Cate Blanchett wants more kids

05/10/2005 at 12:55 PM ET

Cate_blanchettCate Blanchett is trying to persuade her husband Andrew Upton they should have more children. Cate and her husband have two sons Dashiell, 3, and Roman, 1.  Despite her desire for two more kids, her husband is more reluctant.

Cate says, "I’m still discussing it (with Andrew)."

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kabooka77 on

Cate was on an Australian show called “Enough Rope” run by Australian journo Abdrew Denton on Monday 9/5/05. On that show he asked her about having more kids and she commented stating that she would like to have 4, and doesn’t mind whether they are boys or girls. Andrew Denton asked her if she was pregnant right now and she stated, no, but she wished that she was. So maybe it won’t be long before we see another announcement from the Upton/Blancehtt family.

kabooka77 on

Cate appeared on Australia TV show “Enough Rope” on Monday 9/5/05. On the show the interviewer Andrew Denton asked her about her children and if she wanted more. She said she wanted 4 children and he asked her if she was pregnant now, she replied “I wish I was”. She also said that she doesn’t mind if they are boys or girls.

sy on

Hey Andrew, just in case you did not notice, she is the fabulous looking one, the major breadwinner and the bearer of children in that relationship. What’s there to discuss man? Or are you afraid of her not being able to rake it in or losing her figure? Maybe he does not want to plat house husband anymore. (Yeah I know he is a screenwriter whatever, how many of his scripts have you seen being made into some movie?)

Jacks on

Good for her, its rare to see a celeb. (or anyone for that matter) want more than two. Besides, she looks great preggers and her sons are so adorable – why not more?!

anon on

Myself, I’m kind of on her husband’s side. Two is a good number.

Courtney on

I think its great having more than 2 kids (as a mom to 3 myself) BUT I can understand why some people dont want to have more than 2.. Our biggest ajustment was going from 2 to 3 children. And KUDOS to them for actually DISCUSSING things…cause thats what marriage is all about. Discussion about things that concern you and respect for your spouses view. My husband and i are discussing having a 4th child….and will probably discuss it for a long time until we make a decision. I wouldnt want to have another child if he didnt want to and vice versa.

Good Luck to them!

Jane on

Maybe he only wants two. Maybe he’s happy with what they’ve got. I don’t think that he is worried about her losing her looks or anything.

Erin Walker on

I LOVE Cate,she’s so a wonderful actress-I’ve been a fan since she was in “Elizabeth”.

trina-p on

Andrew Upton does alot of Theatre work. He’s worked on many Australian films and some television programs.
But mainly he works in the Theatre.
I thought I’d read somewhere that he and Cate had started a theatre company – but I can’t find any reference to it.
Their oldest son’s godfather is deceased playwright Nick Enwright.

They both work. They both look after their children. They both should have equal say in the decision to have a third, fourth, or tenth child.