Oscar De La Hoya and wife expecting baby

05/09/2005 at 10:36 PM ET

Esp2 The NY Daily News reports that boxer Oscar De La Hoya and his wife, Millie Corretjer, are expecting a baby. She is 7 weeks pregnant, and they’ve been married since October 2001.

Oscar made baby news in the late 90’s, when he fathered three children by three different women in 13 months. Son Jacob was born in February 1998, son Devon in November of the same year, and daughter Atiana arrived in March 1999.

Thanks to CBB Reader Ally.

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Ally on

I don’t understand why anyone would have a child with him given his history, he has zero contact with any of his kids. I hope she and the new baby fair better.

Shannan on

I had no clue he fathered that many in that little of time. I hope he’s doing the right thing and paying child support. His daughter Atianna can be seen on the MTV show Meet the Barkers… her mom is ex-playmate Shanna Moakler.

Stephanie on

Does he even see the kids he already has?

Mallory on

Shanna Moakler’s daughter Atiana is fathered by Oscar de La Hoya.

Anonymous on

Hello, ever heard of STDs? What is he thinking sleeping with so many women unprotected? That’s insane. His daughter is adorable, though (she’s on Meet The Barkers with her mom).

Annie on

Wow, sow your seed, Oscar.

Anne on

Sign him up for the K-Fed club, “My boys can swim”.

Clare on


He must have huge child support payments – lol

Kori on

WOW. I didnt’ know who the father of Shanna’s daughter was till I read this post. Shanna was engaged to Oscar also, I guess after all those other babies came to the media surface they broke off the engagement??? Atiana is so cute though.

Angelicque on

His chance to get it right!
I am the mother to Oscars Son, Devon De La Hoya. My son asks to see his daddy every day… Oscar may or may not know about the time I took Devon to see his fight (Hopkins vs. De La Hoya) Devon was only five at the time. “Eric Gomez”, a man on Oscar’s payroll, (claims to be Oscar’s best friend) saw us standing in a waiting room with VIP Passes from the hotel. Still, without reasons Eric began screaming at security to “Get that kid out of here”! Now! This was from Oscar’s best friend.
I could not believe this man; I cannot believe anyone could attack any child as he did. I picked up my son; I tried to leave the area. Two other men then forced me out the back doors. One of them began dragging me to a lower gravel construction area. I was screaming for someone, anyone! Thank god, a driver from the Mirage heard me. He came walking from around the corner! The driver “an angel” Yelled at the man to let me go and he took Devon from the other one. He then put us in his car. Devon was crying uncontrollably. I did my best to remain calm for my son… This driver/angel took us back to Treasure Island. I called the police that night. No one showed to take the report. My son had been through enough. I left the next morning.
I will never take my child around those people. My son has drawings that clearly show the terror he experienced that night. I remember he did not utter a word for four days. Oscar has never asked to see his son. I have given up establish some kind of relationship between the two. Devon still asks to see his Daddy. I cannot understand the reasons for Oscar’s choice to remain absent from his son’s life. Not a card, not a call, not a birthday gift in Six years. I hope this time he gets it right. As for Devon, I will be his mom and his DAD! This little guy can hit a baseball like nothin you have ever seen! POW!!!

angelicque on

Thanks for the info.

David Gonzales on

He has turned into a cocky jerk that nobody really likes anymore. I can understand the ego when he was younger but dang have you seen him lately?

He is starting to look like a nerd, I think he wears his hair like that because of that receiding hair line he was getting, too funny. But in all seriousness, he is a terrible human being, I cannot believe he would abandon his children like that, he puts on a front on tv and I think everyone knows it. He might as well quit fighting as well he cannot handle these fighters now days and I think he knows it.

Dan on

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Ron on

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Ron on

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Vince on

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