Halle Berry wants to be a mom

05/10/2005 at 12:45 PM ET

HalleberryHalle Berry is considering having a baby by artificial insemination as she makes plans for motherhood. Though she is not ruling out adoption, the 39 year old likes the idea of giving birth to her own child. She accepts this will be difficult as she doesn’t have a regular boyfriend at the moment.

In an interview with EXTRA, Halle said, "I’d love to have a baby, love to be a mom… I really need that in my life. So, hopefully the next decade can be dedicated to that. "I know many people who have done it (artificial insemination) successfully and I respect their choice to say I don’t have someone in my life, but I still want to experience motherhood. So, that’s an option. I’ll work it out. Somehow, I plan on making it happen."

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alisha on

i really hope halle can have a baby. that would be so sweet. i wish she had someone in her life to help her, but i know she’d make a great mom anyway.

Kimora on

I think this is great for her she seems mature and ready for this moment. I hope the best!

sy on

She should not have any children. She should clone herself. Halle, don’t dilute your gorgeous gene pool with a guy from a sperm bank. This amazes me. How is it possible that someone like Barry is not able to find a decent man?

Anonymous on

I’m tired of celebrities having so much money and power that they feel entitled to everything. Adopt a child who doesn’t have a home and needs one, rather than making a withdrawl from the sperm bank!

Anne on

She seems like such a strong woman and so positive and loving. I think she’d make a great Mom. Can’t wait to see her pregnant!

Danielle, CBB Editor on

Anonymous “principessa”, though I agree that adoption is a wonderful thing, just because a person has money doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be entitled to give birth to their own child. Everyone should be able to give birth to their own child if they want to. The larger issue is people shouldn’t be having children they don’t want. Celebrities or wealthy people are not the problem.

Kimora on

I think she will be an excellent mother. I can’t wait to see her pregnant.

Anne on

“The larger issue is people shouldn’t be having children they don’t want. Celebrities or wealthy people are not the problem.”

I couldn’t agree more, Danielle.

Genuine on

I tried to trackback but I guess it’s broken.

Courtney on

i think she would make a great mom! I have a friend right now (a single mom to a 9 year old) who longs to be pregnant and have a child and month after month is dissapointed when the inseminations dont work…Wanting a child, wanting to be pregnant crosses all races, ages and even income levels.

I hope she gets a chance to be pregnant have a child of her own.

*//amanda on

Wow. I can’t wait until we hear an announcement. I wonder how she will look pregnant?

Reeses on

Halle Barry is a very good person and will be a good mom