Nurse in public — and in style

05/12/2005 at 04:29 PM ET

The BabyMina by Milkdudz allows Moms to nurse in style and privacy when they are out in public! It’s unique design is tailored to fit all sizes. It’s one long piece of fabric, the front part of the fabric is thicker, and folds over your shoulder to cover your upper torso and baby as you feed.

The back part folds over your back and is long enough to sit on – which keeps it in place even when your baby tugs at it! What’s great about the front too is that it now only allows for privacy, but it doesn’t cover the baby completely as other nursing blankets do – so you can still make eye contact with your baby.

Not only is the design efficient, but the fabric choices are sassy, stylish and will help nursing Moms lose the "frump factor" that they feel with so many nursing tops.

The BabyMina has a convenient inside pocket – great for storing nursing pads and burp clothes! It also folds up nicely for storage in your diaper bag.

Check out the BabyMina on the Milkdudz site. It retails for $48.00. Use coupon code "STYLE" for an additional 10% off your purchase; coupon expires May 31, 2005. Purchase one and you’ll be in good company; the following celebs also use a BabyMina: Courteney Cox, Gwyneth Paltrow, Helen Hunt, Liv Tyler and Debra Messing.

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Anne on

You gotta be kidding me.

I think it’s so silly that I should pay $50 for a piece of fabric that “hides” me so that I can feed my baby in public. This is so funny.

I have nursed my two children for a total of almost 3 years between them and never felt the need to shield myself (or to prevent people from seeing my baby/toddler nursing).

We have made some great strides in breastfeeding in the past few years but we still have a long way to go. Nursing is natural and normal and that’s what breasts are for. The more people see it in public, the more people will realize this. 🙂

MaryN on

this will make a great gift also. 😀
My bf’s sister is expecting.

stacey on

I think this is a great idea – a little pricey, but..

Anne-I totally get your point, however, there are some people, like myself, that are not comfortable nursing in public and not being covered up. I never cared what other people thought – I know it’s a natural, wonderful thing, but I am a shy person and was never comfortable in public the 15 months I nursed my son.

De on

I don’t think its a bad idea at all!

I guess it totally depends on who you are, understandly the breasts are for nuturing your baby but it doesn’t mean that I feel comfortable whipping out my breast in public. I’m shy about this sort of thing. I know its a part of life but I am totally sure my father and brother-in-law would appreciate it when they come to visit, as well as my guy friends… so I would even use this when we have guests.
I think its more a personal decision today (at least for myself it is) and has nothing to do whether I should be allowed to or not.
I say if you want to bf in public, by all means do! I plan on it myself, but I’d just like a little bit of privacy though.

They also have

zoe on

I think it is a fantastic OPTION for women who are nervous or uncomfortable nursing in public. They are sooo cute and stylish. If you are comfortable with your boob out in public, GREAT!!! Not everybody is.

julia thorne on

Thats awesome! I wish I had known about that when I had my daughter last year. I will have to get one when I have my next baby.

Kristin on

This is definitely not something that’s new. These types of covers have been out for a long time.

Jessica Bird on

I’m with those who think it’s not a bad idea. I breastfed my 3 sons but when I would sit on a bench at the mall to breastfeed and some weirdo guy would sit next to me and gawk, I would get up and leave. So I started carrying around a blanket. I know it’s a natural thing to do but I’m modest and don’t like starers.

Whitney (Mommies with Style) on

I totally hear what so many of you are saying. Breastfeeding is natural and it should be ok to do in public. But the fact of the matter is that some women ARE shy. I know some women who leave places and drive HOME b/c they don’t feel comfortable breastfeeding anywhere else.

I think everyone’s experience is different, and it’s nice to have an option to be able to BF in public if you are more modest.

Danielle, CBB Editor on

Nursing in public isn’t just about how you feel about having your boob out. I know that there are a lot of pervs out that I don’t want to give a free show to. If you question that, perhaps you’d like me to entertain you with the untold comments I have heard from men who comment on my breasts when they are fully clothed.

I also agree with what De said about her dad and brother-in-law feeling uncomfortable. You may have breast-pride but it’s not going to change how family members may feel. I know I will feel modest when breastfeeding my kid in front of certain people in my family.

I received a BabyMina in the Harajuku fabric that I am looking forward to using. Maybe I will find that I don’t really need to use it. But I think it’s a really nice accessory and very pretty.

To all you naysayers, you don’t have to knock it because you don’t personally want to use it. Let other people make up their own minds.

Kresta on

I like being able to read the positive and negative feelings of people about everything. I think there’s a good balance of comments here. Sometimes I feel that parents’ insecurities are preyed upon by manufacturers who sell their products at inflated prices. I have breastfed 3 kids for a total of over 6 years all up. I didn’t have such a product as this was in the eighties. I managed to feed discreetly but I did find that when my babies were older they didn’t like to be covered while feeding and would lift up my top or the blanket anyway. I think older babies may do the same with with this cover. Whatever you choose, I wish you all good luck with your breastfeeding.

Kimora on

Why does it hurt at first to nurse? I always wondered this because it scared me when I first started. I thought something was wrong with me! I think we should be able to nurse in public, if i have to see people ‘makeout’ then i can put up w/ nursung considering i nurse my baby.

cat24 on

I think this is a great idea, too!

Not all of us are comfortable just “whipping out a boob” in public. While I agree that bf’ing is a totally natural thing, there are people out there who like to gawk and I don’t think that will ever change.

Anne on

What’s with all the “whipping out your boob” comments? When I nursed I never exposed my whole breast. I would position the baby in front of me then lift up my t-shirt just enough to latch him on. While he is nursing, NOTHING is showing. No “boob”. Nothing. My shirt and the baby covered everything.

I guess that term seems a bit harsh and maybe just reflects that some here are uncomfortable with what role breasts play in our society??

As for people gawking while I nursed, it just never happened. I would try to find a more quiet bench just so that my baby would have a peaceful time while he nursed. There were tons of times that I nursed in busy public places, though, and as another poster mentioned most people just thought I was holding him. And ya know what? My baby comes first and if he’s hungry then he will eat. Wherever we are and whomever is looking.

I hope that other nursing moms saw me nursing in public and this helped them to realize that it is ok to do.

zoe on

I had to chime in here. Once again…..I think the product is fabulous. It is an OPTION. An OPTION for the women out there who are not confident enough when their little baby is screaming because he/she is hungry to breastfeed in a public setting. It’s that simple. All of you women who don’t mind…go for it. Great. Awesome. Wonderful example. The BabyMina is not for you. When I nursed my son, I was super nervous in public. I was not an expert nurser. I would turn beet red and sweat in public. Sometimes even cry. For me, this product would have made me feel better and cute. Don’t knock other people for not being just like you!!!! Peace