Heidi and Seal featured in People

05/01/2005 at 09:07 AM ET

Heidi and Seal in People magazine this week-Gorgeous!

Sealandheidi Heidi: I love him as a father. He holds [Leni] and sings to her. He does everything. When people ask me, "Does he change the diapers?," I’m like "Yeah!" I was never worried about him.

Seal: Now she’s pregnant with our child together. She’s the sexiest she could ever be when she’s pregnant.

Scan thanks to Just Jared!

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Shelly on

I think that is so cute and awesome of Seal to recognize Leni as his own. I also how he loves Heidi pregnant and you can tell he loves her a lot.

Ally on

What a gorgeous pic of the two of them! Everything I read about them just makes me like them more and more.

peta on

I just love this couple! Seal seems like such a good man, and I bet he thinks he’s lucky for having little leni in his life. I read the most gorgeous quote the other day, it went something like ‘my most favourite time of the day is early in the morning, when I get her up, give her a bottle then we go to the computer to work on songs. She’s in all my songs, but don’t worry you wont be hearing any songs about diapers.’ absolutely not word for word but it was so adorable 🙂

Nicole on

That is a beautiful photo. They are both very good looking, I can’t wait to see the baby! Heidi is a lucky woman to have found a wonderful man.

JenniferR on

How cute are these two????????? What an incredible guy to step up and be Leni’s daddy. Who is Leni’s biodad anyway? And how did Heidi and Seal meet?

Allison on

Does anyone know if they are having a boy or girl?

meininki on

Leni’s (biological) father is Flavio Briatore, an Italian Formula One tycoon. He’s 55 and also used to date Noami Campbell for some years.
Here’s a pic of him and Heidi together:

Lee on

What a great photo! Are there more photos in the feature article?

Heidi is so lucky to have such a caring, compassionate man as the father of her kids. He will be an awesome dad to the 2 babies.

Peta, do you remember where you saw that quote? I would love to read more about it. I am a fan of Seal’s music, can’t wait to hear how his songs reflect his new life as “family man”.

Sarah, CBB Editor on

There was also an older candid pic of Seal holding Leni and kissing Heidi at the same time. Nothing new except for this pic!

Mi-Kai' on

Hey Lee,

That quote was taking from this week people magazine of the 50 most beautiful people. In the magazine there’s cute small article about the couple.

And, Sara part of the re-write in the quote is incorrect.. when Heidi says “I’m never worried about him..” It should actually say ” I WAS never worried about him”.. just thought you may want to know.

Sarah, CBB Editor on

Thanks Mi-Kai, I’ll fix it. And Lee was asking about the quote Peta used, about Seal writing music with Leni in mind. I don’t think she meant the quote in the main post. 🙂

Mi-Kai' on

Oh..ic.. Kind of thinking about it..I would like know where Peta read that quote too.

Seriously, if anyone can find it.. I would like know. 🙂

Stephanie on

I have the article and can scan it if anyone wants to read it.

Lee on

Oh, yes, would love to see the article! hThanks!!!

Sarah, CBB Editor on

Here is the article: Mucho thanks to Stephanie for sending it in!


peta on

The quote was from this weeks australian who magazine, it was similar to the one in one of the american mags about all the babies turning one. I didn’t buy it though unfortunately. Hopefully someone else will have…

- on


Yeah, I read it in People magazine last week.

Oh my, the picture is so freaking Gorgeous! I am so happy for them!!

Lee on

Thanks so much Stephanie! You made my day!

I must say, after reading the link I am speechless. That is the most romantic, intimate interview I have read in a very long time. Wow! So much emotion in such a small piece. What a sweetheart Seal is.

(sigh)…I wish them many years of such happiness. What a fortunate couple to have found each other.

giedre on

they look adorable.the couple of 21st century.

aide on

i’m a single mum, isn’t there a Seal around?

alice on

That is going to be one beautiful baby!

isabell on

they r beautiful together! awww! they will have a gorgeous baby!!! awwwwwwwww