Kiddos (and one Preggo!) at Madagascar Premiere

05/15/2005 at 09:55 PM ET

You can see more pics at AbacaUSA (they’re a public photo agency, so check them out if you want to.)

351621 Andy Richter and William (#2 is due in late summer.)

351592 Cedric the Entertainer with son Croix and daughter Lucky Rose.

351618 Bart and Liv Freundlich (mom is Julianne Moore).

351697_1 Pregnant Christine Taylor (due in July) and Ben Stiller.

351708 Chris and Malaak Compton-Rock with Lola and Zahra (first pic of her!) The girl on the bottom is not their child.

351679_1 Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith with Jaden and Willow.

351616 Julianne Moore and Cal Freundlich (dad and Liv in background.)

351649 Veronica Webb and Leila Robb. (Baby sis Molly stayed home.)

351694 Will and Willow Smith.

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Ally on

Is Ben pointing at Christine’s stomach so that we’ll actually believe she’s pregnant and not just bloated after a really big meal? Her tummy is nuts. Little Liv is still gorgeous, as is Veronica Webb’s daughter. She’s another supermodel in the making!

may on

i agree… christine’s due in july????

alice on

You both took the word right out of my mouth. She’s meant to be…what… 6 1/2 to 7 months pregnant?? I’m shocked and amazed! lol!

jeni on

Is Christine really due in July? That would make her 6 to 7 months pregnant??? She doesn’t even look 3 months pregnant! Lucky girl…

kiki on

my sentiments exactly where is Christine’s baby belly. she looks awesome for that far along, it looks impossible that she could be due in july

Sarah on

This is in no way meant to be a negative comment but Christine has been said to stuggle with an eating disorder. I think it is hard for her to allow pregnancy pounds to pack on. hopefully she and the baby will be ok.

joni on

Christine Taylor isn’t even wearing maternity jeans in her 7th month-that just doesn’t seem right! Amazing.

Roise on

I love the Smith family. They and the Philippe family are my favorite Hollywood families. Julianne Moore’s daughter is beautiful, and her kids got her great hair.

t on

I’m sorry but where is Christine Taylor’s pregnant belly? I think I need to get my eyes examined….

Suz on

Jada Pinkett is beyond gorgeous, does she ever look bad?

Lindsay on

Thanks for the photos Sarah! Their all great especially the photos of Will Smith. I’ve always respected him as an actor.

I also noticed the photos of Christine and there’s no way she can be due in July. Something is definately up. I hope everything is okay with her pregnancy.

alamina on

Aww, little William Richter looks like a little gentleman with his tie on 🙂

tink1217 on

Christine does not even look 3 months pregnant!!! Little Liv is so cute!! Willow looks like daddy Will. Andy Richter’s son is really cute too!

Jenn on

Liv Freundlich looks exactly like her mama! She’s adorable.

roni on

i agree… not trying to be rude here but, is anyone else concerned about the fact that she is having a baby in 2 months and is THAT little?

Marilyn on

Re Christine Taylor, I don’t know how she could be due in July. She looks about three months pregnant in that picture. Are we sure she’s due in July? Even if it’s late July, she looks incredibly small. I hope she does a lot of growing in the next two months.

ellie on

I’m sorry, but I’d be a bit scared if that was only how big my belly was at 7 months! She doesn’t even remotely look pregant!! Maybe it is just a bad angle, but seeing that just makes me sad and kind of scared for both her and the baby!

Jay on

I think Lola looks a lot like Chris. And Julianne’s daughter is so pretty.

Kacie on

Just saw Ben on Dave Letterman, and he said they know the sex of their baby but they are keeping it a secret he later slipped up and said “he”, and then said or she! could it be a baby boy stiller?!?!? time will tell!