Paris squared: Paris engaged to Paris

06/01/2005 at 05:38 PM ET

Paris_squared_1Paris Hilton is engaged to her boyfriend of 5 months, Greek shipping heir Paris Latsis. He proposed Wednesday. She is 24, he is 27. She has also said, "I want to have kids in the next two years, because I know that completes your life."

I know I can’t be the only one wondering if they will name their future kid Paris. 

When do you think they will announce a pregnancy?

Thanks to CBB Reader Emily.

Source: People


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Anonymous on

< > “Hello?” “Hi, yes, may I speak with Paris?” “Which one?” “Pardon? I’m looking for Paris Latsis.” “Yes, yes, Paris, Sr., the father, Paris, the mother, Paris, Jr. or little Miss Paris?” “Never mind.” < >

Shan on

HaHa!!! I wonder id they would go that far as to name their daughter AND son (when they have children, if they do) after both of them. I think it may be a first???
I heard on a Australian radio station this morning. They had a clip of her saying that she wants to have a child in the next two years because “it would fulfil her”-i dont think thats a reason to bring an infant into this world. Also she said when asked if they would call it Paris she said full seriously “Why not? Of course i would!”
Sooo…Weird! Good Luck to them!

Donnarae on

i do believe paris the man is only 22 years old….paris the girl said she met him in a night club when she was 16 and he was 14 and david letterman wanted to know what kind of club let them in…

Mi-Kai' on

Very funny!! he he… Paris..why aren’t answerming me?? He he…

I don’t think her mother is pleased… she is probably with child. If not she she probably just wants to upstage her former bff(Nicole Richie).

kiki on

I actually read somewhere that Paris would like to name a future child Paris and that she wants a baby in the next year. Hey maybe the wedding will be in Paris too! hee hee

Jennifer on

i was watching a talk show yesterday and
Paris Hilton actually says that she met Paris Latsis when she was 16 and he was 14 wouldn’t that mean that she’s older…every article I read says that his 27 and she’s 24??

Bianca on

I recently read an interview that Paris Hilton did in which she mentions that she wants to have both a boy and a girl so that she can name them Paris and London. I am not sure which name will go with which gender, though…

Bianca on

I recently read an interview where Paris Hilton mentioned that she wanted to have both a boy and a girl so that she could name them Paris and London. I don’t know which name would go with which gender, though… guess we’ll have to wait and find out.

Jenn on

(With tongue placed firmly in cheek!)
I think they should have a London and a Sydney. There are more names that would go with that vein but I can’t grasp any at the moment. 🙂
I just hope she’ll be happy, she’s so young (this coming from someone who wed at 18!) lol!

lydia on

i think this whole baby thing for her is just keeping up with the trends. she just wants to be hot and happening like gwyneth and britney ect..

Maria on

As soon as humanly possible? Who knows… maybe Paris wants to time it so she can share a birthday with her kid (in February) ;o)

Say on

I heard that if she had a girl she wanted to name her China/Chynna and a boy she wanted to name London.

If the wedding happens, it’ll probably be awhile before she has kids. (2 years +)

Shelley on

I think she’s just doing it to try to change her image… Nicole grew up, changed her ways, got engaged, now I think Paris trying to do the same thing. It just doesn’t seem genuine. She’s all about the press. Period.

heather on

I’m thinking only if by accident, I don’t see her as a “mother figure”. Since they love to party so much. But it can be something that can def. change your life for the good! you never know what is going to happen in her life.

kiki on

I just found this quote and I’m still dbating whether it’s sarcasim or not. Paris H says:”I’ll have to get married in Paris, of course, and I’ll call the kids Paris I
and Paris II”. I really don’t think its beyond her but shouldn’t that be Paris III and Paris IV. who knows?

Jen on

I read somewhere (online I think) that she wanted to have a daughter named Paris & name a son London. I’m sorry, but 3 people in a family named Paris!!! Thats just a little too much there.

Bea on

The most recent People quoted her as saying they would name a son Paris and a girl London.

Stina on

Actually ‘Say’ was right. Paris said she would like to name her daughter China and her son London.

Anonymous on

Oh, just name the kids Bangkok and Kowloon and get it over with!

Shell on

I heard her say on Conan O’Brien that she thought the names China and London were ‘cool’ names, and that Conan was a geek name… LOL Maybe this is where the so-called baby names came from????

Gigi on

His mother and family (the Latsis one) are definitely not gonna let him marry this little sl.. They are serious people, and one of the most wealthy and respected families in Europe. Plus they would never let their son go and live permanently in the US. Their business is in Europe and every Greek parent wants their child next to them. Or say Paris moves to Greece or Switzerland? Lol, and leave all this crap she does behind? No way, it’s just publicity