the pieces of the pie even smaller when he dies.

Yes, if his eldest daughter was put up for adoption as an infant, then her adoptive parents are her ‘real’ parents. But it’s not impossible for a grown child to also get to know his or her birth parents, and forge some sort of relationship with them. My uncle’s wife put a son up for adoption as a teenager, and she now sees him and his wife and two small children several times a year. So do her and my uncle’s children from their marriage (i.e. my cousins, the biological half-siblings of the baby who was adopted out). None of them are not super-close, but they do have a relationship, send birthday cards etc.

And if my aunt had later gone on to become a multi-millionaire (instead of becoming a health care worker and marrying a teacher, and neither profession makes megabucks), I’m sure she would have wanted to leave some portion of those multi-millions to the biological child she didn’t raise. In fact, when her biological son and his wife bought their home, my aunt was embarrassed that his adoptive parents (who, while not millionaires, are better off than my uncle and aunt) paid the downpayment for them. She recognized that they were the parents who had raised him, helping him out financially was their role, and anyway, they were in a better financial position to do so. Still, she and my uncle ended up buying them a gift certificate to a furniture store because she didn’t want her biological son to feel that she didn’t want to make a contribution.

Stina on

Once you give a child up for adoption, you do not “owe” them anything. That is the point of giving them up; you cant take care of them, you are not ready, things like that. You give up your rights as a parent, so he should not have to give her anything. That is part of adoption. I dont think I would ever be able to do it, but for some its the only answer. I had a friend that did it, and thank god she did. Her little girl has a better life now than she ever would have got with her birth mother. I know Rod would be able to take care of many more kids if he had them, but the fact that he and the mother gave her up, he has no ties to her, and he was not famous before he had her. If he didnt have money I am sure most people would not really care. But you all think he is being selfish. I dont agree with giving your child away, but I also know there are great people who would make great parents that cant have any, and more power to them for adopting, I wish more people would adopt. But no one should bash on Rod for what he did. Legally he is not her father, so he owns her nothing.

Shaye on

I wasn’t under the impression that the daughter he gave up for adoption wanted anything from him. Maybe she would just liked to be acknowledged as his daughter. Just because he may not legally “owe” her anything, doesn’t mean that he has to be so rude and disrespectful when talking about her. It’s not like it’s her fault she was conceived with his help. I have lost ALL respect for this man!!

Shell on

He’s gonna be a father at 60??? This means he’ll be the only 78 year old father at his/her graduation….. hmm…

Clare on

Eww yuk – what vile comments.
He thinks this adult daughter is after a piece, aye? what does he think all the models he impregnates are after? If he weren’t rich and famous do you think he would have so many young and attractive ex’s and so many off-spring? He should wake up and smell the coffee, but then again so should his girlfriend.

Stina on

I just think about the fact that there are many people out there who give their child up for adoption, and they dont want to be “found” by those children. But the child (or even adult) feels that the birth parent “owes” it to them to know who their real parents are. And most of the time they are disappointed when the birth parent is not happy to see them. This may be what is going on here. He didnt want her to know he was her father, but she found out anyway. And IF that is the case, she took that chance by finding him. I understand y’alls opinion, but it seems that maybe you have not dealt with adoption first hand. Its not just that cut and dry is all.

Shaye on

I think it’s only normal to want to know who your birth parents are. I think the birth parents do “owe” it to the child to let them find out who they are. It wasn’t the childs choice to be put up for adoption. That doesn’t mean that the birth parent will want something to do with them but that’s the chance the child will have to take if they want to meet them. Just sounds kind of cold on Rod’s part to me. I’m sorry but everyone in this situation are adults and Rod needs to act like one!