Renee Zellweger and Kenny Chesney- what do you think?

06/01/2005 at 06:15 PM ET

Renee_kenny_weddingAm I the only one who thinks Renee Zellweger and Kenny Chesney might gave gotten hitched so quickly is because she’s pregnant?

The couple, who met this past January 15th at NBC’s Concert of Hope tsunami telethon where he sang and she took phone pledges, were married on May 9 in the US Virgin Islands. 


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Laura on

Danielle, I don’t think you are alone in thinking that. After I got over the initial shock of hearing that Kenny was married, and to Renee Zellweger at that, my first thought was that she might possibly pregnant. The reason why I thought that is because I can remember reading a magazine article about Kenny not too long ago, where he said that he wasn’t ready to get married, that he was going to wait for a while. So much for that, huh????

Speaking of getting married so quickly, I just went to a wedding this past weekend where that was the case. My cousin got married to a girl whom he’s only known about 2 months or so. He is NOT the type of person who would do something so spontaneous as to get married, only having known the girl for a few months. His father is a really dedicated Baptist, church going man, who wouldn’t have approved of such a thing unless something such as a pregnancy, was in the “works”. I only brought this up, because it related to the subject. I wouldn’t be surprised if Kenny and Renee announce that they’re expecting, in the next few months.

Julie on

I think that something is up….I mean she dated Jack and did not jump into getting married. I think that in some ways they are a cute couple but then in other ways they live in so different worlds. I thought that she might have been pregnant but then again she isnt getting any younger, so it might be nice for her and him. I just hope that they can weather a marriage without really knowing each other and living such different lives. Best of luck to both of them.

kiki on

I definately think there is a possibility of her being pregnant, to jump into a marraige so quickly after meeting someone seemed kinda hasty. I thought she was still dating Damien Rice.On the other hand as Julie said she may just be feeling that as she is getting older t might be time to settle down. Either one of those or she thought when you’re in love and you know you’ve found ‘the one’ why wait.
I’d love to hear that she has a little one on the way, I think she’d have such a pretty baby and would make a great mom. Best of luck to the newlyweds.

robin on

i suppose it’s possible, but she really doesn’t look pregnant in the slightest. i know in the modern world pregnancy testing is amazingly quick but she must be pretty early on if she is. i just hope she is happy. she deserves to be

Nicole on

It’s possible that Renee and Kenny married due to a pregnancy – in all honesty, however, I believe that they both deluded themselves into thinking that this is the right person for them (reports state that most of their relationship was conducted via email and text messaging). Not to be a pessimist, but with the location differences, I wouldn’t be surprised if we hear about a divorce within the year.

Allison on

No, I don’t think Renee is pregnant. I just think she was really wanting to get married, and so was Kenny. I remember reading articles that said she was wanting to marry her last boyfriend, Jack, but he wasn’t ready. Kenny, too, has talked of wanting to be married. So, I think they just found each other and decided, “Hey, let’s get married!” The marriage seems really impulsive and I don’t think it will last. Four months knowing someone is still in that “honeymoon” phase where the annoying habits and past emotional baggage have not yet reared their ugly heads! I wonder what will happen with this relationship two years or even a year from now when all that stuff comes out, as it does in any relationship.

zey on

If yo look at pics from last night’s Cinderella Man premiere in NYC, Renee visibly has a little tummy. Maybe its the way she’s standing but looks like a little bump to me.

Beth on

I didn’t think she looked like she could be pregnant either, until I saw the photo on the front page at today of she and Russell Crowe at the Cinderella Man premiere. Check it out–there’s room for speculation, I think!

Weezy on

i doubt it. they just seem to be young and in deep deep love. pregnant? no way.

Rose on

Her wedding dress designer said in an interview that Renee and Kenny have actually been dating for six months before their surprise wedding. I can’t remember the magazine but it was a link online to it.

Cathleen on

I think it’s possible….
She dated Jack White for a long time and never seemed in that much of a rush. Maybe it was just different for her this time.

Lauren on

She could be pregnant, and if she is I will be happy for both Kenny and Renee! 🙂

Katherine on

Holy moly- she definitey looks preggo in those pics. She is usually so thin…

Stacey on

I think she is pregnant also…but only time will tell.

Jenn on

I was just looking at pics of Renee at the Cinderella Man premiere on Getty’s Images last night and thought that for someone who usually wears form fitting dresses she had a really loose dress on! Then I thought hmmmm, maybe she’s pregnant! I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought so!

Sienna on

You might be right! It never occurred to me for some reason. But at her Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony, I did notice that her belly was a bit plumper than her usual bony frame. (It could have been the skin-tight dress, but I don’t know.) When Gwyneth Paltrow quickly married Chris Martin, it was because she was pregnant, so who knows.

Jen on

This link has a picture of Renee that, I think, backs up your thoughts.

Becky on

I doubt she is pregnant,but she could be.

Shane Spencer on

I really love to see Renee Zellweger pregnant, and I hope she has a boy on the way sired by Kenny Chesney…good luck!

Jane on

Interestingly enough, Jack White (Who Renee was dating) has apparently gotten married to a young britsh model – And there was no mention of them ever dating, no pictures or anything – Very strange.

M on

I remember reading that she “is just so into him.” But who knows?

kiki on

I was just gona tel ye all to check out the photos of her at the unveiling of her star on the walk of fame. Her boobs definatly look bigger and she is a lttle thicker round the middle in comparison with photos a while back.
Jack White got married on a canoe in the Amazon River to model Karen Elson who featured in a Recent white stripes video. Meg White acted as maid of honour. I guess he wasn’t that upset over Renee!

esker on

i personally think it´s the “jennifer-lopez-syndrome”: jennifer was so much in love with ben affleck and he left her and woahh right after that she married marc anthony as if she would like to tell everybody (and especially ben affleck) “look, i´m in love with that guy and who the hell is ben affleck whom i called “my king” six months ago?”
it could be the same with renee. i mean, she looked so much in love with jack white…they were dating until november 04 and then she marries the next best guy…it just seems strange to me.

sam on

I think Renee was just sick of waiting for mr right and settled for mr right now. But evan so if she can make it work then fare enough. Go 4 it!! And i dont think she’s pregnant because i think she would be smart enough to not go out in public so soon after the news broke about the wedding so all kinds of speculation would calm down-but she didn’t.

elisabeth on

She could be — the photo released from their wedding could be airbrushed, or she might just be very early in the pregnancy.

OTOH, I remember that everyone thought Tea Leoni was pregnant when she and David Duchovny got married so quickly, and she wasn’t. So I guess only time will tell.