Sharon Stone is a mom again!

05/11/2005 at 05:36 PM ET

SharonstoneSharon Stone has become a mom for the second time, to a surrogate child born in Texas.  She is currently shooting the sequel to Basic Instinct in London, but will fly back to the States as soon as possible. A source told London newspaper the Evening Standard, "Sharon has paid to have a surrogate carry her baby and it was born yesterday in the US. She’s going to be flying back to pick up the child as soon as she can."

Her son, Roan, with ex-husband Phil Bronstein is 5.

UPDATE: The baby is a boy that Sharon has named Laird Vonne Stone.  "Mommy and her boys are over the moon," a statement released by her publicist said.

Source: The Evening Standard

Thanks to CBB Readers Nicole and J.

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Anne on

How exciting! She will love being the mom to two boys. There’s nothing quite like the bond between brothers.

Lila on

Laird? That’s just mean!

Lauren on

That is wonderful! CONGRATS to Sharon! 🙂

Katie on

Quick question to anyone who knows:

When you have a surrogate, is the child biologically yours? Is it Sharon and her hubby’s biological child or is it the surrogate mom’s egg fertilized by Sharon’s hubby’s sperm? Just wanted to know how that worked.


Danielle, CBB Editor on

Sharon is single so I am guessing it’s her egg. The child would be biologically Sharon’s. Not sure who the “dad” is. Perhaps an anonymous donor.

brave on

Sounds like the report/journalist confuses adoption and surrogacy. I doubt her eggs would be used — she’s in her mid-40s. She could have used donor egg and sperm with a gestational surrogate – that is, the surrogate is not carrying her biological child. I don’t want to trivialize it, but I believe that surrogates are often paid through a contract among the parties. Adoption doesn’t involve paying birth mothers/parents directly “for a baby.” The parental rights must be terminated before the adoption is completed.

kat on

Yay! Congrats to Sharon Stone!

Michelle Anne on

is it lard like as in butter type stuff or lie ard?
different.but cool.
Congrates to her

Allison on

FYI to Katie: I think Sharon is divorced now or in the process of divorcing her husband, so doubt the sperm is his.

I’m confused on whether the child is Sharon’s biologically. It doesn’t make much logical sense to me to use a “random” egg and “random” sperm that are not biologically connected to you in any way. If you are going to all the trouble and expense to do this, then why not just adopt a child from a person who is already pregnant and wants to give up her child? There are many children here and abroad who are in need of placement in a loving home.

brave on

I read on AOL news this afternoon that she did adopt a baby in a closed adoption and did not use a surrogate. Too bad the reporter confused the two.

Sarah, CBB Editor on

Yeah, the child is from a teen mother in Texas, who doesn’t know that Sharon is the adoptive mother. Definitely not a surrogate situation.

CG on

I think Laird sounds like something out of “Lord of the Rings” or some action hero in a movie. It’s definitely not hip to pick a popular name with many stars.

Ally on

The only Laird I’ve heard of is surfer Laird Hamilton, who is married to Gabrielle Reece. I like it with his last name, and it fits him, but I’m not fond of Laird Vonne Stone. At least have a two syllable name in there somewhere! According to, Laird is Celtic for ‘head of household’. Eh. No one had really heard of Roan when she and Phil named their son. I’m sure she likes it that way.

Ali on

Sorry, When I posted that it was on a different day, not the 12th. It was the day before the whole post was posted.

II on

Michelle Anne-
I think it’s pronounced lair-d. Lair as in “the mad scientist’s evil lair”.

Nice name. Sharon seems like a great mom and I’m glad she has another boy to love.

Clare on

hmmm…I think of ‘lump of lard’. But I’ve heard of Laird Hamilton too, so from now on I’ll try to associate the name with huge waves. What’s with Vonne?