Katie Price aka Jordan shops for the new baby

05/01/2005 at 06:05 AM ET

by CBB Contributor Patty, of Baby Chic 101

British supermodel and soon-to-be mom again Jordan (aka Katie Price) was photographed shopping over the weekend at UK mega-baby store Mothercare in Crawley, West Sussex with fiance Peter Andre. Katie’s baby is due in a few weeks, as you can probably tell and it will be her second and Peter’s first.

Katie was seen buying clothes for both a boy and a girl because she does not want to know what sex of their baby is.  Peter, who does know, also bought a book on names.

Editor’s Note: Yes, we know that Jordan has extremely questionable taste when it comes to clothing.  No need to re-state the obvious.  Any comments about her dress will be deleted. 

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Sarah, CBB Editor on

I would never be able to have my partner know, and myself have no idea. It would drive me crazy!

Thanks for posting this Danielle, it reminded me that I need to edit the comments in the original post the pic is from! Eek!

Ally on

It would drive me crazy too! I know people who have done this though, one person knows while the other is in the dark. There’s no way I could do it. If I didn’t want to find out, there’s no way I would want my husband to find out before me.

Sam on

I think it’s harder for the person who knows, because then that person can’t tell. But I think she’s having a girl.

Stacey on

With my first, my husband knew and I didn’t. I really wanted a surprise and he was so good and kept the secret the whole time! I’m preggo w/ my 2nd & I definately want to know this time!!!

Tia on

She is beautiful, why is she dress like that? Looks like she is still trying to squeeze into her regular clothes…

Laura on

This outfit is just wrong! Just when I thought the last photo was as bad as it could get! And how comfy can that be? She’s making Brit’s scuzziest photo look great! But then, isn’t this the one who was a couple months off on her due date? I understand give or take 2 weeks, but 2-3 months off? Even if there’s an erratic cycle, there are other cues you just can’t miss, unless you’re living in denial. I think she’s having a girl, too.

Michelle Anne on

Those pants look so uncomfy,but then again we established that..LOL

Hope baby #2 is healthy little one,good luck to her and daddy

Eleanor on

I would NEVER let anyone else know the sex if i didnt want to know. Id have to put my foot down on that one lol.
I know someone who didnt want to know the sex but everyone else in the family knew. EVERYONE!
I just think it would be wierd when youd say ‘its a boy’ and they’d be like ‘yeah we know.

Allison on

Living in the USA, I had never heard of this person until I saw her on this blog. Although she undeniably has questionable taste in maternity clothes, I find something really sweet and endearing about her. Can’t quite put my finger on it….What do UK people think of her? I really hope she has a healthy baby. Good luck to her.

Michelle Anne on

Where I live in BC canada they will not tell you the sex of your baby.Unless you have a great doctor.

\\*amanda on

She doesnt look like she is even close to nine months. Its probably gonna be a small baby.

Kristen on

What do you mean they won’t tell you the baby’s sex in BC? Of course they will! I know several people in Vancouver who have found out the sex of their babies while pregnant.

Mean Lady on

Seeing as she is a supermodel she must not have money to buy clothes that fit her properly…. lets not get snotty!

kiki on

please people while i do think katie/jordan is really genuine and sweet can y’all please stop referring to her as a supermodel. she is a glamour model ie topless pics not something i see heidi klum or elle mcpherson doin for a living.i think the reason for why her bump appears so small is that her boobs are really HUGE. i think shes gotta be a EE if not larger

Mean Lady on

Sorry… the “British supermodel” at the beginning of the article kind of gave me the sense to presume she is a supermodel. Touchez…

jessica on

Some cultural issues in BC are the reason for not revealing the gender of the fetus.

ellen on

Allison, I live in the uk, and I like her, shes not half as nad as people like to make out, its just a lot of stereo-typing.

and her boyfriend, knows the sex of the baby, he wanted to find out, but she didnt, you can find out the sex of a baby in the uk, no problem, I cant believe some places dont really allow it. lol

oh and I agree she isnt a ‘supermodel’, her modelling is very different than catwalk/commercial stuff, but its much the same principle, there all selling something, elle, heidi, and katie, all use their bodies and looks to earn a living, heidi and elle have posed naked countless times also, pose for mens mags, etc, but hey, if its tastefully done with a top rate fashion photographer, its totally different than what katie does, and thats ok. because men dont drool over elle and heidi like they are meant to katie right?. I really am a bit tired of all this judgmental stuff I keep reading, just cause she works in the glamour industry, the fact shes confident enough in her sexuality, is something to be praised, its sad that other girls (especially) feel the need to belittle her, when thats the exact tactic men use to offend women all the time. (ie: slut, tart, etc). because they know that kinda thing gets to you more than anything, its so stupid we do it to other females too.

and her outfit is fine, she really doesnt have much on show, I’ve seen just as much of denise’s baby bump, I think its so cute.

ellen on

and I meant shes not half as ‘bad’ as people make her out. sorry lol.

k on

ellen, i live in the uk as well and i like her too.
she never pretends to be something she isn’t. she takes off her clothes for lads mags and doesn’t really seem to take it (or herself) too seriously.
i wish her the best of luck with the new baby!!

nicola on

id just like to point t this is jordans 3rd baby and peters 2nd

Christelle on

Katie Price gives birth to a daughter this morning. No name was released.

source : http://www.contactmusic.com/news.nsf/article/jordan%20gives%20birth%20to%20baby%20girl_1035716