Gwyn takes Apple for a swim

05/01/2005 at 10:35 AM ET

Gpaltrow Gwyneth Paltrow takes daughter Apple – who turns 1 on May 14 – for a dip at a Palm Springs hotel Saturday. The actress was in the resort town to catch hubby Chris Martin’s band, Coldplay, perform.


Gpaltrow050105205tx One more cute one. "Let me out Mom!!"

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a.rose on

That is one cute pair 🙂

Dani on

I’m in love with Apple. :p
Thank you Sarah.

kat on

Apple looks so much like her father!

Michelle Anne on

She definatly looks like daddy.Gwen is gorgeous as usual

zey on

I just posted a msg about these on the other board. Apple is too cute! It’s nice to finally see Gwynnie smiling!

christine on

they are very cute pics and what a cutie pie Apple is, but I bet when Britney does this with her baby, everyone will say how unsafe it is and what a horrible mother she is to not have her baby in some sort of swimmies or baby float.

Canita on

Adorable! Looks like Gwyn and Apple are having a great time!

edyta on

apple is soo beautiful

Sara on

She’s all her daddy!!

Alex on

Is baby apple swimming with her diadie on…. am I just seeing things? If so, YUCK!

abbey on

Apple is starting to look more like a little girl and less baby-ish. i thought she looked more like her father ever since she was born, but now she’s starting to look like a mixture of both Gwen and Chris. she’s gorgeous anyway.

Jane on

She does look like her daddy – let’s hope she got her mother’s fashion sense!

Sara on

Alex, she has on “Swimmies” they are specially-made bathing suit bottoms/diapers for babies, made to be used in the water.

Kelly on

Look at those little curls. Interesting, I thought the baby swimming diapers were normally bright colors, like hot pink or blue. I’ve never seen one that looks that much like a diaper.

Candice on

I can’t decide whether or not Apple looks more like Gwyneth or Chris! When I first glance at her I think, “God, she looks so much like Gwyn.” but then take a closer look and I think she looks like Chris. But, either way, she’s positively adorable 🙂

Katelyn on

I think Apple looks like Bruce Paltrow.

Elizabeth on

I agree that Apple is looking more like a little girl than a baby. She is so cute. I love seeing pictures of Apple and her mom.

Elizabeth on

It is so nice not to see Apples face coverd. Gwyneth looks nice and relaxed with Apple. It is nice to see her relaxed.

mizj on

Looks like she has a diaper on, to me.

Conchetta on

Gwyneth is a celebrity with lots of money if I was her Apple would be in some super expensive adorable baby bathing suit so everyone wouldn’t see her baby boobies

Allison on

If Apple is anything like my May 2004 baby, it is too hard to get them into those cute outfits. They squirm and protest so much just getting the diaper on. My bet is that Apple has a bathing suit, but it was a pain to put on so she went natural (with diaper). I can’t wait to take my little one swimming!

Mollie on

It seems really unsafe to not have the baby in some sort of life vest. Accidents can happen in a split second– someone bumps into you and you drop the baby.

Alyson on

ohh people are so paranoid! Apple looks like she is having fun, mom looks happy. Let them be!

I did not wear bathing suites when I was little, my mom would throw me in naked! haha Less trouble drying off.

Laura on

Life vests are good, but she is clearly in a pool and closely supervised. I would want my child to know how to float with and without safety devices, there are a ton of unforeseen circumstances where a child could be near water without expecting it.Babies have a natural instinct to kick their way to the surface and to hold their breath, that’s why swimming lessons beginning at a few months old are encouraged, before they get into toddler years and start to develop fears. My child who had infant swim time did much better than the 2 I couldn’t take due to circumstances I couldn’t help. And I saw babies only weeks old kicking to the surface, I think probably because it’s similar to the atmosphere when they’re in utero.
Looks like a diaper, but not enough is showing, it could be the newer ones with disney and other characters. Most pools are pretty consciencious about contamination, especially after the E-Coli surge, our local pools require little swimmers type for anyone 3 and under.

Elizabeth on

I was wonderin does Gwyenth Paltrow have a nanny for Apple or does her mom watch her? I hope we see pictures of Apple turning one.

Elizabeth on

Does Gwyenth Paltrow have a nanny for Apple or does her mom watch her? I look forward to seeing pictures of Apple when she turns one.

Sarah, CBB Editor on

She doesn’t have a nanny, Blythe or Chris’ mom (when she’s in the UK) watches her, and also her brother Jake occasionally.

Elizabeth on

Who watches Apple if she is in the united States. I thought that her mom lives in LA?

Sarah, CBB Editor on

…Right. Like I said, Blythe (Gwyneth’s mom) watches her.

Elizabeth on

I have a question: Do most Actresses send their children to school or are they homeschooled? I know that Apple is not old engough for school yet but when she is I wonder if she will be home schooled or if she will go to a regular school?