Tom Cruise criticizes Brooke Shield's use of anti-depressants during her post-partum depression

05/25/2005 at 06:51 AM ET

Tomoprahdeathlock2Because he hasn’t been hogging the tabloids, talk shows and gossip news shows enough with his "relationship" with almost half his age Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise decided to stir up some controversy by criticizing Brooke Shields’ use of anti-depressants for her post-partum depression following the birth of her daughter Rowan.  (Screenshot of Tom goosing Katie on his May 23rd appearance on Oprah, from Defamer.)

During an interview for Access Hollywood, Tom told interviewer Billy Bush that Brooke’s treatment of her post-partum depression with the anti-depressant Paxil was misguided or a mistake.  Instead, he says, she should have taken… vitamins.  VITAMINS??? Tom is an active member of the Church of Scientology which is vehemently opposed to the use of "mind-altering drugs." 

Tom told Billy, "These drugs are dangerous. I have actually helped people come off.  When you talk about postpartum, you can take people today, women, and what you do is you use vitamins. There is a hormonal thing that is going on, scientifically, you can prove that. But when you talk about emotional, chemical imbalances in people, there is no science behind that. You can use vitamins to help a woman through those things."

The interview airs Thursday night.

I would like to know when Tom Cruise last gave birth and suffered from post-partum depression OR when he attended medical school.  If he hasn’t done it, which I am pretty sure he hasn’t, he has no business criticizing anyone’s medical treatment.  If you don’t believe in use of psychiatric drugs, don’t use them yourself.  You don’t need to tell other people they are making a mistake, especially if they feel it has helped them. 

Source: The New York Daily News

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Natalee on

Amen, sister! When I read this outrageous statement yesterday, I thought exactly what you said. Mr. Cruise is entitled to his opinion and is free to worship his religion, but until he actually experiences something of the magnitude of post-partum, which obviously as a man, he can’t, then he needs to keep his opinions to himself. This was tantamount to a slap in the face to Brooke Shields, someone who has shown courage in publicly revealing her struggle.

Joanne on

This is just so wrong of him. I really hope no one who was taking antidepressants and watching this show decided to take his advice and go off of them for…vitamins.

Stina on

I agree that he is off base to say something like that. I feel he has the right to think it, or feel that way. But to go and say it on national TV, thats really harsh. I think that Brooke seems like a great mother, and whatever helped her become that way, great…

Liz In Portland on

TOM CRUISE IS AN IDIOT attacking Brooke Shields…

First he makes an a** of himself on Oprah, and then tell the world, including his children and the mother of them that he has never felt love like what he feels for Katie Holmes before….

Then he attacks Brooke Shields for taking prescription drugs to treat post partum depression…
That he is a SCIENTOLOGIST and he can treat her with VITAMINS… to add insult to injury he claims her career is over.

What gives him the right to judge anyone just because he is a SCIENTOLOGIST???? what an IDIOT!!!!!! What does he know about anything??? He never even went to college? Brooke went to PRINCETON.


michelle anne on

ok so when did he give birth and go threw post natal depression I ust of mised that part? I need meds If I have to watch one more second of his fathering love for kate ..anyone else find his behavior for her like a dad with his kid? well besides the mking out ,but haven’t really seen them full fledged makeout,(not that I want to) she seems awefully uncomforatble with him.Wonder if she is still a virgin as she keeps claiming she is?

Allison on

First off let me say that after watching Tom on Oprah I can’t help but think he has completely lost his mind. I found the whole show creepy from start to finish. And Oprah completely played into it!
His comments regarding treating post-partum depression with vitamins are totally irresponsible and dangerous.I hope Access Hollywood has enough sense to run a disclaimer with his comments.

ekaterina on

I agree-
How awful for Brooke to hear someting like this when she feel comfortable actually talking about her expereinces with PPD-
I think Tom has been into something himslef-
he was a mess on oprah and i was actually embarrassed for him-
perhaps that is why he needs to take the focus off of himself-
Power to him if he does not need medication to aid him in his life- but dont put down those who may

NikkiB on

What a moron! I hope his comment does some damage to his career. Its was a really ignorant thing to say!

meghan on

he also stated that her career had gone down hill since she had rowan. what a total jerk.

Rachel on

I’m really not liking Tom Cruise after this statement. Danielle, you hit the nail on the head. He really should keep his big mouth shut!

Seven on

Oh thank GOD for Mr. Cruise saving the world one depressed woman at a time. After seeing his appearance on Oprah I think he needs to go on some of those mind-altering drugs. Ritalin is a godsend you know, Tom. I think Brooke should be praised for making a brave battle public, something that would have been heavily criticized in the past.

carol on

Why are you wasting space in this blog about this? Brooke’s situation was so long ago. I’m not a fan of Brooke Shields, but I’m sure what she did for her post-partum depression was under the direction of her doctor. Tom Cruise has no business sticking his nose in this.

Whitney (Mommies with Style) on

It always amazes me when people think they can talk about something they haven’t been through – or never will.

Considering that Tom hasn’t been pregnant – and won’t be giving birth any time soon (and therefore going through postpartum) he should stick to what he knows.

That’s just obnoxious – I’m sure it took courage for Brooke to come forward and be so open about her struggle.

Kelly on

Says Tom, “There is a hormonal thing that is going on, scientifically, you can prove that. But when you talk about emotional, chemical imbalances in people, there is no science behind that.”

Could Mr. Cruise explain to me how a chemical imbalance has no scientific evidence behind it? And in my mind, hormonal changes are imbalances in the chemicals of my body!

kat on

Yes, when has Tom ever given birth to a baby? Ever? I didn’t think so.

Sarah, CBB Editor on

He needs to keep his nose in his own business. She feels that they worked for her, and that’s all that matters.

Uma Andersson on

OK, I have never suffered through PPD, but I have carried five babies in my life, six if we count the one I lost, so I think I still have a right to talk a little about PPD. As a woman, yes, I believe I have that right, however, as a man, as an arrogant, self-indulgent, delusional, self-centred, affected, closet homosexual I really think that Tom has absolutely no right to pry into this affair. BRAVO to Brooke for her strength of conviction to come out talk about this oh so secretive (WHY?) suffering that women around the world go through, but a big BOOOOOOO to that unravelling, manic psycho-ranter who’s, in my opinion, career should be setting too. My comment about his being a closet homosexual are not a jibe at Tom to be spiteful, I really, truly believe this. If not homosexual, then something. Whoever said it had the bull by the horns, proverbially, by saying that K.Holmes looks uncomfortable with him. She looks like a deer in headlights, not really knowing what the hell is going on. With C.Klein, she always looked intimate, her body language was facing CK, but with Tom, she is like, stiff, closed and her body language says: I am totally HIDING something. And thank you for mentioning his kids, poor things, to hear him say such things when their mother is someone who shared a loving, mutual relationship….wait a sec, I always found their relationship so put on too!! Don’t y’all?

Maria on

While I do love Tom Cruise, I think he’s coming WAY out of left field with that criticism.
One: where’s his uterus cred, seriously? When he became a parent, he was certainly nowhere near one (since his kids are adopted).
Two: whether you agree or disagree with antidepressants, it certainly is not your business to criticize, unless it’s because Brooke is is long-lost sister or something and you’re deeply involved in her well-being.
And three: I’d like to know where he got his degree in pharmacology or psychiatry. In his spare time since he’s delivered a good movie, perhaps?


Allison on

I have always thought that Tom Cruise was a little off his rocker, but his Oprah interview and this ridiculous comment about Brooke Shield’s use of antidepressants really seals the deal. He says he is against “mind-altering drugs?” Well, his appearance on Oprah and this ludicrious statement make me wonder if he is actually on some type of mind-altering drug himself! “Me thinkest thou doth protest too much….”

Nicola on

What is happening to this guy? Why does he care what medication Brooke Shields took in the past? How does this affect him? And what is with the whole Katie Holmes thing? Don’t get me wrong, an age difference is fine (my husband and I have 19 years between us), but he’s gone over the edge on this one, treats her like a favourite child, and she looks scared to death and highly uncomfortable. Its as if she’s afraid to end it now, as he’d lose it completely. Weird, weird, weird.

VSA on

I believe that Tom Cruise is right and sometimes the truth is hard to hear. I don’t think he should have directed his commentary at Brooke or any woman for that matter. As a woman its easy to take offense to something like that but I am a woman and I can agree with the truth that altering your state of mind with use of a drug can be potentially dangerous. Most drugs we consider illegal alter our minds and way of thinking. Just because someone has said it is legal (like Marijuana is in some states)doesn’t make it healthy or whats best for you. To each their own. But i think Tom may be taking his faith into other peoples lives and even scientology does not promote his way of thinking and going about this.

julie on

I agree with Tom. And I thought that this was a country where free speech was encouraged. He is entitled to his opinion and he is also entitled to voice it.

Ella on

He is an idiot!!

kf on

Someone mentioned that it seemed like he had lost his mind and I think that is literally what has happened. I think he has allowed Scientolgoy so much power over him that he is now completely removed from the real world and doesn’t even realize when he is acting like a total loon or realize that the things he is saying are so hurtful and ignorant.

Gingi on

The older I get, the more annoying I find him, and I wanted to be a figher pilot after I saw Top Gun. At this point, Tom Cruise can bite me. He’s entitled to his opinion (albeit sexist) but why he felt the need to share it on national TV is beyond me.

- on

Run, Katie, run!

Carolyn on

Scientologists believe we are all part of this alien form who came down to earth and fought a big battle. They don’t believe in pyschiatry or therapy of any kind or any medications involving those type of treatments. “Regular” people who become members literally hand over thousands and thousands of dollars to the “church” and alienate their families. Celebrity scientologists (which include Juliette Lewis, John Travolta, Mimi Rogers, Jason Lee, Erika Christensen, Jenna Elfman, Danny & Chris Masterson, Giovanni & Marissa Ribisi, Beck)all spout the same things as Cruise.

The whole thing is very bizarre. I didn’t see the show but what was Billy’s response to all of that?

mizj on

He’s entitled to an opinion, and I’m entitled to think he’s an uneducated idiot for saying it.

It’s fun to watch his mental breakdown on national TV. I’d suggest he go to a psychiatrist, but that’s against his cult — oops, I mean, his “religion.”

Hopefully Brooke gets a laugh out of the reactions to his comments, and ignores the dig at her career.

cv on

He has no right to speak about this…he has made an A## of himself.

anon on

I’ve seen my fiance struggle to come off of Paxil and how dangerous it really is (and it is dangerous…I was scared to death when I started reading some of the medical literature on it). I have a degree in psychology and, with that knowledge, have become very against psychiatric drugs—for the most part. However, in this case, I think Brooke was justified in using them because she had a child to take care of, and it might have been the only way for her to function properly as a mother. But I do agree with everyone here that Tom is a huge jerk. He is so arrogant that I can’t even stand watching him anymore.

cv on

I agree, he looked like a pompous idiot on Oprah.

Amy E. on

between this dumbass statement and that bizaare appearance on Oprah I think his publicist needs to sit down and have a chat with him about when to keep your mouth shut.

brave on

he may live to regret his statement if he has more children with his current flame or someone else or lives through perimenopause with someone :-).

Patti on

Tom- You have just knocked back any progress you’d achieved in regaining the affection of the women of America after leaving Nicole in the manner you did. But then, I am not totally shocked at his comments re: PPD, given that he required a DNA test before he’d believe the child Nicole miscarried prior to separation was his, and years ago he said he’d left Mimi because she was the infertile one in their union, but I notice she now has biological children. I think he’s an egotistical jerk, and not only insults Brooke and others, but gives Scientology a bad rep too. There are plenty of other celebs in Scientology that do not take this sanctomonious, know it all attitude. And yes, Katie looked much more natural with CK and Joshua Jackson before that. AS I recall, that unfortunate mother in Texas who killed her 5 babies a few years back was on vitamins for PPD, her domineering hubby wouldn’t allow medications or family planning, but even he admits he was wrong. I hope Mr. Cruise hasn’t created such tragedy for any other families.

Carolyn on

His publicist is his sister Leeanne. As a publicist is paid a percentage, she therefore is paid by her brother. so I doubt she ever tells him what to do.

michelle anne on

I agree Allison,I mean he must of missed the part where brooke wanted to drive her car into a wall with the baby in it,uhm wonder what marical vitamines would cure that?

narab on

Does it bother anyone that Katie Holmes looks scared in so many of the pictures with Tom Cruise. Tom Cruise has crazy eyes…

halifaxhoney on

I think he’s lost his mind and about 99.9% of the woman who still liked him!

Renee Janice on

You know I am sick and tired of these people saying not to do this and that. Everybody is different and if taking medication helps you then there is nothing to be ashamed of. I don’t like Tom Cruise. Never have, never will. I have social anxiety disorder and suffer from depression. I have been on many meds. and finally have found paxil to be the one that works. I am not asheamed of taking it and for Tom to tell people not to take their meds is asking for alot of trouble. If you are on medication and someone tells you to stop taking it, don’t listen to them. Only listen to you doctor. They went through med school, they know what they are doing. Besides stop taking your meds suddenly can cause alot of side effects. Bottom line Tom can go stick it up his behind!

madina on

I love when men discuss ANY issue that only a woman can understand.

shal on

What loser! He has no real idea, and no medical experience…She should step on him…he s such a weird little nerd

Beth on

He’s just an ignorant tool. And I say that aside from any opinion he has on mind-altering drugs.
And to think I used to like him.

k on

Oh man, he’s going to SO regret every making the “Vitamin” comment. Once that interview airs, he’s screwed.

Jennifer R on

As a sufferer of PPD after my last child, I am downright OFFENDED that this man could say something like this. He has lost all of my admiration and respect, which is very sad because he has always been one of my favorites. Well, certainly not anymore. What a crock. I’d better stop now before I get my post deleted.

Lindsay on

I’m sorry but I’ve lost all respect for Mr. Cruise. I’m only 19 but I also read the article on him. I’m not insulting him but I think what Tom Cruise has to say is highly insulting to Brooke Shields and there’s no reason for him to be saying that. So what if he’s helped people come off drugs… let religion be separate people. Listen I’m a christian and I don’t try to force my ideas on other people. Lately he’s been annoying me more and more and there came a time I used to respect him but after he divorced Nicole he went downhill quick. What’s he thinking and trying to prove?

He has no business interfering in someone’s medical treatment and I certainly don’t claim I’m a doctor. Maybe he thinks he’s trying to help her or show off that he can be a doctor which obviously isn’t working…

Rachel on

Idiot, took, ignorant, wacko …. all of those words come to my mind when describing this man too.

Gotta love celebrities who like to share their opinions on stuff they know NOTHING about. Sorry, buddy, no medical degree … no medical opinion.

Total candidate for little man’s syndrome!

cv on

What is so sad about this is that it might undo whatever good Brooke Shields did by coming forward. Now woman who are going through PPD might think twice about seeking help, when help is what they really need.

Several people I know, including my husband, take anti-anxiety or anti depressant drugs, and I thank God for them. Many of them have tried other things and it just doesn’t cut it. Our bodies work off of chemicals…it doesn’t take much of an imbalance to throw things off. It isn’t the fault of the person using the meds, it is just something off in their body CHEMICALLY. Not mentally.

Nicole on

When he goes through depression and trys to treat it with vitamins, then we’ll see what he’s saying. Fool

SK on

Renne Janice – I totally agree. Amen! I’m so tired of people telling other people what to do. Some people cannot pull themselves out of a deep depression, etc without anti-depressants. I do think it should not be done lightly, but some people need them to survive their lives.

knowsit13 on

When one of Tom’s kids is diagnosed with OCD or anxiety, and he tries to treat the child with vitamins, lets see how he does.

And next time Tom has a baby and suffers from postpartum depression, lets give him lots of vitamins, and see how he does.

Brooke Shields is a fine actress, and was a corageous mother before her daughter was born, Tom needs to make a public apology and then disappear.

Nishka on

Congradulatlions TOM, you’ve just made a poplation of mothers VERY mad at you!

Tom Cruise = Pompus Ignoramus!!!

Jessica on

What a jerk! I am going to seriously rethink whether I want to spend my hard earned money going to see his movies. Something is very wrong with that man, his behavior on Oprah was nothing short of humiliating.

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