Celebrity PregWatch June 2005

06/01/2005 at 06:00 AM ET

From our January List:
Gwen Stefani & Gavin Rossdale
Catherine Zeta-Jones & Michael Douglas (#3)
Jamie-Lyn DiScala (the Sopranos might be able to work her pregnancy into the plot or maybe she’s waiting for shooting to end so she can get pregnant)
Tori Spelling
Sarah Jessica Parker & Matthew Broderick (#2)
John Travolta & Kelly Preston (#3)
Cindy Crawford & Randy Gerber (#3)
Kate Beckinsale (#2)
Adam & Jackie Sandler
Bjork & Matthew Barney (#3)
Paul & Heather McCartney (#2)
Donald Trump & Melania Knauss
Ben Stiller & Christine Taylor (#2) – PREGNANT
Britney Spears & Kevin Federline – PREGNANT

June 2005 Updates:
Reese Witherspoon & Ryan Phillippe (#3)
Carmen Electra & Dave Navarro
Jennifer Lopez and Marc-Anthony(her #1, his #4)
Hilary Swank & Chad Lowe
Kevin Costner & Christine Baumgartner
Billy Joel & wife Kate
Scott Wolf & Kelly Limp
Rebecca Budig & Bob Guiney
Marisol and Rob Thomas (Matchbox 20)
Trista and Ryan

Sarah adds:
Brooke Shield & Chris Henchy (#2) – has said she will be starting IVF again soon
Liz Hurley & Arun Nayer (her #2)
Courteney Cox-Arquette & David Arquette (#2)

Julie adds:
Christina Aguilera & Jordan Bratman
Leonardo DiCaprio & Gisele Bundchen
Madonna & Guy Ritchie (#3)
Jason Priestley & Naomi Lowde

No way, no how
Lance Armstrong & Sheryl Crow – just broke up
David Duchovny & Tea Leoni – have said they’re done (Redbook)

Who do you think is next?  Please remember that PregWatch is not who you WANT to get pregnant, but who you THINK will most likely get pregnant soon. 


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maginelly on

I bet Paris will get pregnant pretty soon if she does go through with the marriage. She has talked about having kids a lot- sort of like Britney- so I wouldn’t be surprised!

Carri on

I think Rob & Amber from Amazing Race\Survivor will be soon as well

Vanessa on

I’m wondering where you got the information that Lance and Sheryl broke up. All I can find is information that has them still together and in love as little as 6 days ago.

Sabrina on

Wow, I cant believe Lance & Sheryl broke up, that’s news to me!

V on

Lance Armstrong & Sheryl Crow – just broke up

where did you read this i just saw an article about them that said that they were still going strong and all the reports that they were breaking up were false
i could be wrong though..i might have missed something

moli on

i think Nicky & Georgina Byrne will have a baby soon

lea on

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise!!!I wouldn’t be surprised!!

tink1217 on

Paris Hilton, if she actually makes it to the alter and stays married, that is! I also heard about the Sheryl Crow/Lance Armstrong breakup but they denied it days later. Who knows!!

I also think Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey will have a baby in the next two years. I am hoping Reese and Ryan will have a #3 soon. Its a shame David and Tea are done, they make cute kids!

Baileyswedishfish on

Renee Zellweger and Kenny Chesney…and Russell Crowe and his wife…#2

Sarah, CBB Editor on

Lance and Sheryl ARE together, the week that we made the list, either People or Us reported that they had broken up, and I passed the info on to Danielle-but in this week’s Us, it says that they are together.

Lily on

Maybe Kate Hudson. Goldie Hawn just said in People that she thinks Kate & Chris would like to make her a grandmother again.

Rachel on

I agree about Paris – she has talked about it and I think she’s the type that would try now and get pregnant before the wedding.

Lindsay on

I only heard about Lance Armstrong and Sheryl Crow in the tabloid reports. Unless I read it in people I’m not going to believe it. Although I believe they probably won’t have a kid anytime soon.

As for whose next here’s my list (going by the other people’s comments I might add):
Paris Hilton
Rob and Amber

Ashton and Demi?? (I know they’ve shrugged off reports their pregnant but the tabloids keep reporting that they are and who knows… just a theory I had)

Carolyn on

I can see Brad Pitt adopting a baby on his own, like Angelina Jolie did, bc he always talks about how much he loves kids and how they would make his life perfect.. I also see Paris and Paris having one, and there are reports that Julia Roberts wants ANOTHER!

Kelly on

I know it’s going in and out that Jennifer Garner is pregnant…but I CAN’T WAIT till her baby is born

Tam on

Halle Berry. I saw a magazine article about it this weekend.

Barb on

Jessica Simpson & Nick Lachey

Nicole on

Keanu Reeves and girlfriend Lynn Collins could very well make a baby soon, the two have been inseparable for months and although they’re not married, he never married his previous gf he got pregnant.

Courtney on

Actually I just read that Lance and Sheryl say that the break-up rumors are totally false and they are still very much together………so who knows?

Erica on

Actually, there are conflicting reports as to if Lance and Sheryl broke up or not. I read something yesterday that said they’re still together.

Also, Brooke Shields is working to get off her antidepressants. After she successfully accomplishes that, she will start IVF.

Lauren on

Kenny Chesney and Renee Zellweger. I think by this time next year they will be expecting. 🙂

Kathy on

i think cameron diaz and justin timberlake would make good parents. and what about christina applegate and jonathan schaech (sp??). i’d like to see gwyneth paltrow and chris martin have another baby.

Audra on

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes… better stock up on vitamins.

Dennis Quaid and his new wife would make lovely children.

Prince William and his gf… don’t you know that would make the queen see red.

Ashton on

Maybe Renee Zellwegger and Kenny Chesney will be next. I’d love to see Tim McGraw and Faith Hill with another one.

Mel on

I heard that Sheryl Crow and Lance Armstrong DIDN’T break up…the rumors are just that…rumors. Apparantly she confirmed yesterday that they are STILL dating…so yay for that cuz they are cute! 🙂

Erin Walker on

I’m sure Eddie Vedder and Jill McCormick will have another in a year,I’m sure Ed would want Olivia to have a sibling.

And I’m STILL wagering on Trent Reznor.What’s wrong with having a bit of faith?I hope he has a daughter,she’ll be so pretty,like one them Madame Alexander dolls.

lea on

I say Tom Cruise and katie Holmes!!

Carrie on

Sheryl and Lance did not break-up. They were just in Texas together for a Livestrong event. Plus, Sheryl was on “Extra” a couple days ago denying reports that she and Lance broke-up.

Jen on

I guess the thing that bothers me about these lists is that is pre-supposes that the next progression after marriage is to have a baby. While, yes, many people obviously do choose to have children, it, in a way, “abnormalizes” those people who don’t have children (either by choice or circumstance). I know that obviously isn’t the intention of these lists, but in a way, I think it’s another example of how the media in general somehow idealize the notion of “you get married and then you procreate” It goes without saying that not everyone WANTS children, nor should some people HAVE children just for the sake of saying they have them or because it’s what’s expected of them in society. I think more emphasis should be placed on those people who choose NOT to be parents – and that we, on this board, shouldn’t put people on the list who don’t explicitly say they are INTERESTED in having children in the first place. Just my 2 cents. I always think of the couples who might not want kids and how these lists fail to realize that’s a very responsible thing to do if you don’t think you are capable or simply don’t want to have children. Don’t jump on me for these comments…it’s just something nit-picky that I wanted to point out.

jane on

halle berry – I read that too (she said she wanted to get a sperm donor, like Jodie Foster)
chris & kate (no 2)
chris & gwyneth (no 2)

I think Brad will wait until he finds a nice woman who will carry his natural child. And I think Tom Cruise is infertile, but maybe more vitamins will help for that condition, too…

Rici on

I think that Jessica simpson and Her husband are going to have a baby.

Becky on

Kelly Brook and Billy Zane #1 for both.
Kate Winslet and Sam Mendes # 3 for her # 2 for him.
Leonardo Dicaprio And Gisele Bunchen #1 for both.

Jennie on

I also think Paris will be pregnant soon.
And Carmen Electra, SJP and Liz Hurley.

ally on

i think reese will be pregnat with their #3

Kily on

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes

Tonia on

Lance Armstrong and Sheryl Crow didn’t break up.

Ellie on

Louise & Jamie Redknapp, I recently read in Hello magazine that they are not going to leave it a long time before they start trying for baby number 2, as they don’t know if Louise’s endometriosis has returned and the longer they leave it the more difficult it could be to concieve.

ellie on

Louise & Jamie Redknapp, I recently read in Hello magazine that they are not going to leave it a long time before they start trying for baby number 2, as they don’t know if Louise’s endometriosis has returned and the longer they leave it the more difficult it could be to concieve.

Carolyn on

AHH I really want Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin to have another baby… I think Apple is so cute, and it would be interesting to see what they would name the next one!

Dory on

Well seeing as i know she IS pregnant i dont think it counts lol

But Chris Cornell (Soundgarden, Audioslave etc) and Vicky are expecting their second child. so yeah…add them to the list ;D lol

Lisa on

Havent heard Gwyn and Chris. I know they are already talking about it.

megan on

Christina applegate said on the view this week that she’d like to have a baby after her show…she says her man’s ready. 🙂

Ashton on

I forgot one..Mariska Hagerty from Law & Order SVU..I think her and her hubby will have one soon. I adore her!

T on

Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prince Jr.

Raincitygirl on

I highly doubt Heather Mills McCartney would have another baby. She had to have surgery to fix one of the metal plates in her pelvis after she gave birth to her daughter with Paul McCartney. Apparently the pregnancy caused a lot of complications from the damage caused by the long-ago car accident in which she had lost a leg. Not a huge surprise that someone who has a damaged pelvis would have difficulty with late-term pregnancy, when there’s so much extra weight bearing down on the pelvis.

The news article in which I read about the surgery didn’t say that she had a lot of pain, but I imagine that would’ve also been a factor. A woman I know who had to have several surgeries on her back and pelvis when she was a child recently gave birth to her first baby, and in the third trimester she developed severe pain from the strain on the bones. And of course, when you’re pregnant, there aren’t a lot of safe painkillers. She doesn’t intend to have another baby because of the risks. And she was lucky compared to Heather Mills McCartney. Not only did she not need additional corrective surgery after the birth, she didn’t even need a Caesarean (and all through the pregnancy, the doctor and midwife had said there was at least an 80% chance she would, but she got lucky).

Lillian on

I think Courtney Cox and David Arquette along with Julia Roberts and Danny Moder.
Maybe Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony

kiki on

Check out the photos of Demi Moore on Dana’s (bottom of page). I know this is an old old topic but she definately looks like she’s hiding something. In the first pic I can see what looks like the rounded edge of a bump just below the purse she’s positioned in front of her stomach.Judging by the time the rumors started she’d be 4-5 months right? I wonder.

Marilyn on

Ashton & Demi. Have you noticed there haven’t been many pictures of them lately and the ones that are in magazines, she always has a large handbag in front of her stomach and/or a long coat/jacket. If she already is pregnant, I wish she’d announce it, as she’d be almost five months along (according to magazines). Star magazine said she’s having a boy, although I don’t know how they would know.

Kayla on

I definately hope that Reese has another. Ryan was on Jay Leno a few weeks ago and Jay said how many children do you have. Ryan hesitated before he answered 2 beautiful children. Who knows?

There was one couple I was suprised to not see on your list. Chad Murray and Sophia Bush. I read in Us or something that he is ready and they are actually trying to work in her pregnancy(if she does become pregnant) into One Tree Hill. Again, who knows? But these are the 2 couples i want to have babies!

Joni on

IN fact, Sheryl and Lance are growing strong and expecting….I got this information from a BANDMATE of Sheryl’s.

timothy on

when lil kim have a baby?

Sarah, CBB Editor on

–IN fact, Sheryl and Lance are growing strong and expecting….I got this information from a BANDMATE of Sheryl’s.–

Interesting, seeing as Lance and his first wife had to do IVF to conceive after his testicular cancer. I assume Sheryl will have to do something like it as well?

Ally on

Sarah, are you saying that Sheryl is already expecting? And yes, she would have to go through IVF to have a child with Lance. She’s over 40, so I wouldn’t be suprised if they are trying to have a baby soon.

Jamie on

Star Jones and Al Reynolds. Star Jones will be pregnant by the end of the year if she isn’t slready pregnant already. she probably had to wait since Elisabeth Hasselbeck just had her baby. the show probably needed a space between pregnancies.

Sarah, CBB Editor on

No Ally, I don’t know of her being pregnant. Yet anyhow.

Erin Walker on

I’m supriesd that you overlooked Tiger Woods and Elin on the ‘PregWatch’ list.They said that they’re planning on a family within a year.

Erin Walker on

And what about Conan O’Brien and his wife?Neve is a cuitepie and I thin he’ll have another that’s just as cute as he is.

Patti on

I read Sheryl wasn’t into having a pregnancy now, and that she’s happy helping with his kids. And yeah, they’d have to do IVF. Also, Lance has said his family is complete. Not in tabloids, either, reputable publications. And there was at least one “real” publication that mentioned a split, then a week later they said no. Could’ve been a temporary rift, all couples have ’em, and when you’re in the public eye, the rumor mills will jump on it in a flash, before the couple even knows, usually!
I think Tom is more into Tom than anything else, I am losing respect for him fast. Said Mimi was the sterile one as partial excuse for their divorce(Nicole was in there too)then she had a baby after he and Nic adopted, then swore Nic’s miscarriage just prior to separation wasn’t his, so I wonder if he thought/knew he was sterile, but there are interventions for men too, or even the women on extra hormones can overcome low sperm count. Now everything is Katie, I hear and see less and less of him with the 2 kids, and while I can see Katie wanting kids, I suspect Tom wants to be babied, not make one, at least not now.

I don’t think this is an offensive or irresponsible or presumptious blog, I think everyone I’ve seen mentioned has been people who have spoken of wanting kids or at least loving to be with kids. And I don’t think the celebs are reading often, or feeling any pressure from what us mere mortals say!

Patti on

Oh, and Star Jones went from “I really want to meet Mr Right soon so I can have a baby before it’s too late”, to “Al & I want a baby right after we’re married”, to “we’re leaving it up to God”, to “we’re going to try raising a dog first”,to ” we can’t even agree on a dog!” and especially during Elisabeth’s pregnancy, comments on not envying what she was going through, and not sure she would ever want to experience it herself, after all. I think the hubby would still like one, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s an adoption now, which is good too, the child wouldn’t want for anything, including love.

Riley on

I don’t think that katie holmes and Tom Cruise will have a baby anydays because their romance is fake!Moreover,Tom can’t have children, you know…

Ashley on

I read in a magazine recently that Cate Blanchett would like more kids, but had to talk to her husband about it first.
So maybe they’ll have another one soon!

Candice on

I’m gonna say Mariska Hargitay. She’s made it very clear that she wants a child soon.

Erin Walker on

I think one of my pregnancy prediction has come true-Conan O’Brien and his wife Liza are expecting Baby No.2 in November.
It’s not offical yet,but Conan’s little girl Neve is a cutie like her Dad.He’s my favorite talk show host.

Susan on

I think Christina Aguilera, Paris Hilton, Nicole Ritchie, Jessica Simpson, Eva Longoria, Julia Stiles, and Reese Witherspoon.
I read a tabloid (so Im doubting it) that Demi and Bruce divorced b/c his lack of compassion after she miscarried at 8-9 wks. After a m/c sometime ppl are reluctant to announce the pregnancy even until the third tri.

Erin Walker on

Mabye Courtney Love might have another one-I know,but mabye another child would mellow her out.I’m sure there would be a lot of speculation on who the father is,I mean she does go around a lot.

Erin Walker on

Have you heard anything on Conan O’Brien yet?Someone posted on the babynames.com ‘Celebrity/Character Names
message board an artice in which he said that he and his wife are expecting in the fall.

Harper on

I think Gillian Anderson and her new husband Julian Ozanne will have a baby together. During her X files days before she got divorced from Piper’s father, Gillian said she wanted more kids.

kisha on

the next people who i am sure will get pregnat is Janet Jackson, Queen Latifah, Missy Eliot, and Beyonce

kisha on

maybe ciara will get pregnat soon

Erin Walker on

Well,y’know,there seems to be a rumor every week that a celebrity is expecting.As I learned time and time again,
there are telltale signs .Here’s the signs to separate the truth from the bogus.

One signs you can tell she has a baby on the way is when
she’s drinking somthing healthful like water or milk rather than
the usual Red Bull or Starbucks Frappe’

If a always bottle blonde female has gone to the
dark side in her hair color,that’s another sure sign she
PG.Because of the chems in hair dye products,the
golden tresses take a backseat.

Before the belly gets big,her chest goes from
a to Double-D because they are lactating for breast milk.

If she’s a chain smoker and she suddenly
does’nt have her ugly accessoriy,she’s
defionaly pregnant,that was the main telltale
sign that Britney Spears had a bun in the oven.

I was reading that issue of “Glamour”and they had those signs
in there,I thought I’d share those with you.

Jules21 on

Faith and Tim #4?

MuffThumb on

I cant believe how many people correctly predicted the Cruises would get pregnant! EVERYBODY saw that coming!! LOL