Kate, Lily, and Len out this weekend

05/16/2005 at 08:28 AM ET

Lilly Lilly1 Again, thanks to Jenn.

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shal on

What a cute fam…too bad she’s smoking..how tacky!

Stina on

I know she is not breathing in her childs face, but it really bugs me when parents smoke around their children. I guess it’s better outside than in a car with all the windows up.

Sienna on

It is too bad that she’s smoking. I still can’t get over her hair, it’s so gorgeous! And Lily is adorable too.

Anita on

Kate is so beautiful, she needs to throw down that cig!!

Magda on

I was never a fan of smoking in front of children

jane on

Comment deleted. Please do not attack other readers.

julie on

Kate is so pretty and so big deal she is smoking, outside with lots of fresh air i might add. If people think that they can shelter their children from smoke or whatever other crap is all in our air these days then they are crazy. People, please don’t put your child in a bubble. The smoke is so not affecting the child in this picture.

shal on

Yes, she is outside smoking, it won’t affect her child’s lungs but stats find that 62% of children whose parents smokes will indeed smoke…so regardless of the right to smoke or not, its a terrible selfish example…and TACKY! ..and no I am no American…it is not socially acceptable..

SK on

I agree that it’s none of my business whether people smoke (that aren’t in my family), but I feel sad because I’ve read a lot of actresses smoke because it helps reduce their appetite.

Sienna on

Everyone, although I don’t approve of Kate smoking, I would just like to remind you that rules on this board says that everything must be non-offensive and related to the topic. So just because I don’t want anyone kicked off, please stick to the topic! In the long run, yes, Kate’s smoking is going to affect the health of Lily.

Yonni on

Why does everything turn into a bash against Americans? You Americans..blah..blah..Jeez let’s just get along!

Patty on

If she wishes to ruin her health it’s her business – but she needs to think of her child. First – even if she is smoking outside or in another room – the smoke remains in her hair and clothes and will affect her child, Second – I would think she’d like to be around to see her child grow up and become a parent and thirdly – if she has to smoke in public – I’ll bet she smokes at home. But if she wants to kill herself – let her.

Aurelia on

I’d be more worried about the exhaust from all the SUVs than smoke from one piddily cigarette.

Kori on

aww I love love love Kate Beckinsale but she really ruined it for me here.
Who cares if they are outside. I can’t count how many times I have passed someone smoking OUTSIDE and gotten a few big whiffs of their nasty smoke. In the parking lot at a supermarket if someone is smoking halfway across the parking lot, you can still smell it. People don’t realize how nasty and heavy cigarette smoke is. So white-trash.

Orlen on

I love Kate Beckinsale and the fact she smokes doesnt bother me….tons of people smoke….she looks healthy over all….all people have habits…some worse than others….i just dont think people should be so judgemental over her shes just like anyone else.

Helen on

She may be outside – but the smoke still lingers on her and the child will inhale. Even if at home she smokes in another room – the smoke still lingers. Also – if she doesn’t care about her health – she should remember that she’s a mother and she needs to be around (as in alive) for as long as possible for her child.

Helen on

Even if she is outside – the smoke lingers on her and the child will eventually inhale. If she smokes at home and in another room – it’s the same. She also needs to remember that her child will need her for a long time and she should think about her own health for that reason.

Di on

Exhaust from an SUV has nothing to do with cigg. smoke. Plain and simple, smoking around your kids, inside or outside isn’t good for their health OR anyone elses.