Pregnant Angie Harmon at event

05/01/2005 at 10:39 AM ET

Even MORE from Maggie (Thanks so much!) Angie is due in June with #2 with hubby Jason Sehorn. They have a toddler daughter, Finley Faith.

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katie on

she looks really tiny, especially compared to the denise pictures! and they’re both due in june.

natasha on

I think she looks so beautiful

Liz on

Saw her in the Dallas airport a while back. She is absolutely gorgeous in person. And so tall!

Marilyn on

I think Angie is due at the end of June, whereas Denise is due June 5, but that’s still only about 3 to 3-1/2 weeks difference.

Anne on

Hmm..well different women carry differently. First, because Angie is so tall she has more room in her torso–less baby-sticking-straight-out making her look smaller.

Second, Angie may give birth to a smaller 7 lb baby while Denise might have a 9 lb baby which would make them look different sizes.

Time will tell.

(Denise looks cuter to me, though.)

penny on

WOW! She’s one of those ‘radiant’ pregnant women who just glow and look fabulous!

Laura on

Finley was adorable, I can’t wait to see the new one. Actually, I’d like to see a current one of Finley. Wonder if this one’s a boy? I think they said they were hoping for one of each in an interview when she was born.

Jacks on

I hate her!!!! Just kidding, but come on, isn’t she too cute? BTW, I love her daughter Finley Faith’s name – its so different on a girl and many wouldn’t be brave enough to use it (like most likely me). As for the size different between her & Denise, 3+ weeks does make a big difference as does the spacing between their kids (just a year compared to almost two years). Both look great.

zey on

Wow she does look radiant. And he’s not so bad either 😉

Lee on

She is so beautiful! What a glow. And that dress is gorgeous!

Michele on

This time last year I was as far along as Denise and Angie, and I was more Angie’s size belly wise. When I was 38 weeks, someone asked my due date and when I told them, no one could believe I was due in only 2 weeks…

Marilyn on

Yep – the last month the baby puts on weight and the lungs develop more.

Sarah on

I can’t wait to see what she names this one. I love her daughter’s name, Finley Faith. It’s so cute! Any guesses?

Tena on

She is gorgeous!

natasha on

I think she is a great mom

sy on

She looks amazing, although those sandals look spectacularly uncomfortable. As for him, he is quite good looking but he should have replaced those scuffed brown shoes. And his jacket needs to be 4-5 inches shorter.