Prince Albert of Monaco to sue publications for publicizing he has a love child

05/13/2005 at 08:39 AM ET

Prince Albert of Monaco is suing a newspaper and two magazines following revelations he’s the father of an ex-flight attendant’s son.

Nicole Coste, 33, told French publication Paris-Match that the 47-year-old prince – who took over the regency of Monaco shortly before his father Prince Rainier died last month – signed the child’s birth certificate, confirming he is 20-month-old Alexandre’s dad. However, furious Prince Albert is disgusted at the media for delving so deeply into his personal life – so he’s suing British newspaper The Daily Mail, German magazine Bunte and Paris-Match for breach of privacy.

Albert’s lawyer Thierry Lacoste has confirmed that DNA tests have been carried out – and prove the royal is the father.

Baby mama Coste revealed she met Albert on a French flight from Paris to Nice in July 1997, and gave birth to Alexandre in August 2003, after the Roman Catholic monarch persuaded her to keep the child.

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Maria on


….but on the plus side, the media now can shut up about him not having an heir! (Unless this baby doesn’t count because momma didn’t have royal blood?) :o(

Sarah, CBB Editor on

I don’t know why he’s so pissed at the media when DNA tests proved that it’s his son…? Yeah, it’s his personal life, but the baby is a potential heir if he is acknowledged, and the situation should be dealt with.

Clare on

Yeah, why is he so upset?
He’s royal and in the puplic eye so this news IS peoples business. If the story were NOT true I would understand. But as it is his baby why should it be a secret?

Also given that this baby is a boy that means he will be entitled to the throne, which rules out that American girl he supposedly fathered.
I am surprised he is not more careful. Imagine if Prince William were the same YIKES !!!

Marrit on

I’ve seen a picture of the little boy on t.v., such a cutie!

Patty on

The baby can not inherit the throne. It’s illegitimate. According to the rules under the constitution of Monaco, it has to be a legitimate offspring.

A biological child can only succeed to the throne if his or her parents are legally married. Thus, someone born out of wedlock, like Princess St├ęphanie’s youngest child Camille Gottlieb, cannot inherit the crown of Monaco. Such a person can succeed, however, if his or her parents subsequently marry. That does not appear to be the case here.

Patty on

I guess my last post didn’t go through. Oh well, according to Monaco’s constitution, the child cannot rule since his parents are not married. He is not a legitimate heir.

Notchka on

Comment deleted.

Chaton on

The kid doesn’t have to have royal blood (Grace Kelly didn’t), but he does have to be legitimate. And he isn’t. If Albert were to marry Miss Coste the kid would automatically be in line (like princess stephanie’s oldest two kids who were born before their parents marriage, but are now in line for the throne; her youngest isn’t). I have heard that they can become legitimate without marriage (like Rainier’s mother who was born out of wedlock to Prince Louis II) but usually only in extreme cases where there isn’t another heir. So unless they go out of their way to make him legitimate, I doubt he’s gonna become ruler.

Jessica Bird on

Although I agree that the baby’s mother is seeking money/fame, how do we know she “tricked” him into getting pregnant? There is just as good a chance that he doesn’t like to use condoms or that it was an accident. We don’t know. But however it happened, if he was already acknowledging that the baby was his (he did sign the birth certificate, yes?), then why did she have to go and sell her story to the tabloids? Sounds slimy to me.

Here is a link with a photo:

dana on

I feel sorry for little Alexandre that his mother would so carelessly jeopardize his future privacy by selling their story to a tabloid. Nicole Coste’s claims for speaking out – so that “Alexandre can grow up like a normal child with a father” – do not ring true.

Amy on

I agree that it is doubtful that Alexandre will ever become heir to his father. Years ago, when people were worried that Albert was never going to marry or have children, things were changed to allow Albert’s older sister, Princess Caroline, to fall in line behind her brother. After Caroline, her three oldest children, Andreas, Charlotte and Pierre, are next in line. The change was made to ensure Monaco’s independence for years to come.

Clare on

Ahhh…thanks for the info about who can be in line to the throne.

Cute baby. Sad situation.

Danielle, CBB Editor on

To Tana and Br8ghteyes,
Before you attack someone for saying something, make sure you are attacking the right person. Patty did NOT say this- it was someone else who calls themselves “Notchka.” She provided her email address so you should email her directly if what she said offended you.

I must have missed this comment otherwise I would have deleted it but if it is offensive, you can also email ME to tell me so I can remove the comment. My email address is on every page- under Menu.